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Relatively new to the herd, interested in experiencing more fan works, and maybe contributing something in the future.


Starting Writing · 5:36pm Oct 31st, 2017

So, having never posted anything before, let alone a story, I thought I'd make a blog post.

I'm going to be participating in NaNoWriMo this year, as I've missed out on it the last few years. As I've been consuming fanfic like it's going out of fashion for the past 18-ish months from this very site, and in particular have enjoyed Fallout: Equestria fics, I'm going to attempt to start one for my WriMo.

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Hi! Thank you for adding Aftersound to your Favourites!

Thanks for adding When the Snow Melts to your favourites! :twilightsmile:

You're welcome! Thank you for continuing Turing's adventures. I'm excited to see what happens to her next.

Thanks for the fave on "Human After All!" :pinkiesmile:

I really did, thanks for writing it. I liked the mystery of it, and the way the clues to the eventual reveal were woven in. Fantastic stuff, thanks again!

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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