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Dark Avenger

"Un bon mot ne prouve rien." (Voltaire)


Everypony knows which princess watches over their dreams. She is the one who they pray to every night, wishing for their rest to bring comfort rather than suffering.

One night, other duties exhaust her ahead of time, and the princess falls asleep on the job. Nopony is there to watch over her.

What does she see?

Dramatic reading by Wandering Pony here: (link)

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That was deep. I hope there is more to this or was it supposed to be labeled complete?

5584764 There we go, though I wish there was more!

This was very good! Sometimes the best dreams are the ones that only we and those close to us would understand with no explanation.

Well this turned out great. :rainbowderp: I could listen to dreamy music and read prose like this for hours. I feel like the ideas could have been fleshed out a little more, though. But I guess you wanted to leave us wanting, didn't you? :duck:

That was nice, and oddly calming. Most enjoyable indeed. :pinkiesmile:

That was... relaxing. But who was the mare with the blue socks?


I tend to pad these stories out a little too much, and it would have ended up being a "sightseeing tour" of sorts. Yeah, I could have added more, but this felt appropriate. Short and sweet.


Check the character tags.

Beautiful. Very nicely done. You captured that dream-like quality perfectly.

Understand that the intermezzo stars are a link. Feels smart. Gets blocked by GEMA. YUS.

What's with all the present tense stories on this site lately anyway?

:coolphoto: I liked it! It was actually kinda cute seeing tiny Luna and Celestia together. :scootangel:

Hm...a sequel to one of the first dramatic readings I ever did.
Seems like there's only one thing to do.

Only watched the first minute or two of that inspiration video. Not sure exactly how you got this piece of beauty out of THAT trippy video.
I was actually expecting something about Luna dreaming about either their mother or Nightmare Moon because of that chapter title. Didn't think of the song lyrics. This was very nice, though.

Was anyone else overwhelmed by the cuteness of Cewestia and Woona?

You used the verb giggle a bit too much for my liking.


That was a rule from the start: none of the "haunted by my past thing" for Luna's dream, beyond perhaps a few vague references. The focus was on showing Luna in a vulnerable state (she's having a dream and isn't aware of it), only to have the dream itself be innocent and pleasant.

And yeah, I stray pretty far from the inspiration, particularly the ending.


Sweet! Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

This is a masterpiece. Perfect Slice of Life.
Please write another chapter :twilightsmile:

First rate. I wonder whether Luna exists in dreams and reality all at once ...

That was awesome! But is this story complete now? That's too bad :pinkiesad2: It's been cool.

Also, wasn't this your inspiration, instead of Sanic?



Yeah, it's the Gru song that inspired the "space battle zomg!11!" parts, but the title is definitely taken from that level in SA2, or to be more specific, the theme of said level. No connection beyond that, it's just me liking the song and thinking the title fits.

Did I favorite this already? Darn it, I already did. Liked it too. Blasted one vote per person rule :rainbowwild:

Love this version of NMM and her battle with Celestia.

it's still a hell of a lot more pleasant than what I originally planned as a conclusion...

Alternate ending? NMM using those perfect fangs on terrified townsfolk? Yes? :pinkiehappy:

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