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my name is Rethewa (it's pronounced how it's spelled). I scribble silly saucy ficsies for funsies about horsegirls and usually like sex and stuff. Most of it has sirens or Sunset, I guess.

I probably don't like your waifu and want naughty things to happen to her.

if you want me to like you, leave cool comments plz

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Some secrets must never be revealed :raritywink:

So question based on your bio. Who's best horsegirl?

Avatar says Twilight, but story suggests Adagio :trixieshiftright:

Nah, don't really feel like doing that.

Like, I'm sure it's a lovely story for people who like that kinda stuff. Buuut I kinda don't care much for anthro stories.

Or oc stories.

Or collabs.

Or Applejack stories, for that matter!

Sooo… yeah. Probs gonna pass on that one. Have fun doing you and stuff, though!

Coming to someone else's page to promote your own stuff like this unprompted makes you seem kinda douchey, btw. Dunno if that bothers you or not, just thought I'd let you know.

check out the collab group I am in! anthros of harmony
It is the official collab for the fan fiction, lavender heart by Skaltrox defiance knight, where humans end up transformed into anthro versions of the mlp characters as well as oc's.
Lavender Heart - the story of the anthro version of twilight sparkle

my story has applejack in it.

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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