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Twilight needs a new job in Canterlot after leaving her librarian position at Crystal Preparatory Academy. While preparing for her interview, she meets a striking and helpful barista. How far are either willing to risk their jobs for each other?

Took 2nd place in the 9th Bimonthly Twilestia Contest

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Been feeling a lack of good twilestia stories lately. Hopefully we'll see more of this story in the near future :twilightsmile:

I like where this is going, keep up the good work, here's a fav and follow, and there has been a lack of twilestia stories lately, glad your keeping it up.

Bold Twilight is bold.

Actually, that does work.

How interesting. That last meeting clears up things. Getting luna overseeing keeps things clean.

See, normal Twilestia stories I have a hard time getting behind since they already have an established teacher/student relationship in the show.

This one? This one I can get behind, :rainbowdetermined2:

Ooh, sexy-cute! I'm loving it!

I liked it, JK! The characterization is good, the the dialogue is smooth and natural sounding, the pacing is nice a steady. Now, in my personal opinion, I'd say the middle bit with the texting could use some padding out, but that's just me. You still put together a great story and built something very different while holding all the right bases to maintain that connection to MLP.

Dang good job!

Well, since you asked nicely.... I guess. :twilightsheepish:

Hopefully! The 9th Bimonthly Twilestia contest is ending soon, so we should see more stories coming out.

That was my goal! This is very much an experiment in writing these two in different roles. Still trying to keep the essence of who they are (nurturing charm with a hidden playful side and book-smart, sometimes shy with a drive to well and good for herself and her friends) while giving them a new area to explore.

That was something I thought of early on, Luna's involvement and how to keep that kind of "uh, maybe this isn't totally cool to have someone date a potential job candidate and be the deciding factor in that person's employment" out of the way. Not to say that I don't want to add a bit of conflict and drama, but I can see better uses of the relationship and that kind of workplace drama later on.

Not to be one to complain about you liking this story, but you know that teacher/student romances are a thing, right? Because I've done that before, too. Still, thanks for the support!

Glad you liked it!

Oh Fuzzy, how I value your insights. Characterization is always the thing I worry about most, but seems like I consistently nail it. As far as the middle goes, you're not off the mark. I had a start point, and I had an end point. Getting from A to C meant a rocky road through B. I felt like it was more important to drive forward than take the most well maintained road.
Regardless, different is what I wanted, and if I did well in keeping Twilight and Celestia true to themselves, then hooray! I win.

6745737 Fair enough! I'm very eager to see where this story goes. With Cel and Twi not knowing each other from young its certainly goign to be a very diffrent relationship.

Not quite what I was commenting on.
For some reason, people tend to assume that all bookish people are hopelessly socially stunted, and I`ve been quite pleased to see an example of not falling to that particular cliche.

A winrar is you!

But yeah, if you aren't worrying about characterization, you're doing it wrong. It was a thoroughly good read, and I'm glad to see some new stuff from you.

Well sure, and honestly I can get behind pretty much any ship if it's written well enough. The issue I usually have with Twilestia stories is that people try and push the idea that Twilight and Celestia already have romantic feelings for one another because of their relationship on the show, and they just sort of go from there. It rushes into it, and shipping goggles aside, the show really doesn't support that kind of assumption.

A romance between two characters like these, who have a pre-existing, platonic relationship, shouldn't start out as a passionate whirlwind... it should be a slow burn; a long and difficult journey as both Twilight and Celestia struggle to come to terms with their burgeoning feelings for one another, while dealing with the nagging sense of impropriety that comes with breaking down their old relationship to make room for something new. Maybe the taboo nature of such a relationship is part of what excites them about it, but maybe it's also the one thing standing in their way, keeping them awake at night as they struggle internally with something they know is wrong, but feel in their hearts is right.

Your story, however, manages to neatly hop over that little hurdle by removing their existing relationship entirely, so feel free to 'passionate whirlwind' all you like, :twilightsmile:

I'mma sit back and enjoy the show, :trollestia:

nevermind im an idiot i thought this was a oneshot

I had this sneaking suspicion that Tia was the dean when she suddenly had something to do and then Luna showed up to interview Twilight. I like how it was handled though. I look forward to more. Have my like, favorite, and this: :moustache:

Well... that was rather forward of Twilight.

Very good story. Nice job!

6749371 it helps that in this universe Celestia is not some all powerful sun goddess, so she doesn't have the same intimidating aura her other self would have.

I want to preface this comment by saying I really like this fic.

1) Because I wouldn't want my good natured nitpicking of a fellow author's work to be seen as a negative by any new readers.
2) Because, Kinsley, I don't want you to think otherwise.

Let's start with the good stuff: Characterization, description, tone, downright cuteness with a hint of naughtiness thrown in for good measure. All of it is solid. Basically, everything I said was good in the first chapter is good, if not better, in this one.

Twilight is very much herself, adjusted of course, for the details of this re-imagining. Rarity is a bit heavy on the teasing, but still clearly the fashionista we're familiar with. Celestia comes off a touch aggressive in her flirting, but given the details of the AU, that makes plenty of sense, so no foul there.

The only real weakness to this, and mind you, it is an exceedingly minor thing... is the pacing. But oddly in the other direction of the first chapter. While that felt a touch rushed, this one feels like it slows and lags right at the start of the dinner. Which, seeing as I just published a chapter with two characters having dinner together, I know how that can be awkward to get moving. But I can assure you this hits its stride otherwise pretty quick and moves right along to high quality Twilestia smooching. It might be that the fic just needs more breathing room. Another chapter could smooth those little kinks right out.

Oh, and one minor thing that springs to mind as I type this, was the phrasing 'pressed into'. You probably only used it twice, but it poked out at me for some reason. Nothing really wrong, just thought I'd let you know.

Otherwise, still excellent writing, Kinsley. I will try to wait patiently for more.

Is this going to be a slow burning candle that lasts for years or do you want the hot, whirlwind, passion-fueled romance that’s over before you blink?

Intentional or not, I laughed way harder than I should have at this, :derpytongue2:

Also, it's now 1:20 AM and I've got a craving for sushi like you wouldn't believe, :rainbowderp:

Man I love it when the audience gets to be in on a joke that a character has to wait to be part of the punchline in. This has been excellent so far!

Just looking for a point of clarification, Twilight is still pretty young (like barely out of grad school, early-mid twenties) and Celestia is playing the cougar (as Celestia must) at probably 8-10 years Twilight's senior?

Glad you're enjoying the story! As I've said, I'm really enjoying writing it!

As for their ages, you're close. I figure Twilight for a little closer to mid to late twenties, say around 26 or 27? And Celestia is probably in her mid 30s, but looks remarkably young for her age.


Thanks for the fic (TwiLestia OTP) and the reply! I really need the help of age for visualization when it comes to human fics! :pinkiehappy:

Not so much of a problem with pony/anthro since, at best, we have: foal, child, adolescent, young adult, adult, old as dirt (sorry Granny Smith).

I can see the pacing thing. Largely a quirk of how I got this story off the ground. I think it was the right choice for the story to have the date itself be a lot more of the overall content. It's there to set the tone for the rest of the story, set up more of what I want to do later. Maybe if I get a good idea for expanding the first half of the story without bogging it down... We'll see.

But I do have this idea of either continuing this story or writing a sequel that more follows a slice of life for them, dealing with things like Twilight spending more and more nights at Celestia's, what they do during the week at work, introducing more of Twilight's friends to Celestia and possibly Luna.

Not gonna lie, the way that line is written was inspired by your earlier comment. There was always going to be that question, but how it got phrased got a bit of influence. :twilightsheepish:

Their official ages don't really matter much to the story, at least as far as how I'll write it. But the age difference is at least somewhat significant. And that kinda goes back to my future plans.

I agree that is was the right choice. Successive rewrites might smooth it out, but I still think just adding more content might very well accomplish that on the meta scale. I like this AU and you're putting a lot of work into it. It shows.

I can easily see these two at work, Twilight doing the librarian thing while Tia interacts with students and tries to flirt on the down-low so said students don't notice anything. Then Luna walks in and does notice it and tries to scold them both, while ALSO on the down-low to keep the students from noticing.

Enjoyed it so far, looking forward to more!

Only one line seemed a bit jarring. "tuna, yellowfin, and salmon"

It makes it sound like she's ordering tuna, tuna, and salmon. I'd probably just have put it as "yellowfin tuna and salmon".

Anyway! I like this take on the characters, already anticipating your next chapter.

See, when it comes to tuna, especially sushi tuna, (sub)species matters. Yellowfin is the more common name for ahi, a darker-meat tuna that I'm particularly fond of.

So yes, she is ordering tuna twice, but they are different.

But thanks for the kind words!

6823665 Ahhh, fair dos. I'm not acquainted with the ins and outs of sushi. :)

and twilight shoots and she scores she has now gotten the best woman in the hole mlp place

i think it be funny if Candace and Shining Armor, are still the ruler of crystal empire and twilight's legal guardians cause that would be super awakened, when one of them stop by for a visited, to the collage and they don't knew twilight there or is dating the dean......

Celestia moves fast, doesn`t she? Makes me wonder if she`s doing that intentionally, just to see if Twilight could keep up.

MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More please?

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I do hope that there will be more coming. I quite enjoyed reading this, have actually read it a couple of times. I can imagine the next morning, Twilight stumbles from Celestia's room to the kitchen where Luna is making breakfast.

7705460 I can see that as well or even see Candace there after she crash there for night

Nice chapter. This is still a really nice story. Please Keep it going. :twilightsmile:

and update yea, I so want more like I want either of them to tell Candace who they date just to see her reaction

I like this story so much and look forward to the next chapters, even if it takes some time. :raritystarry:

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