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Original Works. It was a good run.


This story is a sequel to Fear Me, for My Name is Twaith!

Pinkie decides that with a new friend by her side, it's finally time to put to rest something that has been haunting her for a decade.

Thank you to CommanderBigMac for editing!

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I like this story! It was awesome! Have a favorite and a like!

Loved it. That's only the bare bones of my review.

[insert rimshot]

6674660 That pun was simply ghastly.

Such a heart warming ending to what I expected to be a full on sad upheaval kind of side story.
Well it have given me more insight in your version of Pinkie Pie.

Also kameo by the spider from Limbo apperiently.

If neither slave nor owner are aware of their position, is it still slavery?

Looks like this story hit the featured box!

6674806 I actually probably put it poorly, as Marble somewhat knows.
6674833 Eeyup. Writing that scene also caused me to think 'What the fuck is wrong with me' for a whole afternoon. Fun times.
6675187 SQUEE!

Let it all out man. Let it out.

I never really read the wraith story involving Twilight but this story is pretty good. Makes me want to check out that other story.

6676155 It's much lighter hearted, but the readers there would probably say it's gotten to levels closish to the end in darkness and plot focus as the last chapter. Nothing like the second's beginning though.

Wait, so, is Twi dead or something? You keep saying wraith and I'm a little confused...

6677381 Yes she is. She is in a universe where she is about 800-900 years old, and a wraith.

JumbledThought I don't see how this is a sequel. When the next chapter after "The Remains of a Statue" is in "Fear Me, for My Name is Twaith!:A Family Reunion" Do you mean side story?

6678870 Yeah, but there is no sidequel or prequel box.

from her unstable magic,and now
not peaking into the secrets

1. Forgot your spacing.
2. Peeking.

I... God damn these feels. Now I just hope the follow up Twaith chapter which I delayed because I wanted more backstory has more fluff. Oh the feels...

6674806 Twaith needs no slaves.

Except to bring her books.

No? Cus if you don't know your someone's slave, nor does your owner know that they own you, then you both carry on as if it's not slavery, because as far as you know, it's not.

A beautiful little detour. Not sure why it's separate.

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