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This story is a sequel to Fear Me, for My Name is Twaith!

Twaith attempts to masturbate, and quickly learns why no wraith on the planet has a sex drive.

This is one of the MANY reasons as to why Succulight exists as the mature rated Twaith story, but is also a showcase of what my versions of wraiths face in their life.

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So wait, does the attempt destroy her, or only weaken her?

6742658 It almost makes her succumb to the darkness within her.

I am confused... as usual.

Is this apart of the X Masturbates thing The Abyss started?

6742749 No. I had thought of trying one of those for this universe, and this was inspired by the trend, but it doesn't present itself as one, nor does it meet the only 1k limit. So no, it isn't.

I don't really enjoy your other story, I just don't think it really comes together. That said, I read this just out of curiosity over the premise... and well duh of course does she have no sex drive, she's bloody well dead. Who'd have guessed.

Who the balls is the referenced 'gray mare'? Pinkie's sister?

6742924 Twilight's mother is gray?

Might be funny to do a Succulight masturbates. Could even add a twist that even though succubi are driven by sex, they do not feel self pleasure and just get hornier till they fuck the nearest thing on the room.

Dammit,you made my boner cry:raritycry:

6743649 In this, she is, hough I do not blame you for the confusion, as that has never been stated in the main fic., just because fuck the coloring book, In act, most of the time I look at ponies, I still wonder how the hell it happened. I mean, how do you go from a yellow and blue coat color, to a fairly close to skin color with a brown mane. Carrot, Ms Cake, and Pound Cake btw, just in case.

6744871 NVM. She is grey. I just checked google images. I have no mlp merch btw. I just forgot.

6744890 I more so meant the coloring book thing as a joke.

Hmm so your saying Twilight left herself open an vulnerable when she tried to masterbate.... And a comment about fornicating with a coloring book.. AHA!!!

I see what's going on. Next chapter the CMC will find the book Twilight was reading and try for their orgy cutey marks.

I found this strangely enjoyable.

It's odd to find feels in a fic with a clopfic title. I mean, you'd expect poorly written pr0n, right? Nah. This is JumbledThought. It's tasteful.

6780285 Yay! That means a lot to me to hear.

6744725 Isn't that the point of a clop fic?

Interesting. I had to read the comments to understand the ending. It's rather funny because I'm reading all the side stories about Twilight being a wraith but I haven't read the main one yet. I suppose I'll get around to it.

Oh and great story.

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