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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Why am I not surprised:derpytongue2:? I knew something like this was gonna happen eventually:rainbowlaugh:!

Gyvon #2 · Jul 8th, 2020 · · ·

I'm a simple man. I see Stallion on human, I upboat.

Even though it didn’t sound like a hard job, being given a tour and having a supervised test run definitely couldn’t hurt anything.

Well, there's the sign I've read a boatload of Leechfics; when that very phrase brings thoughts of the Jaws theme in my head.

Speaking of which, though, nice twist at the end. Felt it was a slight bit too fast-paced in the middle here, but with what you were tackling, you did it quite well regardless.

Nice job my fellow Rorschach-faced unicorn.

But why are they doing this to her in the first place, and why erase her memories when she's obviously into it.

Still I enjoy it :pinkiehappy: Good job.

It's a first-time experience every time

Not first, but this one was spicy! Loving it, I also really enjoy Sinsigats works.

Oh now this, this is beautiful

Thank you, Grunkle Stan

Comment posted by ShadowSpectrumSwordtails deleted Jul 31st, 2020

More Wallflower is always a good thing

Of course, what do they tell her when she starts gaining weight from guzzling all the horse jizz.

I'm sorry, bro, but the second "carpet" was mentioned, I had to stop reading. Everything up to that was great though; good job!

It's just a phrase :fluttershbad:

Would you prefer I replace it with "munching the taco"?

That would be pretty funny. :rainbowlaugh:
The word carpet just makes me think of pubes and pubes are a personal hate of mine; just picturing them makes me feel physically sick lmao. It's nothing against your writing, I just personally hold distaste for it, it's for no reason outside of my own weirdness that I had to stop reading. :pinkiecrazy:

Very nice, I shall give you the highest award I can bestow, "Puts story in Homework folder"


In Hokitika Food Festival in New Zealand, people REALLY drank horse semen, 25 dollars each cup, and it's very popular...:pinkiesick:
What's more, the mayor was very proud of his local specialty.
But the farmers complained that their stallions became thinner and thinner...

Damn fine adventure in the barn... Having multible first ones... Neat~ :rainbowkiss: Giving her a collection later in one go would be... Mindblowing :trollestia:
Dick-addicted here we come :ajsmug:

So i guess the Familie story was a alabi? Or is her 'reward' payed in advance :derpytongue2:

Great work :coolphoto:

Comment posted by Kenyakellum deleted Jul 14th, 2020

so you wanted to write a rape fic without it actually being rape?

This story lost all my interest right st the end. Why erase her memories? Why turn the story from hot to really creepy and disturbing?

Two things
A) This was a job
B) Even though her memories got erased, she voluntarily took part in the experience. It's far from rape.

....still kinda rapey. Mind Rape at least. I get you were paid to do it. I just dont understand it is all. w/e though.


Sorry you didn't enjoy it
Here's hoping you get a kick out of what I have coming down the pipe

i would like to see more of Wallflower in stuff like this

I'll see what I can do

Now all we’re missing is a sequel where she takes it past her Cervix and we have ourselves one hot set of Wallflower stories.

This...is...fantastic! The tidbit at the end made this even better, since it explains why this "escalated" so quickly...you evil, evil girls...what else will you do to your new friend? Getting fucked by Max may only be the beginning:ajsmug:

Just so you all are aware, I don't have any actual ideas, I'm just playing into the hope of a sequel...

With you there!!!

In a perfect world, sex with a horse would be how everything began. And ended. And every step in between.

That would make the world a lot more fun...

I get that they want to get back at her but I am at a loss for words...

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Humans are WIERD:facehoof::pinkiesick::rainbowhuh:

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