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Interesting. This will be fun to follow.

To help with your description: Those in need* and Thank him* unless this is done in second person where the reader is the character.

“I got to see Dr. Claw’s face.”

:pinkiegasp: Impossible! Heresy, I say!

in any case, that's certainly one way to apologize.

Glad someone got a good laugh from that bit. I know I was writing it

He should have covered an apple slice with his cum and made 2 girls share it so that they kissed

Mmmm lots of room for shenanigans here.

Keen to see more :3

This is amazing. I was so glad to see this and Hunter’s flower updated. Please keep going

Great fic! You’re really good at writing dirty talk, excited to see more

Well, lets see if I can finish this in time for the holidays

I certainly wouldn't be against another chapter before Xmas :3

This was another good chapter!

Are nose hooks a real thing? I've never heard of them.

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