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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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I'm just passing through and leaving an upvote.

We need more bestiality fics like this.

Sunset might just get the gang involved, WHO KNOWS!!!

You are the cruelest monument of sin in teasing. Have more upvotes.

Glorious as always, Leech.

Fantastic job.

after all, what’s the worst that could happen…

Sunset wakes up with the entire Apple Family staring at her, because Apple Bloom found her in that state, and ended up calling the rest of the family.

ahh, some good ol unironic horse fucking. Truly a man of culture

what’s the worst that could happen…

Oh... Sunset... honey... no... you've invoked fate. There are now, because you said the words, at LEAST three possibilities.

1) Applejack has come home early because she wanted to check up on her horses and finds you curled up with Maximus, bloated with sticky Stallion seed.
2) Applebloom finds you, but doesn't recognize you because you're now an Anthro version of your pony self so she calls the cops who come and arrest you, as well as calling Applejack and the family who rush home to find out what the fuss is about.
3) The Apple Family comes home, AJ finds you first because she wanted to check up on Max, she calls the other girls, Twilight gets in touch with Princess Twilight, who comes through the portal with Celestia, Luna, five different nurses, and half of the royal guard, so they can run tests on the viability of human world equine semen in the very fertile womb of a former pony from Equestria turned into a now anthro-pony fully capable of baring horse children.

Or the fourth possibility... he gets up, you're human again, and he accidentally steps on you and breaks something important.

4 wouldn't be sexy, so nah. 2 as it stands wouldn't either, for

The sorcery afflicting her dissipated, reverting her to her human form;

I'd love for the latter part of 3 to be how it happens though :twilightsmile:

Fuck, this was pretty hot. Nice work leech, I’d thought Sunset Shimmer bang a horse eventually

*sniff sniff* I smell a sequel.

Applejack could find her and join in, but most importantly, the barn door is wide open for a sequel

Can we take a moment to think about how every single one of these fics is the equivalent of a human in equestria story ending with the main character having sex with a gorilla?

I love this kind of sunset shimmer

I feel like I read this story before...

Forget the fact that Sunset is in it. That’s expected. It’s the horse’s name that’s the same too.

I can find it somewhere and link it here... I know for a fact I’ve read this before...

Still a good read either way

EDIT: horse’s name is different. My bad. But still same premise

I decided I won’t link it, cause that’s in poor taste. But “Saddle Up, Sunset”, by Patriot Pony Productions, is a similar story to this.

The way the beast moved, how his coat glistened with sweat, and how his muscles glided over one another sent a shiver up her spine. Even as some primitive parody of the ponies of her home, she couldn’t deny the creature was captivating. Taking a break from her efforts, she was compelled to give the stud a brief visit.

You sure you haven't been touching the horse during mating season?!

As she gently patting the side of his face, the horse nickered and leisurely turned away. It was only then that she noticed the titanic log of mottled flesh swinging beneath him. Steaming in the cool autumn air, traced with veins, it was the most captivating thing she’d ever seen. Involuntarily, her sex clenched upon itself, almost as if it was angry she’d sent the creature away.

The horse knows what you are about to do with him, and he does NOT consent!!

Thankfully, upon achieving release, she’d been able to drift off for the night, yet things steadily got more and more complicated after that moment. Occasional imaginings of sexualizing equines became increasingly frequent, ultimately leading her fantasies to be nearly all-consuming. Dreams of servicing stallions or being mounted by studs became commonplace, to the point where she’d wake herself up humping the mattress in a pair of drenched panties.

How long before she ends up soaking up the whole mattress?!!

As luck would have it, scouring the internet for a solution to her scandalous dilemma produced some rather intriguing information. Apparently, there were humans out there with similar fixations, because she discovered an entire site devoted to the subject matter. Not only could she browse videos and galleries of stallions and mares, but she could even order sex toys molded from the beasts genitals.

Why am I not surprised?

After having spent several hours searching the net, and inadvertently working herself up in the process, her impulses got the better of her. Scrambling for her wallet, withdrawing her credit card, she furiously input her information. One order of a sculpted arabian stallion cock, followed by a furious masturbatory session later, and Sunset was left to continue with her daily routine, until her would-be solution arrived…


As her mind wandered, her movements grew more violent. Faster and faster, harder and harder, she pushed herself onto the toy with reckless abandon. Any discomfort was gone, as her bliss soared to greater heights. Slamming herself backward, the dresser rocked with the impetus of her movements.

That dresser is getting more of the action than I am with my pillows!!

“ Buck yes !” Sunset mewled. Lowering her torso to the floor, she cupped one breast in each hand. Face down, ass up, she tweaked and twisted her nipples, only amping up her rapture.

You don't kiddy swear during sex or simulated sex!

Stepping to the shower, turning the tap, she let the water warm. Moving away, into the view of her mirror, she looked herself over. Strangely, her Equestrian magic ears and hair were present, even though she didn’t recall evoking any sort of sorcerous power. Dismissing the abnormality as nothing more than the result of her pair of climaxes, her gaze wandered lower.

Wait, I wonder if this horse dildo penetration will work on all the other Equestria Girls who were affected by the power of friendship!!

Spinning in place, facing away from the mirror, Sunset reached back and grabbed one cheek of her rump in each hand. Looking over her shoulder, pulling her buns apart, she rolled her eyes and exasperatedly grunted. Her pussy wasn’t the only bit of her herself which had been altered. Nestled in her tush, in the cleft of her ass, rested a pronounced pucker.

Oh my gosh, it looks like a cinnamon donut!!!

After her shower, Sunset toweled off and resigned herself to do a bit of gaming. There wasn’t much she could do about the situation, and the last thing she wanted to do was call and ask her friends about it. Sure, she was exceptionally comfortable around her classmates, though she’d really rather not call and ask them if they’d magically found themselves possessing a horse pussy at any point.

Yeah, let their boyfriends find out about it first!

After the fourth nocturnal disturbance, she decided to stay awake until school started. Rolling over, throwing the blankets off of herself, she clutched her head. When she felt that her hair and ears had returned to normal, a relieved hope filled her - although it crumbled to ash, once she unceremoniously grabbed her crotch. As she’d feared, her marehood was still present, as was her oversized rear entrance. Thankfully, concealing them wouldn’t be too much a problem, though she was concerned about her lack of sleep.

Maybe try that dildo again, see if that'll help you hump yourself to sleep

She was fully aware that she’d likely be exhausted throughout her classes, but at least it was Friday. All she’d have to do is tough it out, then she’d have the weekend to relax and attempt to solve her carnal conundrum. If nothing else, she could write a letter to Twilight Sparkle, although that would likely elicit a series of experiments and probing.

In fact, she might invite Sci-Twi over to double the experimental fun

Her undergarment, lamentably unintended to house equine genitalia, had been rubbing against her for hours on end. To make matters worse, the stimulation coerced lewd and inappropriate thoughts to her mind, forcibly reminding her of just how sensitive her bits were. It was infuriating! It made concentrating practically impossible! But most of all, it left her panties positively soaked .

Student: Okay, who spilled horse essence perfume over the chair?! RARIITTYYY!!!!!

Racing to her room, she gathered a few things and threw them into a duffel. A change of clothes, towel, and a travel kit of toiletries. There was a small, fully furnished bathroom in the Apples’ barn, which she’d likely have need of. If everything worked out as she intended, a shower would definitely be useful, before returning home. Using her phone to summon a car service, she scurried outside to await her ride.

WAIT, don't forget the morphine! In case he accidentally crushes your pelvis and spine!!

“H...hey, Max…” Sunset muttered, fidgeting in place. Reaching for his head, she slowed. “I...it’s ok if I call you Max, i...isn’t it?” she stammered. If the stallion cared about her nickname, he gave no sign, as she gently stroked his cheek.

He's trying to ignore you in the hopes you won't try to molest him again

Her tongue crept between her lips, threatening to give the vascular shaft a curious lick, but she stopped dead. Rearing back for a moment, checking to see if he was watching her, Sunset noticed the stallion looking in her direction. Even though she doubted he could understand her, she’d be remiss for not saying something to the stud.

Give him one good reason why he shouldn't belly press you into a flesh bag of broken bones!

As she began to fear the gorgeous beast had found some fault with her, he reared back. Lurching forward, sending his forelegs crashing onto the door to either side of her, a fraction of his weight landed upon her hips. With the heat of his underside resting on her back, she reached up and caressed his neck and chest.

Max: If I play around with your mare hood, would you finally leave me alone?!

Wave after seemingly unending wave of seed surged through the stud’s shaft, filling Sunset beyond reasoning. An overwhelming majority of his seed burst into her womb, bathing her uterus in untold millions of his virile sperm. Her cunt, far too small to accommodate such an influx, leaked and gushed his essence to the floor.

Make that TRILLIONS of sperm!!


Wait, I wonder if this horse dildo penetration will work on all the other Equestria Girls who were affected by the power of friendship!!


Homesick Shimmer is a trope.

But it's a good one.

Excellent writing.
I just wish that when Applejack shows in the morning that she'd discover a Bacon-haired Unicorn sleeping next to her prized Stud horse.

Could someone please link the full picture? I really wanna see it.

after all, what’s the worst that could happen…

Oh trust me Sunset....TOO many things can go wrong-

oh great story by the way, leaving a upvote

after all, what’s the worst that could happen…

O trust me Sunset so many thing can go right.
like a sequel to this story.

a amazing story than you team.

I can't say when I'll get around to it
I will get around to it

She somehow grew one and tested out on her friends?

Nah nah
She won't be growing any additional equipment

Bless me, for I am about to sin... again.

Time for more bacon!

>Having saturated her panties
she must construct additional pylons!

Amongst other things XD

Damn it Leech. Another hot ass story. With her tempting the universe she is either going to get found by AJ or she is knocked up in a big way.

Animations have made their way to derpi, magic numbers 2261576 and 2261579 :rainbowwild:

That is something i would love to see

I think you forgot something. Sunset slowly changeing permanantly into an equine and becomeing his broodmare

“Y...you’re not gonna beat me that easy,” she wearily groused, snatching up the dildo.

Round 2; FU- I mean fight!

We meet again

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