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Barley Citrus

I write about the countless coital encounters between humanoid horsies, anthropomorphous equines and at least passably bipedal pony people... Also, I really fuckin like Equestria Girls my dudes.

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Well... that's one way to get a girlfriend

The only tried and true method ^_^

Needs more cum and more twilight losing herself to lust and fucking Trixie into the bench

Now make a good sequel

Sequel, please sequel. I want to see what becomes of this relationship and how twilight's friends react to the news that they're together. Taking into account the fact that Trixie picks on Twilight you know that Twilights friends would stand up for her a lot.

sequel? sure
good? ehh...

Hmm I hadn't actually thought of that
It could make for some awkward fun ^_^
Tho I'm sure Twi wouldn't want the girls to find out what led to it

atm tho, I only have a short porny sequel planned that will be posted in Barley's Bar Hop next week

Not really there wasn’t any kidnapping involved :rainbowwild:

Is it regular human dick or is it... ya know...

Horse dick? :trixieshiftright:

Just a big ol human dick this time >.>'

No, that's how you get a wife.

True enough, just make sure you have a Pomegranate and a nice big dog too.

Well that's just common sense XD

And you're her fetish ^_^

Sequel please
I really want to see her friends try to get some of the same stuff

Oh, so like her friends want in on dat dick?
hmm, hadn't thought about going that way with it

come on at least tell that you were planning to leave the great and powerful mommy to be

nice work

Nice story.

This story could've used a more solid example or two of Trixie's bullying, whereas here it is just informed and nothing more from what I read. It also would've been nice, even without that, for some of their bully-and-victim dynamic to bleed into this a bit more. Still, this was hot, so it works as clop. It also marks the second time I've found a story about Futa Twilight getting seduced/fucked by a size queen. I should come up with some size-play ideas sometime myself, could be fun...maybe something with Applejack?...hmmm....:trixieshiftright:

Will, there be a sequel maybe?

What, you mean like Twilight leaving her? not sure what you mean

Yeah, I agree.
I mean, at the beginning she was going to the locker room to bully her. and she did push her around a bit and steal her clothes and spoke down to her.
But more bullying is always fun ^_^
I didn't want this to be any more than one scene. But I might make a sequel just for some post-girlfriend bully opportunities.

Yes and No.
I've written a short sequel that's just a sex scene.
I'll be posting that next week in Barley's Bar Hop
As far as continuing the story? nothing planned rn but I'm def reconsidering it since people liked this so much
any thoughts?

This was kinky and I love it! I hope to get a sequel this someday

No no sorry I misspelled that
I mean that Trixie resulted pregnant
not that twilight left her alone

Trixie seems like the adorable type of girl that would curse you, your work,your family And even your dog. for make her preggers, but she would still demand her cuddles and ice cream after that...
And probably would drain twilight of every milliliter of vital essence each time that she feels even a little turned on

imagine some of twilight friends walking in when twilight is trying to satisfy her great and pregnant girlfriend. burning that enormous womb destroying shaft on their memories

Come on that picture alone could make pinkie pie a pink carbon copy of her sister maud, just to control herself

Maybe something like exploring their relationship in and out of school seeing how their friends react and possibly teasing another ship like DustDash since they have a similar love to hate relationship in the main show and I'm just spitballing here but maybe make Lighting Dust the futa instead of Dash to mix things up, regardless of what you decode, it was a good story.

Yeah, I'm thinking I might explore their friends' reactions a bit
idk about DustDash. that'd just be more of the same thing.
I'd just focus on Trixie and Twi's relationship.

Trixie laced her fingers over Twilight’s, holding her hands over her stomach. She felt worried about what was going to happen and she didn’t particularly trust Twilight to be the biggest help. But she was at least sure of one thing. For the next nine months, she owned Twilight’s cock and she had nothing to hold back anymore.

Hey, bright sides amirite?

maybe they say to her "this is why you always carry a rubber!"

I doubt any rubber could fit Twilight's monster dong

Excellent story. Really hoping for a sequel.

Somehow, the cropped version of the picture looks even more sexual than the original. How is that even possible?

Btw, this is SFW right? She's covered up and there's no cameltoe.

I really enjoyed reading, thumbs up and faved.

I'm glad you noticed
It's cause I edited it to look like she's bottomless. ^_^

Thanks for the fave!
What was your favourite part?

There might just be some more coming ^_^

if more coming soon maybe something wearing platform goth boots

I'm afraid not
No goth characters after all

well what about the platform boots the colorful ones with hreat belts and other things?

Those would be better suited for fanart
Not much reason to describe what shoes they're wearing unless there's a point to it
Besides, I don't think Twi or Trixie would be into that style

well they could make it easyer to stand and being fucked by twi

plus i think Trixie would be into them

Finishing inside doesn't automatically mean pregnant
In fact you can sometimes do it dozens... and dozens of times and it still may not happen if you're lucky
I mean to make sure there would have to be a lot more sessions
Right? :pinkiecrazy:

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