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I've got Shining Armor tied up in my basement for molestation purposes.

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I love it... gallbar is an underappreciated ship

Surrounded by all those girls, yet the best ship for them is each other!

I know right? funny thing is I thought I was straight for so long until I really got into the gallbar shipping.. that ship made me realize I was bisexual

You got my interest

I also had a sneaking suspicion that this story MIGHT be a little gay. :rainbowderp:

Rarity is interested too. And Gallus and Sandbar were interested all night long afterward. Maybe all their friends got an interesting show the next day even. Gay in front of girls is best gay :rainbowdetermined2:

I approve of this so hard, Im gonna be sore when I'm done, Sorry autocorrect.

You aren't the only one that approved of it 'hard' :duck:

Rarity should have brought roofies or at least a camera.

Both of those things are pretty useful! :moustache:

I love all of your writing, and, well, the thumbs up ratio here speaks for itself!

Well I don't consider the thumbs-up ratio is a good measure of how good a story is, but I'm glad people like the gaysecks I contributed.

Based on your Spitfire avatar, I would suggest with Rainbow Dash, though Fleetfoot would be a close second. A threesome is fine if you can't decide.
A counter How to Lesbian story though would be neat if I thought of a good way to do it.

Since returning to Equestria, Princess Luna has had... difficulty acclimating to the culturally progressive times and customs of the modern world. Mares are much more numerous than they once were, filling job roles and other important positions, and most noticeably, taking every suitable stallion around.

...leaving Luna at a bit of a loss as to who she might court. The mare to stallion ratio is around 10:1, and every time she finds a single stallion, there's something wrong with him... Until one night, travelling through the dreamscape, she touches upon a fantasy that befuddles and entrances her greatly: Two mares, a pegasus and a unicorn, kissing, touching, interacting with one another in ways that Luna had scarcely considered possible before now.

It was unnatural, surely, that such a pairing could even be conceived, but stranger still was her undeniable interest in the nebulous act. Two mares with no stallion in sight, a facilitation of their most base and carnal desires, surely a means of compensation for the lack of suitable males. Or perhaps they did it simply because they liked each other more than they ever could a stallion?

It isn't long before watching isn't enough, and Luna, against her strongest reservations, wishes to dip her hoof into this strange, salacious pool. But she has no clue where to start.

That's until she finds out that her niece, Princess Cadance, teaches a class in such odd and scandalous things.

The class' name? How to Lesbean.

better than I expected.

Great job! :raritywink:

....but now, I need more of these! :pinkiecrazy:

Of course not, but it does mean that people like it. And I sure do!
The dislikes might be more disingenuous, though, so... I'm sure it's even better than what the ratio says.

If anypony taught a class in it, it WOULD be Cadance. I don't typically see Luna as that sheltered, but it'd be an adorable concept to run with.
That's not a bad idea, but have so many projects I doubt my ability to get to it.

And we need more art of Gallus and Sandbar fucking. Get to it! :yay: If you liked this though, hope you enjoy my other stuff, though it's less gay.
To be honest, I envy you. I'd rather be able to draw it than write it. I do like this pairing though so probably will end up involving them in something else eventually.

I'm sure at least one downvote is from someone that didn't even read it and just said 'oh noes not teh geysecks!'.
But I'm sure at least one upvote is from someone that didn't even read it and just said 'yay teh geysecks!'

Just saw this story on the side bar section of 'Popular stories' and had to read it.
awesome story turning the cliché of teacher seducing students on it's head but I especially like you didn't make rarity a homophobe! (for I read a fic years ago where she was & ending with disastrous results! it's very old fic.)

I can't imagine homophobia being a thing in Equestria since it isn't a thing for real equines.
Also every girl knows that guys that can take a hard one from behind are better in bed :rainbowdetermined2:

I don't think sex ed teaches out to apply lubricant to a cock with your mouth.
Well okay, maybe the South Park version of it does.

yeah I can't imagine it either seeing how open equestria is...
well in this fic it does! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/52249/together-forever (you can tell how old the story is!)p.s: may ask what gender you are? cause after reading your fic i clicked on your name and couldn't find any info. if that's okay with you or not.

Funny you should ask my gender, since I just recently did a poll to see what my fans thought I was. 60.53% of them think I'm female, so I have to work to add confusion. My goal is a 50/50 split.

Good story, although I did find one thing wrong with it.

“Give your newly non-virgin coltfriend time to adjust to your beautiful drake bits.”

Drake? I thought Gallus was a griffin. Unless it's some inside joke/lingo I don't know about.

I find it weird when anyone writes a fic about gays or different species getting together its either Rarity or Applejack that's the intolerant one of the group with sometimes Applejack switched out for Dash and it's usually either-or not both of them being intolerant or downright bigoted.

On a side note, I read way to many Spike romance fics and this fic is an exception.

None of the Cola machines I've been with screamed, I wonder if they consented or just relented.

I probably need help.

Male griffons are sometimes called drakes. It's because some types of birds use that terminology. Females would be reeves using that I think.

Applejack is used because she has a southern American accent and homophobia is more common there, so southerners themselves get a stereotype that they can't like gays. I don't know why Rarity or Dash would be considered that. I mean I guess Rarity is the only mane6 member in FiM that it's been confirmed likes males, but that doesn't mean she's not bi or that she's a bigot. Maybe they make Dash one just to rebel against the idea that she must be gay.
Even though it doesn't make sense in-world though, I can see why people use these concepts. It's probably meant to draw attention to real homophobes and what bullies they are, and to give people a look at how it feels to be treated that way. I've gone way overboard with making characters bigots before in stories as a way to make fun of bigots as well.

As long as they aren't Sparkle Cola Quantum machines. You don't want to get radiation on your happy bits.

I did not know that. Neat.

I have educated you of a new way to refer to griffons with cocks. I am proud.

This was adorable. I'd really like to see this story continued. Also . . .

“Fuck this!” Gallus groaned as he yanked free of Sandbar’s muzzle. “I’m tired of settling for blow jobs! I want that pretty pony plot!”

:rainbowlaugh: Best line ever!

Not sure how to continue it! Though the idea of a sequel story isn't out of the question. I guess I could have Rarity go for Ocellus, possibly if Thorax comes over to talk about her because that's two changelings!
Or could go the other direction and have the two lover boys continue their new-found fetish of getting gay in front of girls.
There's a lot of places it could go and too little time.

yeah i've noticed aj being like that in some old yet unfinished soarburn fics. hell I even read one where apple bloom had hatred towards gays from granny smith (by the story's end she gets the shock of her life where scootaloo & sweetie belle tell their friend 'your siblings are gay as fuck!') https://www.fimfiction.net/story/30843/birds-of-a-feather
never came across dash being a homophobe the fics I mostly read she's gay, blissfully unaware (of other ponies sexuality. although that would fit with twilight than dash imo*laughs*) or very opened minded on the issue.
btw i'm also a spike fan! I do have a story where there's minor rarity bashing (at certain points but turns around halfway in the story) & aj doesn't get the relationship at all until something tragic happens realizing how stupid she was being! pm me if you wish to know...when ya able or have the time?

9082411 in response to Crimson Prose - you stated that perfectly.

I like Spike too. If he knew about this, he'd become a student just so he could constantly get detention.

Yeah looking back now I was wrong about the dash being bigoted thing.

Oh! wow i didn't know that.
yeah personally i don't think he'll get with rarity when the show's over.
1. i don't ship sparity! but doesn't mean that i hate or dislike other people ships.

2. in most shows (with unrequited love) the guy who crushes on said girl will either a.) doesn't notice him at all until the last minute or b.) gets rejected by his crush and moves on to find someone worthy of their love.

>>9085111 that's okay. we all make mistakes:)

This is fantastic! So well done. Thank you for sharing!!

That was a fantastic story!

Horrays :rainbowwild:
Glad you liked it; been meaning to write more geysecks.

I should have read this sooner^^

one idea too continue this would be to have a theme of raritys "marks" having some kind of fetish that they havent lived up that surfaces when she makes her move on them and causes her to teach them to do it properly.
For example ocelus could have a dominant side she too shy to show while thorax needs an outlet for his submissive side that is supressed by him being a ruler and rarity gives them the "talk" about sane safe and consensual.

That wouldn't be a bad idea, though personally I prefer leaving the 'sane' part out of that trio.

Simply cute :raritywink: fave

"teaching how to properly gay" is an interesting way to phrase a tag

I'm an expert at properly gaying.

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