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Fun fact: Snake's actual voice actor has done a reading of that meme.

I can make you some art if you want?

I always welcome fan art and fics, but I won't promise that I'll use it in any way.

I am very grateful of your offer.

Yay. I loved your story. Very lewd. Ima start drawing them I'll notify you when I get something done.

Sonata, I'm trying to sneak past the guards, but I'm dummy thicc, and the clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting the guards.

Ooh, that was good and hot. :D

"I have to have it. I refuse to leave without ir!"

"Kay. Have fun." And Aria left like a sensible person.

Sonata's failed attempt to serpentine is fantastic.

Ah. See? Sensible person... more or less. Sisterly love is a pesky thing.

Enjoyably ridiculous. Nice work.

I'm surprised Sunset didn't fuck Adagio Asshole. She have a long dick so it shouldn't be a problem or Adagio ass is just that big.:applejackconfused:

"You know, Shim…" Aria pulled away from Sunset, a thin strand of saliva connecting the two by the lip. "When I pictured us hooking up, which I did a lot by the way, I never imagined you shoving your tongue down my throat while we kissed dicks in my sister’s guts.”

“Dude… That’s probably the grossest way you could’ve possibly described what we’re doing…” remarked Sunset.

I came, 10/10

I'm not huge on anal except for very specific scenarios, and I thought having Adagio get stuffed by all three girls at once was a bit more interesting.

But I like your explanation better, Adagio's ass was just too fat

"Uh, duh? I barely touched you tonight, I want us to tear each other apart! (...)"

So they're going to breed each other silly after they went to town on her sister? Kinky! Would love that sequel :twilightsmile:

Eh! oh well! I Still had fun with everything else that was done to her.:rainbowwild:

Now we need a follow up story showing the drive home and the cluster buck of an orgy! Please make it so LewdChapter!

Has he ever read it in the Captain Planet voice?

Aaaaaand my new favourite Dazzling smut tale.

To the best of my knowledge, he only did it in the Snake codec voice it was intended to be read in.

Bravo! Such an excellent story! :raritywink:

Is there gonna be a sequel?

Probably not, but never say never

This story literally ticks all my boxes, great job. Also I appreciate the use of modern slang, so many stories are afraid of updating the lingo characters use.

If you'll notice in pretty much all of my stories, Sunset and Aria particularly have a very specific manner of speaking. That's because they talk like me, an emo black kid from the streets who got coopted by a majority white friend group. I don't see many characters written that way, and I take a bit of pride in implanting some of myself onto two of my favorite characters

As a fellow black man who loves fat asses and ponies, I can sympathize.

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