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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Hello brother writer!

I noticed your story ... but I'll read it later.

At the same time, Princess Cadance is still the leader in this genre.

I do love me some Cadance!

Wow, normally your stories are total bangers, or they totally suck like crazy, but this one was simply smashing.

No, I will not write Nigel Thornberry pony stuff

Deep #6 · Jul 21st, 2021 · · ·


At the same time, Princess Cadance is still the leader in this genre.


Let's all pour one out for the Sweetie Belle clopfic GOAT


The last time I wrote a shitposty story of that magnitude, I wrote a toilet horse

Ohhhh. Playfully challenging insult retracted.

Oh. Thought you meant meat toilet.

Ok ok
That gave me a chuckle

Comment posted by Tania tokustar deleted Jul 22nd, 2021

Please don’t tell me this is foalcon

It's intentionally left nebulous

*insert legal blurb about all parties being if legal age in there home realities and no pony being harmed in the production of this fic here*

I don’t understand

It's a joke dude a while back it was common for movies TV shows and other things that included violence or sex to be prefaced with a quick legal blurb that explains that all participants were of legal age and were not harmed during the filming of the show I was just making a reference to that it was supposed to be funny apparently I missed the mark

Hooo i get it

Question why did you reply to my comment? Not to sound ride I’m just curious

the joke was relevant to your question and it was also kinda meant to answer it, at least in my view the characters involved here are all of legal age...ponies is just smol compared to peoples is all, still they pass the test (referring to the Harkness test) so its fair game!

A few things
First and foremost, this was a commission revolving around Sweetie Belle and Anon
Secondly, ponies are, per some of the reference material, very small compared to people

I have poured myself more than once!

Hard life for the author. Especially if he undertakes to write something .... that will be condemned.

Like my uncle always told me:

You can make some people happy some of the time, but you'll never make everyone happy all of the time...

I fully realize that a lot of my stuff isn't for everyone
As I've said before, my work is like a lewd buffet - folks can pick and choose what they want


Now I understand sorry for asuming anything bad

Valk #26 · Jul 22nd, 2021 · · 1 ·

Kinks Include: Male on Female

Dear god

Scandalous, I know

This is the type of buffet that i have no problem going to.

“I was born ready.”

Was Sweetie born ready? Or was she ready before she was born?

The world may never know.

It means you're being downvoted by pedos

It means it’s a fictional story, about a fictional character, in a fictional place, with fictional events

Eh, whatever gets you there...?

Not gonna lie, I’m the same as the guy here. I don't enjoy the prospect of having relations with someone who’s too young. What I do find attractive is a smaller woman, preferably light enough that I can lift her with ease. People like to shine the spotlight on huge-boobed women, and away from the normal to small size jewels.

Is your pfp a pregnant assassination classroom teacher?

I'll have you know, I'm based as all get-out - the litmus test says so!

Comment posted by Matrixster deleted January 9th

The blush and heart sign make it seem like it.


Litmus on this dick. Lmao gottem

Buster, plz, why you gotta T-pose on me like this :fluttershbad:

Perfectly Insane

I await the day where Some Leech includes the most degenerate fetish of all in a fic. Hoof holding!

I've written that on several occasions, but there'll be more of that level of hedonistic sin to come!

Pounds Out Glitter? That must have made things incredibly messy.

And chafed.

What we really need is a group that collects all fics with that depraved fetish

Though it shamed him to admit it, he’d been exceedingly pleased to find out that he could legally court the filly - not because he had some inherent interest in youths, but because he’d always had a sexual attraction to smaller women.

Yeah, everything underlined made things kinda ick.
Especially if you miss "not", or your brain arbitrarily inserts "just" between "not" and "because".
Then again I navigated to this fic because it was recently publ-
Why is someone banging on my do-

I liked the alternating paragraphs of present action, and exposition of the past that lead to the current status quo.
It made it feel like the (metaphorical) camera was cutting between the present, and past.
I know that there's a movie, or series that does this to great effect, but I can't think of one.
Halo 3 ODST does this, since the present is Rookie alone in New Mombasa looking for his squad, and finding a trail of destruction. The missions with the other characters are cut aways/flashbacks of what happened earlier that day, and they show what led to the individual destroyed items and structures that Rookie is looking at.

Admittedly, I felt slightly sad that it stopped cutting away to the past, and stayed in the present.
Yeah, I know that people show up to this fic to see Sweetie get plowed, but I'm a sucker for world building and the romance building.

Is this aged up Sweetie or Foalcon?

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