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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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More MILF y e s :twilightsmile:

Oh yes this is nice

This is all of my yes.

Another knock out of the part, Leech. Nice work.

It's good to be a Anon. Male♤ or female♡

Gilda or Gabriela next? Maybe both! Not just Pony mares need some nice Hotel with benefits ♡

Whoooo! And the milf train keeps on rollin'

Now you have made me wonder how Stellar would go about seducing a woman Leech.

Having hilted him with perilously little effort,

And yet another ridiculously epic line from you I see.

MILFs only, at least in this branch of the timeline. Chrysalis is kinda-sorta Star Swirl's daughter according to the comics, so she's probably old enough to qualify if you want nonponies...

For what it's worth, I seem to recall that Ponyville does have a movie theater. I mean, I could be mistaken, but I think it's one of the places where the Crusaders fled from Babs during the "Babs Seed" song.

Jesus christ, what is this the sixteenth story of this dude doing the deed with some horny creature? Is every single thing that has a hole just horny and waiting for some green dude to come and fill it in this universe?

Comment posted by dannny43 deleted Sep 1st, 2022

Sorry, but I'd be sticking and settling down with Stellar. She's hot, she's compatible with Anon, screw it, why not put a ring on it?

I have a feeling Eris might have a pea in her pod...

He can make them Milfs, he made Harshwinny one...

You're right Elric. That was the only time I'm aware it shown though.

Another based Anon story, as always Leech.

I mean, wouldn’t you want that if there was little to no drama/consequences like it’s presented here? Most warm-blooded males would love the swinger life if it was like this.

Probably got destroyed during Tirek, and they never bothered to replace it, so they put in more houses probably.

Awesome new stories Leech i binge read all 3 of your newest anon having sex with ponies after your story where he f**ked Eris. I am looking forward to his past conquests plus Mayor Mare and Stellar Flare and yes, even Eris all returning to him like Harshwhinny did to tell him he got them all pregnant and he does end up earning the title "Substitute Stud".

You know derpy is a milf

Not a substitute if the result is true... 😈

Huh -” she grunted, peeing over at him, “I was going to offer you double that.”

I thought this story was about to take a turn, but then I realized you probably meant peering

Sorry for the late response, I didn't get any notifications for some reason, but A) I haven't read any of the fics so I have no idea what goes on in this universe, and B) call me old fashioned but no, I wouldn't like the swinger life.

How is this still going? this is awesome. thank you Some Leech!

Stay tuned
Next installment is earmarked for September 28th!

This is one you definitely put a ring on, honestly wouldn’t blame him if he did.

“Listen, I can tell you’re a bit new to this, but what do you have to lose? You’re a healthy, virile male, and I’m a mare who desperately wants to hear the pitter-patter of little hooves scampering through my home. If my son won’t give me a foal to dote on, I may as well have another colt or little filly myself ~ wouldn’t you say?” she whispered, her hot breath tickling his ear. “And before you ask, yes, I will absolutely make Ms. Harshwhinny or any other mare you’ve had a good time with look dreadful in comparison.”

10/10!! Leech you have outdone yourself once again!

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