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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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CJ: Aw shit here we go again.

Apple Brandy, never heard that name for R63 AJ. Not bad though!

Wonder why this has a fair amount of downvotes. This wasn't bad at all!

I know some people who downvote anything gay. Tis what it is. I've also had a couple people on my latest fic comment and downvote just for the mere fact it's clop. It's just the way it is.

And to Leech, I can't wait to read this – looks great!

Yeah, that makes sense. Even if folks should just ignore a story if they know it's not their thing without reading it.


Yeah. Blind downvotes based on content is pretty routine. I consider any/all of my haters to a hallmark of my "success"
Anyhow, glad/hope y'all enjoyed it!

Nice. I expected Anon to be the top in this, but the dynamic worked regardless, and I found myself pleasantly surprised. Warm and sexy, as always.

A quick correction, if I might be so rude; the phrase is "hair's breadth", rather than "hare's breath". It doesn't detract from the story, and the only thing the story lacks is more content, because what's here already is good enough to make me want even more.

Amended, thanks

There's always one or two little flubs like that which slip through the cracks :fluttershbad:

You be coming with a story like every three days bro. My muse can't even give me a more than 1000 words to write every three days let alone a story (one-shot)


Well, a fair number of 'em are either trades, comms, or collabs. Always release something on wednesdays and every so often on fridays. I just like to stay busy I guess XD

Well shit, a human x r63 story, adding this to my read it later and get back to it soon. I'll give my opinion then but I have hope for it :twilightsmile:

Well, that was pretty damn good, hope we get to see more human x r63 pairing in the future.

Resu #15 · May 5th · · ·

Brandy's barn door swings that way

I guess I'm two months late for this but ah well

It was pleasure trading with you, S.Leech
hope to trade with you again in the future

Twas a pleasure!

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