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Well, this seems interesting. And by interesting, I mean I'm gonna follow it.
In all seriousness, I feel like Tartarus is actually a really nice place. I want to go there on holiday now.

You have my attention now. This looks like its going to be alot of fun.

Whut thu fuk is this?

Fukin purfectiun m8

This is intriguing. I like the premise, and anons are always good.

Anon as a demon that gets randomly summoned? Never heard of this idea but I'm all in baby. Let's see where this goes.

i dont get it just because he wasnt wearing shoes? was there ground there that would have burned his feet?

This looks pretty fun/funny! I'll definitely keep an eye on this

horny teenager incupony who wants to stick his dick in literally everything. connect the dots, please.


he probably stepped in animal demon shit

Behind him stood a house. A modest abode that met his every need. It was one story, with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, living room, and garage. It was small, but for a single individual living alone it was plenty spacious. The roof tiles were a rich umber, the bricks were a nice crimson, the windows were tinted red and the frames red too. The gutters, porch, and~ okay everything was red. The pathway had red stones, the front door was red, the porch light shone a red hue, the cute picket fence that encircled the property and the hedges around his front yard were, you guessed it, all varying hues of red.

Do continue...



Maze, the teenaged lust-demon, is going through puberty. He apparently has massive-volume orgasms. He jizzed all over Anon's yard when he wasn't looking. Or his own yard and it spilled over into Anon's. I hope this helps your understanding of why Anon realized it's a terrible thing he just walked through spunk-grass.

well i get the dialogue now but even then as a human he was using his arm so even if his feet were soiled what that have to do with his hands

I step away for just a FEW hours and you blow this story up like Maztyz during a girls school dance recital. In all seriousness this thing went big fast, thanks to all of you supporting it. I'll do my best to keep the updates consistent. :trollestia:

this is good...............too good.............this will end poorly.

Good start. I look forward to where this leads.

Welcome, story with only one chapter that was just recently published, to the top of the featured list.

P.S. I await for more.

potential. this has it.

Holy shit, I love your stories

also, no u

Man, I like how this story looks so far. Keep up the good work, it has a lot of potential!

Very enjoyable, certainly wasnt expecting that summoner. :pinkiegasp:

This is wonderful, I love it to pieces already!

So has Celestia fogured out that Luna tried to summon a demon to send after her? Because that seems like a pretty good reason to distrust a sister.

I really like this so far.


Luna stood there unphased, smiling more genuinely this time.

(it's my pet peeve)

He felt something sticky on his back.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well that was unexpected!

Could be my buzz talking, but I'm into this. Just gonna shove it in my tracking folder for stalking purposes and I will see you in the next update, you aluminum drinking mug XP

No worries, it's just something I see all the time.

He felt something sticky on his back.

Please no...

He felt something sticky on his back.

For sanity's sake, I'm going to just read that as a discarded Post-It Note stuck to Anon's back. Yeah. That's the ticket...

Tape... a bit of ink from Luna's room...

The neighbor's kid: [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED].

Anon: "You know, I really should have expected this to happen..."


/singsong "It's the nut from next door~!"

Lol, what did he include so she couldn’t summon another demon? Language that said she wouldn’t try or can’t try?

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