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It's a sin.

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This is looking pretty interesting! I'll be on the watch for some more.

This is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever read. Those who disliked are doomed to Tartarus for sure.

Love MommyChrys, keep it up!

...once he grew up a bit more, that is. He was still waiting on that arbitrary age of maturity. And superpowers. Everyone else had superpowers.

*Recalls all the recent mega-magical showdowns*

Well, to be fair, I wouldn't be surprised.

Still, seeing Chrysalis showing genuine care is very much interesting. I hope this isn't just going to be anon getting laid with changelings.

I have no problem with it, but I do think there's a lot of potential here beyond that, like with the little touches of Anon's insistent denial of having hands and feet.

For a somewhat serious story, I mean.

Either way, I very much like the whole idea and the quality of the writing so far.

Great fic, continue the good work!

i mean, i wouldn't want to get rid of my infinite love/food battery either.

please continue with maternal chrysalis.

I'm certainly going to be keeping an eye on this one.

So many Anon + changeling fics recently. Gotta say, I'm into it.

*sees the mature tag and remembers descriptions in the story.*

im glad.

Honestly, I'm waiting for the point where Anon is inexplicably amazing at blending in, with nothing more than a mask as shown on the cover art.

Cue the one sane pony trying to convince everyone else, and that one changeling grows hair just to pull it out about how he does it. The Princesses seem fooled, but may or may not be pranking everyone.

Прочитав главу, я почувствовал себя великолепно! Спасибо!

Hmm yes this will do nicely

I'm intrigued. Do go on.

That picture alone has my attention.

So basically the spy from tf2?

Better. An Ork Kommando! :pinkiecrazy:

Reverse Gender Roles Equestria

Looking forward to more!

im tracking this...

...for science.

Veery interesting! Coming out the gate strong with this one. Great job!
I will be definitely watching this!:moustache:

...tracking this.... for a friend... :moustache:

I have a sinking suspicion the one sane pony will need metric tons of booze just to get through the day

(Sees Changeling mask on Anons Face) Alright, who the hell knocked out Spy and sent him to another reality wih possible no prior memories? Scout?

"I'm innocent!"

Bullshit! You where messing with Marazmesis's TV again weren't you!

"...I plead the fifth."


Shut up Soldier!

I love the idea, I just wish you'd used an actual name. You might as well have named him "Generic". Maybe turn it on its head, and make it an actual changeling name? Like Pseudonym, or Incognito, or Nomme de Plume/Guerre.

Sounds pretty interesting! Wonder where it will go. Xd


"He's a giant human I tell you! A giant human!" :pinkiegasp:

That's no changeling...
It's a space station!


He's not fat! ...he's just... husky.

Oh thank God they didn't chop off vlad the impaler. Xp

Momma Chryssi would have been pissed.

"But the shifting room is effectively risk free?"

"True, but there are still table corners and things he could stub his hoof-digits on, and one of his sisters might upset him.

I'm surprised the babysitter let it get this far.


Same idea here. Though Anon is acceptable I think?

I like both the RGRE element and the incest element, and I heartily support the continued existence of both. Good writing, friend.

Don't you mean Vlad the Impaler's ego as he stood on Mt. vesuvius?

You've earned your like. I'm looking forward to when things get... heated. :raritywink:

what would happen if Anon compensates by becoming stealthier? Succeding in traveling with the changelings to Canterlot for the invasion...
A few Minutes after the Changelings got tossed out by Pushy Love he emerges from the kitchen and asks if his Mommy wants to eat the celebration dinner he made.
that would be pretty funny xD
the reactions of the mane 6 to him and him defending the Changelings that they have to eat or they will die. :D

OMG, I felt the panic myself.:twilightoops: Truly, that was really scary.

You know, it's actually cute how the give accepts him. It might be because he did grow up as that weird cousin in the family, but still, they don't l didn't just dismiss him. Refreshing! :twilightsmile:

I wonder just who will he screw, though.

I feel like they just took a giant risk, the changelings doing what they almost did, I mean. I can't imagine Chrysalis being very happy hearing what they were about to do to her son. Also, I have to agree with Zontargs, I feel like the babysitter should have been trying to prevent what was about to happen.



I think you're both confusing this Anon with another Anon... :rainbowhuh:

How can that be? They both have the same name.:derpytongue2: xp

No, that's just how good of a changeling he is. He's the same guy the whole time!

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