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Spaghetti and Fillies is a multi-chapter work that began in the RGRE general of /mlp/ and has since begun to be remolded for the fine folks on FimFiction. While the story continues over several 'episodes' where the focus changes slightly and more characters are added, the overarching theme and tone remain the same: a lighthearted story in which a troubled farm-filly emerging into adolescence deals with the problems and societal pressures associated with such a time. In true /mlp/ fashion, many of her triumphs and failures will center around the human character Anonymous, as well as the various other RGRE counterparts for characters present in the show.

Though there isn't and likely never will be any real sexual content in this story, there will be allusions, crass language, and much, much spaghetti spraying - the latter of which only gets worse as the story goes on.

You have been warned.

This story takes place in an AU called RGRE (Reversed Gender Role Equestria). If you're unsure of what that means, there's a group on fimfic that catalogues stories like these that might explain it best. If you're interested in content with a similar setting, consider joining it and looking around.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 59 )

It's finally here! Great adaptation - I found no flaws when re-reading it. Looking forward to the next chapters and also a continuation one day, hint hint

Knees weak
Legs are heavy
There's vomit on their coats already

your legs.Heck, you 

Space after the period.

Interesting. Rare to see an anon fic from the PoV of the CnC.

Man, its great to see more RGRE stuff here. I feel like its a goldmine waiting to be tapped and am also confused why there is so little of it on this site.

I read that and suddenly rushed up to make sure this wasn't anonpencil.

So thanks for that.

Oh come on, I'd be disappointed if we had made it 10 comments without a mom's spaghetti joke. And on such a good story too!

Focus hard while reading and you'll smell spaghetti-os. Seriously, it's fucked. 👌👌👌
Good shit 🅱houls.

Oop. You always think you got'em all...

That is now fixed, and I appreciate the heads up. Thanks for reading!

Yeah no problem, always ready to help.
Here's to hoping for fast updates, eh? :heart:

”… Uhhhh-huh. Welp, you have fun then. I gatta’ head back inside and wrap things up with Applejack,” he says, turning away and juggling the pale in his feelers as he replaces his top-clothes.

I think you might have gotten a little confused. They are pronounced the same, but spelled differently.
Pale - "his pale face lost all color"
Pail - a container or a bucket.

Interesting POV. for a RGRE story. Really interesting if we don't see any of Anon's POV. And just get to see how the ponies try to figure him out.
Please continue.

Yikes, I did that twice as well. Missed it on multiple rereads. Thanks for the heads up.

This was amusing, and I can't wait to see more added here, Heck maybe see other male humans and how they make other mares feel. I look forward to your next update.


I didn't even know you had an account.

Yes, yes... it's close, I can feel it. Much like a boiling pot of soft angel hair that's nearly ready to be strained, the great singularity of carbs spoken about only in myth and hushed tones is undoubtedly near. I can almost taste it now.

Me either, man.

D'oooh, you.

This is good.
I like how it's Applebloom getting rekt every day (so far) rather than Anon. It's a twist

Don't stop, never stop. I need your writing like it's oxygen.

I can feel my own heartbeat and smell the nervousness of my own prepubescent first impressions...

it was hell on earth...

but a normal part of growing up.
I wish for more ^^
Applebloom should get to spend more time with Anon she deserves it for going through this much stress just trying to talk to him...
I hope for an update soon (but take your time quality has its own price ^^)

Ï was just rereading this fine piece of art, when I had to remember another cartoon...
Gravity Falls
especially the interactions between Dipper and his crush Wendy... Little Boy trying to woo the older self-assured girl, that is (due to 3 older brother) acting more like one of the guys...
I love your take on the Reverse Gender Role Equestria I will wait patiently for an update no matter how long I will be waiting...
Your great fan

Yeeaah, a great thing about writing for RGRE is that it naturally works with common themes and tropes in storytelling (or real life occurrences, even) to allow for exploration in a way that's still interesting and fun to read. Getting there is just as easy as looking at things from a different perspective, at which point you have a wealth of characters and threads ready to fall into place already.

Thanks for reading and keeping up man, I appreciate it. Unless I get hit by a buss today I'm going to have more content moved over soon. Before the end of October, specifically. Hope you enjoy.

She asks if the loan is too much, and all you can do is prickle pink and shake your head, hoping she can’t read minds as well as usual.

Maybe Applebloom needs to stop borrowing money? :rainbowderp:

Oh lord the spaghetti is REAL...

I nearly caused myself an injury by laughing so hard when I read this, really looking forward to moar.

You know, if you changed the setting, you could totally publish this. I'm serious. This is damn close to literary quality writing here. A true coming-of-age tale, as it were.

I'm enjoying this story so far. RGRE is already an interesting concept on its own and so far the comedy hits its mark. However, there is one glaring issue: the dialogue. Not to say the conversations aren't doing their part—they're actually interesting and serve the story well—but when it comes to putting a character's accent in a sentence? Like this glaring example:

What she’s doin’ is totally natch’rul

This needs to STOP and soon.

I don't want to decipher the drudgery of AJ's speech for another 11000 words. We already know the accents of the Apple family; there is no need to forcibly shove the fact that they are Southerners down our throats at every opportunity, especially if you're going to invent new words in an attempt to do so.

Yeeaah, I can see how that would be an issue. I did intensify the countrisms for AJ in that scene to further flavor her being smashed, but I may have gone too far. While I'd still probably flavor the Apple family's dialog, (like I would with any character) there are honestly a lot of things I would do differently now considering I wrote this past a year ago.

I decided to be honest with myself at the start and deliver this to FF as closely to how it was originally written as I could. I've cheated in places of course, but for the most part the FF version is the same as the original; free from all my post authorial primping and preening. That isn't to say I don't appreciate the advice though, and I will keep it in mind for the future. If I was an outsider looking in, I'd probably feel exactly the same when reading it.

So far so good. This story is pretty good and i would deffinetly recommend it to those who haven't read it yet...Lookin forward to the next chapter! Keep it up!

Pinkie RGRE'd is weird....

I almost wanted anon to hit on her to see if he could make her squirm.

Oh, this is going to be good, its nice to see AppleBloom as chief gravedigger in this story. This is crazy and burn so hard, but oh is it going to be glorious. I still can't help but wonder, and laugh at, why none of the mares know that human culture is in reverse. So most of the stuff they do he knows they do. Either way can't wait to see the what happens next.

Heeeere we go! Follow me, lads!


So glad you saved this part for the Halloween season, it's just perfect.

This story is just one big pile of angst, awkwardness and miscommunication. I love it.


Also I'm starting to actually root for Applebloom, and then you pull this crap by the end.
DAMMIT I just want her to win at least once. This will backfire so bad.

As Gordon Ramsay would say
"Blood well done you bastard"
This story is pretty dang good.
Well written and Brilliant Plot (sorry for saying plot).


Enjoyable chapter, but I gotta say, I’m pretty confused by what’s happening at the very end, there. Is AB like … keeping her hoof an inch above Anon’s shoulder and for some reason hesitating to set it down on his shoulder or something? If so, why?

Google 'hover handing', it's a known cringey/awkward thing where someone goes to put their hands around someone's shoulders but they're too awkward to touch them.

Anyway great chapter, hopefully not waiting too long on more content. Really enjoying this story!

Oh god no she did the ultimate virgin move, the hover hand:pinkiegasp:.

Comment posted by jackchatre deleted Feb 11th, 2018

’I haven’t ever been touched there before,’ he’d say, ‘not by anypony. B-But… but if it’s you, Applebloom, I guess it’s okay… N-nnn… n-not so fast… Your tuft is so, so… c-can I… can I touch it?’

Oh god, Ohhhhhhh god, horrible flashbacks from my adolescent fantasies :facehoof:

This is pretty great, I know this seems like a one shot but would love for some more. Lots you can do in a setting like this.

Nooo applebloom you were so close to figuring out twilight and pals were just as bad at this as you, then you took it the worst way!

Haha, I am going to imagine that she succeeded.

This story was amazing. A few grammar errors and some unclear/unfinished sentences, but few enough that they were able to stand out. I would like to know if Twilight ever regained her confidence in the end. Hope to see a sequel some day! :pinkiesmile:

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