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Dear Anthony Nones the human,

We at Oddities Anonymous would like to cordially invite you to one of our get togethers this coming Friday, July 23, to sit in on one of our bi-weekly meetings. Oddities Anonymous is an exclusive club Oddities Anonymous is a support group created by and consisting of beings throughout Equestia that have great difficulty blending into pony society simply because of who or what they are. It is designed to bring together and empower those who have felt neglected or estranged by ponies in a friendly, nonjudgmental environment

If you would like to come and join us for some fun! one of our bi-weekly support meetings, please come to 1504 Moonlight Lane at 9 pm on Friday, July 26.

And yes, I am talking about the house that looks like it's about to fall apart that is currently under renovation.

Anyways, that's about it! Hope to see you there!

Love, Fizzle! <3

PS - This weeks password is "Fizzle is delicious!"

Possible Dark Tag

Fizzle is not a dragon jsyn

Trigger warnings: bad ocs, bad puns, bad writing, trigger warnings

Cover Art by xXSonyTheCatXx on Deviantart

Inspiration for this a to me few days after reading The Curse so you could probably take a wild guess as to who Fizzle is.

Side note. This is going to be a weird fic, and right now don't entirely know what direction I'll be taking it. And since I a good writer am not, if anyone who's actually a good writer wants to take this idea and use it for them self they are perfectly welcome to.

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You've peeked my interest :eeyup:


Interesting. I look forward to where this goes.

If I guess who Dizzy is do I get a prize?

7248583 If you do you get a celery stick, WITH peanut butter on it. Guess who the two blue eyed guys are then you're a mind reader

Will you be making a new chapter soon?

7511851 Just for u bb. (I've actually just had this chapter sitting here for a long time unpublished, woops)

Can't wait to see how the game goes.:pinkiecrazy:

dies chaiptar wus wounderfol

I like this story so far, keep up the good work.

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

Cool to see your still working on this

Little error: "You’re wife"

I may sound like a grammar nazi, but it is "you're", as in "you are."

I would like to see stone again. Maybe as his friend or something. Also, love the story so far :-)

“No seriously, I’m that tired. I’m going home”
Lol I can't wait for the next chapter! I really enjoy your writing, keep up the good work!

7979906 Glad you like it so far! And don't worry I have plans... big plans *evil laughter*. Anyways next chapter is goint to be big one, so it's taking a bit longer to produce, but I hope you'll stick around for it! Thanks for the support!

Great chapter, as always. But when I saw the name ”Fizzle” I thought it was referring to the Gay pink dragon Fizzle on Tumblr...

Anyway, Can't wait for the next chapter! :yay:

Yeah... I didn't realize that relation until I was a few chapters in writing wise. Then I thought "aw fuck his is gunna sound even wierder than it already is!" But, eh, I couldn't think of a more appropriate name and the first three or four chapters were already published so I kept it.

Also glad your liking and keeping up with it! Even with my huge delays between chapters...

Well I say keep it up. The story isn't bad and the characters are pretty interesting.

“Daddy issues and systemic racism.” Anthony answered in all seriousness. Luna stared at him, frustrated and bewildered.

Well, where he's right... :rainbowlaugh:

You know, with this kind of shit going on in the background, I'm really wondering why this is tagged Comedy instead of Dark. It sure isn't terribly funny so far.

Really? I find some of the interactions to be rather humorous. Even the explanatin to Anthony's past had me smiling. Probably the book to Twi's skull.

Me encantó la historia es muy divertida:rainbowlaugh:, quiero saber mucho más de todos los personajes, espero que tengas inspiración de sobra porque espero mucho más de este cuento:twilightsheepish: este fic está lleno de un asombroso potencial :raritystarry:

Well, there are some funny bits, but considering the pretty heavy themes, it really comes together more in a black humor kind of sense to me.

I get the sense of where you're coming from and I get how you could see it that way. But what I'm trying to create is this sense of bringing light to dark situations. Anthony tells the group about getting rocks thrown at him and jokes about throwing them back harder. Comedy is his coping mechanism, but the other oddities have already gotten past their hardships and are living relatively normal lives. The oddities are a support group, so maybe them helping him will change his coping mechanism to an asset of his personality. Things may seem dark, especially in this chapter, but this is probably as low as it gets. Probably... I just feel like a dark tag would conflict with the overall message of the story, as well as where it's going. And I don't feel that if falls in line with other dark tagged stories I've read before.

I suppose I get where you're coming from there. I generally think it's better for a story's tags to be descriptive than based on the intended message, but I can see why you wouldn't really think that it's given enough weight and screen-time for that. Based on how I felt about it and how it colored the tone of the story to me, I think it would be justified to put an extra Dark tag in there, but if you don't think it's present enough for that, then I'm not going to push you on it.

I'll put "possible dark tag" in the description. 👌

recognise the type being he spotted there

type of being

When Sombra rose the noble families were the first to fall.

Could use a comma between ‘‘rose’’ and ‘‘the’’.

that I was not the only eunique being throughout the land


Every single thing that this creature did sent Anthony’s thought’s further


catching the Draconequus’s attention.

Remove the S behind the apostrophe.

Well it’s quite simple thank you for asking

Place a comma between ‘‘simple’’ and ‘‘thank’’.

And before you ask, not even I cannot help you.

Double negative.

So yeah, I’ma human

A space missing there.

Uhm... *grabs Google Translate*
‘‘Yo no hablo español.’’

They threw them at me harder. But I threw then back as hard as I am hungry....


AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEIIII (HOLY SHIT!) WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER IIIT (I cannot believe you do this to me, Arceus-damnit! How could you do this to me?!)

Amusing little factoid: the "bathtub model" of the universe is surprisingly close to how it really works. These days, it is believed that the universe (on the whole) basically resembles a big batch of foam. Galaxies, entire strings of them, are the thin layer of soap that makes up the actual foam. The voids? Those are the air in the bubbles.

Yes, the universe we know is literally an infinitesimally thin layer of nearly nothing in between holes of sheer emptiness so big, a million generations of people could not cross them even travelling at the speed of light. The tens of millions of galaxies that we can see are nothing but a tiny shred of a tiny bit of foam sandwiched between voids to titanic they dwarf comprehension.

Makes you feel small, don't it?

At first I was slightly sympathetic to Celestia when the story began, but that's dead to me now. Pretty fucking dark, wasn't expecting that much. Celestia doesn't at all care about his wellbeing or about friendship, she just wants to cover up the scandal of her precious student commiting horrifyingly unethical and illigal things. Plus she's too afraid of blood to actually have him killed and made to dissapear, so she consigns him to spend the rest of his life slowly wasting away in a gilded cage. Seriously, how do we know Twilight doesn't have MORE people locked in her basement being cut up for "science"?

To be honest this also brings down my opinion of Luna quite a bit, because despite being his "friend" she has done near fuck-all for him. It also gives Discord one hell of a lot of ammunition against the Mane 6 and Celestia.

Also, shouldn't something like this generally give a big RED ALERT on the map table? Because this seems like one fucking huge friendship problem.

I all seriousness though, most were basically things along the lines of concentration spells and ones that could help somepony’s dyslexia or coordination. What Anthony didn’t expect was to flip the page and find a plethora of subjugation spells, memory erasing and rewriting spells, and some even more intimate ones… Ones that “tickle the brain” if you get my meaning…

"I" should be "In".

Something’s up… He thought studying her features as she regained her composure. She acted like she’d heard me singing before, . But that’s impossible, I don’t sing, not seriously anyways, well, accept in the shower.

"accept" should be "except".

What sort of misguided child wrote this!? Wait, maybe this is like a cereal killer’s letter. Well, those are usually with cut out magazine letters aren’t they. Though I do suppose that using crayon would sufficiently hide your handwriting, or hoofwriting in this case. I wonder if Celestia would freak out if I sent her something written like this. Anthony shook his head, it was no time to get distracted with another Celestia pranking brainstorm, he needed to focus.

"cereal" should be "serial".



Also, shouldn't something like this generally give a big RED ALERT on the map table? Because this seems like one fucking huge friendship problem.

The magical map table, react to a magicless human!, and doesn't it only send them to Pony problems only. (directly and indirectly)

What sort of misguided child wrote this!? Wait, maybe this is like a cereal killer’s letter.

I know that this is a typo, but it's better this way:rainbowlaugh:

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