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We're all weird in our own weird little ways. I took interest in Ponies because Humans are stupid.

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Hiya! Thanks for the follow!


Heh:twilightsheepish: Yeah, I never really thought about starting from the pilot. I just watch the MLP episodes and think to myself, "I can put the rednecks in this one." It's easier to do that on some episodes compared to others.

2392487 I really enjoyed them! :twilightsmile:

Have you ever thought about starting from the pilot? I could help come up with a silly origin story (i.e. How they ended up in Equestria)

Seeing how they mentioned Bill Engvall's pickup truck, I would assume they were on a road trip. I'm gonna stop myself right here, and PM you some silly thoughts if you don't mind. I don't want to give out potential spoilers :twilightblush:

Howdy Deserttortise we meet again, thanks for the faves on the various redneck stories.:raritystarry:

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