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Tartarus is not a fun place to be, and she would know, she's the one who was wrongly sentenced here along with hundreds of other creatures. Celestia could say whatever she wanted, but they knew Celestia was in the wrong, they had done nothing but follow their instincts. Could you really blame a creature for doing that?

Humanized Eris X Discord.

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Here you go : http://maniacpaint.deviantart.com/art/MLP-GS-Eris-Discord-330760239

Both are great in my opinion, and they're two of the few i know of for humanized Eris pictures. Definitely hope to see more of this, as I find this start simple yet intriguing.

This is pretty good, MOAR!

Ok I'll admit I'm intrigued... I'm curious as to where and or whom Eris came from in the fandom but I'm not overly concerned with it. Overall I get the sense that history was written by the victor to shine a preferential light on them, if we use canon as a base history. Also, I hope you delve deeper into what went down pre-tartarus "vacation," but again I'm not overly concerned at this point. You have earned a thumbs up and a follow, please keep up the good work.

3322206 Eris is technically a rule 63 Discord, but I threw that part out the window for this fic. I myself hate writing flashbacks so I probably won't go into to much detail about what happened pre-Tartarus, but you might see a hint or two every now and then. Pretty much, history is written by those who are left to write it.:twilightsmile:

3322153 I'm on it. :raritywink:

3341274 I usually update once a week. The 2nd chapter is about 30% done, to busy playing X and Y to write for very long. I write the most on my way home from school so expect an update on Tuesday or Wednesday. :raritywink:

3341886 ...I'm in Australia, so would that be my Tuesday or Wednesday or yours?

3343337 Umm... I don't know? :twilightsheepish:

3344031 ...Okay, simplified. If you're in America, It'll be my Wednesday or Thursday.

3344151 Probably your Wednesday since I'll most likely update on Tuesday.

3397409 Indeed...

3397533 That doesn't tell me anything...

Huh? Bu....what the hell just happened. You can't just walk out of a moving car, and that cliffhanger qualifies as jumping out of a car while it's in free fall.

Ok maybe I over exaggerated a bit. But the chapter was just getting its feet under it and suddenly the ground disappeared. Great chapter btw please don't keep us waiting too long.

3398850 It's not meant to. It was merely an indicator of how I'm in the process of thinking of something random or witty.

3401547 That makes sense.

3399256 Yeah, While I'd love to post 3000 word or more chapters, I just don't have that kind of attention span, if I had kept writing I never would have posted the first chapter until like a month from now... :twilightsmile: I've written almost a third of the next chapter.

3505075 Gross awesomeness? Never heard that one before. I'm glad you liked it! :D

3505088 bat wing=awesome

The way she got it= gross

3505130 The bat wing isn't the only thing she's going to get, and I'm going to make her suffer through it all... :D

Why is this chapter so short!?:flutterrage:

3505431 I couldn't think of anything else to add to make it longer... ::twilightsheepish:

3506213 I'm positive you could've gotten at LEAST another hundred words if you'd had Celestia ask "Is there a reason you're being so stubborn?" after Eris started talking.

3506270 Yeah probably, but thats the part I wrote two Weeks ago and I didn't want to mess around with it.

[youtube=http://youtu.be/plhKkSfKP2k?t=49s] i imagined this when the wing appeared...

3508950 You sir, are awesome. That's kind of how I envisioned it, except the skin on the shoulder blade wouldn't just be moving in a single lump like in that clip, but more like bubbles, hence the use of the word 'bubbling'.


3509267 it was still probably the most gruesome part of the anime.

3509271 What anime is it? it looks interesting, I might check it out later. :D

3509278 Haibane Renmei it is a very well written story.

3509290 It certainly looks like it. :twilightsmile:
EDIT: I thought you were talking about the anime, I'm not some vain *insert random offensive word here*.

3509290 Oh wait, you were talking about my story weren't you? Damn, I thought you were talking about the anime you had just told me the name of... God I'm so stupid sometimes...

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

3509440... actually it was a little bit of both your story is fairly well thought out i just need some more chapters. But the anime is also a good story that keeps you guessing throughout, with deep character development and a great story.

3509466 Well I'm 20% into the next chapter, so we should see an update within the next day or so depending on how much I write. :raritywink:

Do they have full episodes of the anime on YouTube or will I have to go watch it on some anime site?

3509514 try here or check youtube if you want here

so it begins.... *cue maniacal laughter and evil piano* oh a storm be brewing!

Why WOULD Discord change his most loyal servant into his own species?
Unless it was for...No no no. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts, bad thoughts.
Okay, back to my usual brand of twisted logic...He was pissed off at her for getting captured for simple recklessness?

3614862 No, he's not pissed at her, he's having too much fun using her to get back at Celestia. There is a reason that the romance tag is there...

3615571 She might, she might not. I'm still deciding which path I want her to take.

Are humans Discord' s creatures in this?

3619903 Eris is the only human in existence, and yes she was created by Discord. :twilightsmile:

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