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What happens when a Survivor of Rapture escapes the city due to a experimental teleport plasmid with most of his insanity intact, Boris does not know, but what he does know is that he is going to open his B&B just like his grandmother said he should and by god he is not going to let any of this new world bull stop him.

Now if only those pony nobility would stop harassing his customers, as long as they're paying he will defend them, he doesn't care if it's runaway princesses, or fugitives of the state, ore even insane chaos sprits, their paying customers, so anyone else can f***off. And no, just because some are staying for free does not mean he finds any of them adorable or is a sucker for sob stories, so just SHUT UP.

(Syndrose gave me some inspiration for the main character)

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7867127 never played bio shack but I do like beds and breakfast

I got the idea from a great B&B, and I thought, this is a great way to have a main character meet people.

I clap for you, this is Really good. well i seem to have a problem with my words on how to say how amused i am to this, so i will leave a song in hope that you will understand the feeling i have of the amused i do have.

Hmm, not bad, I like Bioshock and Boris seems like a fun guy.

Could indeed use some proofreading, but I've seen much worse, even in seemingly proofread stories.

I like it, could use some proofreading, but it's still amusing.

... Seriously, how do Equestrians name their kids? Woe to the kid named Luckless Buttmonkey.

*sobbing uncontrollably* that was so beautiful *blow nose*

I know it needs some proofreading due to having none, I plan to at one point.

Well, his place is still standing and that's a major success when dealing with the Crusaders.

Home Brew got it baaaad.

trust me I plan on expanding with the Crusaders and Home Brew's crush in the future.

By the way, about proofreading, I am going to go through ALL chapters for proofreading every 4 chapters.

by the way, fun fact, this chapter was completely written going to and back from a ski hill, in a car

Someone who originally gave me the idea and inspiration to write the story, we were originally supposed to work together but he never really followed through on his end of the deal.

Really enjoying this story so far, can't wait to see where it goes from here. The main character is interesting and I must agree that arachnids are not insects so this is a puzzling development, keep up the good work!

You know at one point I was seriously considering just switching all his insects to termites and locusts with th whole point being to allow him to start with a small "swarm" but then the more they ate the bigger and harder to control the "swarm became"

7867702 ender my partner nice work on these chapters.

Hope you guys like this chapter.
Next chapter is about brews past, hopefully the fight scene (if it can be called that) goes well.

Just found this today and I have to say it's a interesting take on a crossover between My Little Pony and Bioshock. Instead of a main character or displaced we get a man that despite all the powers in Rapture just wanted to run a simple B&B. Then Rapture goes to hell and he agrees to a chance of either getting out or dying(which would technically be a way out) and winds up in Equestria and still just wants to run a B&B. Personally I like how your adjusting the plasmids to a magic filled environment either making them stronger or more diverse. Boris is a good character since despite the game world you brought him from he is still sane(unlike nearly all residents of Rapture during both the first and second games) and is a reasonable person(see previous note in parentheses) that actually helps people out. I also noticed the moment where Twilight said she would be sent to Ponyville in a month. Given the event is a yearly thing it does make it a bit hard to tell if you have this set before or after the start of the show especially since you have the Crusaders together already. But I guess we'll find out in a few chapters.

Another great chapter, I'm really enjoying this story so far! This story also made me finally get around to playing Bioshock, though your story was still understandable and enjoyable to read even with me only knowing the basics of the games premise and lore.

You should it's a great game, I actually just got around finsidhign game one again and it inspired me.

And you my friend are amazing, that comment legitimately made me feel great about myself. You were also the first to pick up on the idea that it was supposed to be set before the start of the series, but you did point out one thing that I probably should have down more research o. I just really wanted to incorporate the crusaders, yeah it's a bit timeline messy but for clarification it's before.

Well I'm glad that made you happy and even if it does mess up the timeline the three really should have noticed they all lack a cutie mark sooner than they did in the series so you can always just claim they became friends sooner. Which would actually give a bond between at least 3 of the Mane 6(Pinkie doesn't count seeing as she makes it her mission to be friends with everypony in ponyville so she already is a link between the other 4 until Twilight shows up.) Also I like how you made Trixie and Twilight meet up earlier since you pointed it out that this is pre-canon and now have a friendly rivalry which will hopefully stop the BS that occurs if Trixie does her performance like she did in canon. Also I read a lot so I notice details. It's how I noticed the hints you left even if there was the confusion of the Cutiemark Crusaders already being together yet the Summer Sun Celebration was a month off when Twilight showed up.

I don't know if you read the author note but I'll tell you this, next chapter Boris is actually gonna do a bit of fight and were gonna learn why Home Brew ran away

No I read the author's note so I know we're going to get a action chapter/backstory chapter next for your OCs. I read the author's notes of every fan-fic I read.

what is up with these find your true love ads? do they really think that most of us are that lonely that we read these fan fics?

which are great by the way...

Lol those ads are all I get as well, thanks by the way if that comment was intended for me.

im going to follow you, this is awesome! :yay:

and good luck with those ads!

Heh, pinball wizards.

Poor Boris, now he'll never beat the scores.

Aaaah, so it's even before NMM.

Finally someone commenting on the pinball, since you noticed I'm gonna tell you this, the scores gonna be beaten in the memeist way possible.

To state this given the scores I can say only two characters from MLP that can beat the score. Pinkie Pie(It's Pinkie do I really need to say more?) and Discord(though the latter might cheat and use chaos magic.). Apart from them I can't think of anyone else unless you have Celestia be a pro-pinball player due to her long life and possible boredom(Freakishly long life-spans tend to lead to boredom eventually.)

it's gonna be a meme that hopefully everyone recognizes, although pinkie pie is and idea.

7885488 I don't know many memes so I doubt I'll know it. It's why I guessed Pinkie Pie and Discord.

Now if only those pony nobility would stop harassing his customers, as long as their paying he will defend them, he doesn't care if it's runaway princesses,


Thanks I always have a problem with the there their they're stuff.

Though it might be because I do little to no proofreading.

Were the wasp the size of Kiwis (bird) or Kiwis (fruit)? Please elaborate.

It was originally ? But kiwi (bird) sounds more intimidating

Of course it's like which is more intimidating a spider the size of your hand or one the size of an unhusked coconut.

Okay but seriously, do you think I did good with the fight scene

Yes you did an amazing job with the scene since it was easy to follow and understand what was happening while not complicating the moves.

While there is a lot of room for improvment I can see this being a very good story. I will continue to read to see where this goes.

This is on of the types of comments I like not just saying oh it could be better but saying that and pointing out a good point. It makes me feel like I did something good while making me determined to improve.

The fight was a good first attempt at one and you will only get better with practice as with all things. Now I can't really say how you can improve on the next time cause while I am a bookworm(it may originally been used as a insult or social label but I wear that one with pride given the sheer amount of books/fanfics I've read.) I'm not that good at actually writing a story. Hell for the most part I don't really even read anymore. 18 years of reading books(I truly started being a bookworm at 6.) especially fiction novels tends to develop the imagination and I now basically watch a movie in my head when I'm reading.

Pretty much the same with me to but eventually someone gave me the inspiration to write.

7886912 With me it's not a lack of inspiration just a lack of ability.I can't stay focused on a idea long enough to even start a page. Course I did try once but my beta-reader/editor did a piss-poor job and straight up vanished instead of helping.

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