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Harbinger Of Mist

I am the Harbinger of Mist. Lower life forms asphyxiate in my wake. I specialize in comedy.


I dropped a gallon of LSD straight out a milk carton, logged on, typed this all in a single session, and passed out.
Hopefully the goats in my attic are gone.
This was inspired by one youtube video alone. But that didn't stop me from ripping off of other sources as well. Seriously, try to find something in here that isn't at least similar to something else you're aware of. This was written hilariously bad on purpose for the sake of satire.
The OC tag is going to be used rather loosely...

"What I'm doing is wrong. I know it's wrong. But I'm gonna do it anyway" - TheMysteriousMrEnter

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I, I have nothing to say about this...

This is really great, however...

inb4 Stephen Magnet/Mayor Mare fics.

I... I have no words...

Da fuck did i just read?

OMG this is terrible! Stephen Magnet is gay! How dare you make a gay character straight, evil clopfic writers! WHY????

There needs to be more John de Lancie in this fic.

(xbox controller cutie mark... oh I saw what you did there...)

This is funny. Keep up the good work.


My god! You're more insane than me!!! :pinkiegasp:

4648232 be sure to check out the video i have linked. it kick-started this whole thing. the ideas are mine, but the concept is not.


4649533 Indeed I shall.

Best story 2014

4455055 wow. After so long, i finally check back on this fic. and what should i find but you? :pinkiegasp:

:facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :trollestia:


6002984 :twilightoops:... D-... did you like it?


Oh my goodness, man you had me falling out of my seat. I've always wanted to do love like not another teen movie kind of fic, but you beat me too it. Man this read was hilarious

6493134 i don't know what that is. i just ponified something that had no business being such. this was the first of three times i did so.

but still. thanks. i'm glad you enjoyed

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