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Princess Luna and Celestia both, years ago, trapped a small cat like creature in a prison with magical enchantments to preventing it from using its magic to cause panic among their subjects. Now the two monarchs are going to have a little chat with this small creature.

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I got to now are you working on a second part to this story or is there one up already because I really want to know what happened


Other than the grammar mistakes, this is interesting.

I’m kinda confused.

I have so many questions wrapped in deeper questions, fried in questions and eaten by questions, then expelled into my brain. What the hay is going on here? I get a vague sense of a larger saga surrounding this "King of Shadows", but I think it might be a father to Sombra or something, as he is the King of Shadows.


“What about her, your so called sister that had killed and slaughtered ponies for the longest time. Where is her execution date coming? Tell me the “fairness” in that.” King said as he huffed and turned back around sitting on his back legs crossing his fore paws across his chest; his back against the bars of his prison. This comment made Puna finally snap and slam her hoof in the ground making the crack even more which is where he wanted it. So he finally had enough.


“Να περιέχει ένα τέρας όχι αυτού του κόσμου?” Luna read out loud directing it to her sister as a question, asking what it said.

Why is the story tagged human and why is the prison text in Cyrillic? Is he a Russian trapped in a fursuit?

Given hiw these stories tend to go, I highly doubt King is actually guilty of anything other than trying to get home or defend himself from ponies who consider him a monster because he isn't a pony.

Just dropping it all like that feels supremely unsatisfying.

I don't know what this is ... but I like it. :yay:

This plot seems uninspired

It is an 'ok' start. Looking forward to the next part!

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