• Published 1st Dec 2020
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Only The Beginning - ShadowRazer2121

A creature imprisoned under Canterlot Castle has a little chat with the two princesses.

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Only The Beginning: Part 1

Canterlot Castle: Throne Room
2 Months before Changeling Invasion

"Sister you know we can't trust him. That monster has done terrible things that just can't simply be put into words." A midnight blue alicorn said as she tried to hold her voice as to not start a shouting contest with her elder sister.

"Sister, I promise you I don't trust a word that comes out of that felines mouth," a white and rainbow maned alicorn said as she lowered her head and let out a sigh. "but we have to consider that he.....has yet to be wrong." Celestia said.

"Except for that one time that he tricked us into thinking he escaped, but he had only gotten past the first two enchantments of his well deserved prison." The dark alicorn said.

"Luna you must not let what he did to you affect your judgment. He humiliated me in front of our subjects." Luna said as she was getting extremely frustrated at her sister for even considering that excuse for a feline's words.

"Then to ease your concerns shall we go have a chat with him? will that ease your nerves sister?" the white alicorn said as she got up and proceeded to exit the throne room.

The two sisters had been walking for quite some time through the endless and seemingly maze of a castle that they had lived in. Even for as long as she had been in the castle she still got lost at times. It was different from their old one which kind of made her feel home sick. The white alicorn noticed her sisters mood change and addressed the issue.

"Luna you miss home too?" The white alicorn asked as she stopped and looked at her sister.

"Celestia this castle doesn't feel like home, at least not yet." Luna said

"Luna You know I think I had it harder than you and all of our ponies combined could not understand the amount of pain i went through." Celestia said as she brought a hoof to Luna's chin and brought her eyes to hers. "I had lost my sister and my home, but no matter how hard I tried to make this place home it was missing one thing. and that one thing was you." Celestia said bringing her in for a hug in which Luna returned it.

"Celestia, this will ease my mind, in what way I do not know, all I know is that it will work." Luna said as Celestia put her hoof on the door in which the elements are kept. The door opened to reveal an empty room until Celestia walked in and gestured her sister to follow. Luna stepped in next to her sister and the door closed behind them. and the wall across from them opened into a stair case that lead down under the castle. Celestia and Luna both ignited their horns to enable sight for both of them. As they walked down they would hear drops of water falling into puddles trying to cure the plague that was the silence that had surrounded them.

"Has he changed at all?" Luna spoke up.

"No. No he has not. Still the childish feline you remember him to be." Celestia said as she readied herself as two guards stepped from the darkness and made purple orbs appear as they floated to the two it exploded into smaller orbs as they went to their horns and glowed their signature colors. nothing happened for a couple of seconds until both of the guards back away opening the door for the monarchs and allowing access for them. The room was massive easily bigger than the throne room. there were pillars with various writings on depicting a time before pony society in which conflicts were fought over and over again. Another reason was the very occupant in the middle of the room. It was a feline that had all black fur with what looked like a black out line around him. The scary part was the amount of magic that radiated off of it. They noticed its eyes were closed which meant it was asleep as they noticed it was curled up into a ball with its tail covering most of his face. Luna took the time to notice the runes that were inscribed into ground around the cage that kept the cat contained.

The outer circle had a symbol that looked ancient and in a language that only she knew Celestia knew, but she still retained some of the ancient writing. As she attempted to read the inscription:

“Να περιέχει ένα τέρας όχι αυτού του κόσμου?” Luna read out loud directing it to her sister as a question, asking what it said.

“It says ‘To contain a monster not of this world’.” She finished as she gestured to the next circle which was a dark green unlike the first one was dark blue. As Celestia read the inscription out loud again.

“A beast not to be set free” She continued to the final circle. “To never be loved for even: thee is evil.” Celestia finished reading the inscription unaware that the occupant was wide awake and was not happy.

“At least the enchantments agree with our judgement of this creature.” Luna said with a smugness that nearly made the prisoner lash out at them.

They were both about 15 feet away from his prison. He was on the verge of one of his break downs, but he had trained himself to hold it in when they were around. He let out a yawn which made a group of six guards surrounding the room, wearing pitch black armor that covered their face. As Luna addressed the guards.

“Guards leave us we wish to speak to this creature...Alone.” But the guards did not move. Which made Luna become more frustrated. “You dare disobey your Princess of the night?” Luna nearly shouted slamming her hoof on the stone cracking it

“No it’s not that, it’s because of an oath they swore to which had an enchantment on it so that they will only leave when I am asleep: or you both leave.” A male childish voice echoed throughout the chamber.

“So your finally awake?”

“And your still never gonna accept that I might be of use to you.” The cat said as he looked the two monarchs in the eyes as they towered over him.

“You mind giving us a name to which to call you by beast. Or is beast your actual name?” Luna said as a smug smile appeared on her face.

“You know after this prediction we will reveal you to all of our subjects and then we will kill you. You know that right? So why not give us a name?” Luna finished.

“My name is of no concern to you, but feel free to call me The King of Shadows; oh wait you will still call me beast monster.” King shout while letting out a voice crack.

“If would tell us more we might be able to give you a fair trial.” Celestia said which made King snap his head towards her.

“FAIR!? WAS IT FAIR WHEN YOU FUCKING PUT ME IN THIS GOD DAMN FUCKING PRISON THAT I SPEND EVERY WAKING MINUTE IN? Is that fair?” King got done shouting as he let out a cough as he soon fell into one; it would soon end.

“Your fairness means nothing to me. You mean nothing to me. Just like your nothing. You will never be. Especially, Nightmare Moon over there. She will never be accepted.” King said as he continued to not face them. He had a plan. Just needed one more punch.

Letting out a sigh he looked up and saw the great painting he had drawn so long ago. To remember the days of when his life was simpler. Before he was betrayed by the ones claim that they will be fair to him.

“Why are you down here?” he said finally turning around so that he could properly look them in the eyes. “You never come to a prisoner and start saying how you can get a fair trial so what is it.”

Celestia spoke up and addressed his question. “We weren’t lying. We are going to execute you in the coming months for your crimes against Equestria.” Celestia finished which made King’s mood falter, but he quickly decomposed himself.

“What about her, your so called sister that had killed and slaughtered ponies for the longest time. Where is her execution date coming? Tell me the “fairness” in that.” King said as he huffed and turned back around sitting on his back legs crossing his fore paws across his chest; his back against the bars of his prison. This comment made Puna finally snap and slam her hoof in the ground making the crack even more which is where he wanted it. So he finally had enough.

“I hope you burn in Tartarus.” King spat as Luna was ready to charge him, but was stopped by Celestia.

“You will be moved to a dungeon cell with double the enchantments in which only we can unlock or remove. Not even discord could remove them. This spell was created for a monster, such as yourself, from escaping from their well deserved prison.” Luna said with a smile.

King only turned away and payed down and was ready to go to sleep again. In which the guards finally left to went back to their temporary slumber until someone else entered. That’s when it entered his head.

“They still don’t care. Do they?” He said as he finally broke down into tears. He was alone for so long he just wanted out of this prison. He was so young when it all happened. He never knew the world before, and it seems he will never get to know the world after. Until an idea popped into his head.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed this little thing I am going to create.

I am having some writer’s block with my other stories so I thought making this will help get ideas out of my head to make room for those stories.