• Published 1st Dec 2020
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Only The Beginning - ShadowRazer2121

A creature imprisoned under Canterlot Castle has a little chat with the two princesses.

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Only The Beginning: Part 2

Present Day

He watched the crack in the stone as he noticed the runes began to flicker as he focused his magic on the crack or what little he could bleed through.

He knew they were lying about his execution, because it was outlawed years ago. Also the fact that Celestia had pulled that stunt before. He hit himself for being so foolish. The first enchantment had broke. He just needed to get past the other two. The strain was hard and difficult to uphold, but he pushed himself to his limits. In his mind he pictured seeing people again, his home, and most importantly who won the war. He put the war in the back of his mind and wished it never came back.

He was so close to the second ring he just needed to hit the key word. As it got closer and closer he felt the chamber started to shake violently which meant the changelings were attacking. the chamber violently shook again as the crack expanded straight through the second ring and into the third which meant he could break out. He channeled a magic into his paws and a black orb formed before he slammed it into his prison making pieces go every where and yet the guards stood stoic not moving. King's red eyes beginning to glow brightly as he made a dark maroon orb appear and threw it up as it exploded into a mist that went to the guards as the lining in their armor turned red and began to glow as the eight guards lined up in front of him as he jumped on one of the Pegasus guard's back as they walked out the front door.

"Wait, there is something I must do." King said as he jumped off and proceeded to walk down the hallway as two guards flanked him as he addressed the rest. "The rest of you meet me in the Everfree forest at the ruins." He said as King and his two guards followed him.

As he walked to a room that was sealed form the outside which he had easily destroyed with his magic. The door opened to reveal an armor set. He grabbed it and put it on. as he finished with the armor he hopped on one of the guard's back and the flew off to the forest where everything would start. For this, was Only the beginning.

Author's Note:

This is Only The Beginning

Comments ( 10 )

I got to now are you working on a second part to this story or is there one up already because I really want to know what happened


I’m kinda confused.

I have so many questions wrapped in deeper questions, fried in questions and eaten by questions, then expelled into my brain. What the hay is going on here? I get a vague sense of a larger saga surrounding this "King of Shadows", but I think it might be a father to Sombra or something, as he is the King of Shadows.


Just dropping it all like that feels supremely unsatisfying.

I don't know what this is ... but I like it. :yay:

This plot seems uninspired

It is an 'ok' start. Looking forward to the next part!

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