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An idiot who thinks the world is flat. Who could get any dumber than me?


So yeah again you know the drill get transported to Equestria and then you make friends with the ponies, Right? Oh no no no no no ha not me. So how about we cause a little chaos and mayhem. Did I mention this story is about me?

Don’t ask why I Made this.
I was board out of ideas and overall kinda BS with Coke orange vanilla.

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Chaos and mayhem but not kill anyone, right?

There's a Pokémon tag on this site.

My name suggest how much I put into this little stupid thingy I call I story.

And that’s how Tom fuckery entered my life

Heheheheheheh, as one character from Borderlands 2 would say, ANARCHY!!!!!!!! (Another word for chaos)

overall kinda BS with Coke orange vanilla.

But, isn't that a non-alcoholic beverage?

Hey anything can be alcoholic if you just.........BELIEVE
*throws confetti*

Also I have an addiction to that drink

Try as chapter name ‘the plan’.

continue com essa historia por favor ta muito legal mesmo eu amei essa historia por favor

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