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An idiot who thinks the world is flat. Who could get any dumber than me?


Time has taken it’s toll on me, and yet I am still here. Stuck in a world where I am not welcome, where I am feared, and unknowingly the place I protect. Some of us aren’t just welcome here some of us, are just, Outcasts.

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I see the lava in the molten rock and I look to my left seeing the obsidian gear I had made. Turned out with my arrival came knowledge that I had no clue I had, but that is a story for a different time.

I hope so.

I charged in with the flap of my wings as I jumped in the air letting out a war cry but part of it was muffled due to my helmet. I landed on one Timberwolf stabbing my sword directly into its neck horizontally pulling up splitting the Timberwolves head in half.

Wouldn’t the sword be vertical, then?

Another one tried to jump me but I swiftly dodged it and plunged my sword upwards not even looking at the one behind me as I Swarts implanted itself directly into his mouth impaling it coming out the back of the throat.

I think this needs some editing.

I felt my blood start to boil and in a sense I guess you could say literally I felt the blood in the warm glow that came off of it as my freehand starting to get warm so I made a ball of fire appear in it. I quickly grabbed the blade I had and smothered the flames into the blade making it catch fire.

He can do that?

“What were you doing in this forest? Do you not know the dangers this place poses? If you came here you must really wanna death but I’m not gonna be the one to gift it to you.” I said as I looked all of them down. As soon heard shout as soon brought my wings back in and she threw my sword not wanting to appear as a threat as for I knew who was shouting.

I think this may need to be edited.

this needs massive editing without a dout, but editing aside i enjoyed this. best regards, darkbroney666

That chapter says “Part 1” but the story has the “complete” status. So should I expect any new chapters for this story or not?

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