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An idiot who thinks the world is flat. Who could get any dumber than me?


Shadow Stalker has been a demon for as long as the Devil has existed and has wondered about his creation as the first demon to exist when he had lost his memory from an accident and had to find out he was a demon again that did not go so well. He left hell to start a new life living in the shadows away from everything and found the Everfree and has lived there ever since. He decided to Chase a white bunny and got a big suprise instead.

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Comment posted by Charlyne23 deleted Jun 11th, 2020

Not sure i even understand your question

Hmmm, this is interesting... Might as well give it a track, got nothing else to read anyways. It's annoying how most of the stories I find that sound interesting are outdated by 5+ years... btw, discord link broke

I am not giving up on this story and I am working on multible ways to start the next chapter but in the mean time I am almost finish with my other project.

Your Teacher, Princess Celestia/i]

You forgot a [ to close off the italics.

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