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Jack came to Equestria.

Unfortunately for Jack he came to Equestria tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

Jack very promptly died in Equestria.

This is how falling works.

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Maybe the ponies could try catch the next one falling?

This was certainly an interesting start :twilightoops:
Proceed :pinkiehappy:

So this a ghost story right?

So a trans-dimensional teleporter had incorrect source and destination locations?

Well, that was quite the... entrance.

I'm confused did jack survive or not

This will be entertaining, keep it up!

So, upon hearing his name, none of the ponies thought of AppleJACK? Like, not even a passing mention... ? Huh.
Also, if Jack has any ability to influence the physical world, it would not at all be difficult to get in contact with a pony of the non-dying variety. Start with basic haunting stuff to get ponies aware of something supernatural, then they set up a séance for him to communicate through. If he's really lucky, they'll bring in a ouichi board so he can just spell out what he want to say. If not, he can still work with answering stuff like, "Is their a presence in this room? *Knock* *Scared horse noises* "Do you mean us harm? Knock twice for no." *Knock, Knock*
Badda bing badda boom, Jack's on his way to having a meaningful conversation with the Princesses.


Hopefully this will be a human-ghost-in-Equestria story that actually gets completed.

I am really enjoying this so far. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


Really interesting second chapter

Jack, you can communicate via stethoscope, it is sensitive enough to weak vibrations that speaking into the receiving end with a ghostly voice vibration energy should be audible.

This reminds me of A Ghost Story. Hopefully it doesn’t end up the same way. Great moves, keep it up.
(Also, what is it with HiE protagonists and having my name?)

Promising. Hopefully this doesn’t die. ba dum tss

Huh. With a description like that I'd have expected this story to be a comedy.

The author's list of published stories doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Yes, it’s been more of a comedy so far, and I expect the matching tags.


I mean it's been sorta grimdark humor I suppose, I might add the tag for it.

I do plan on including all things tagged and since they could potentially ruin the story for someone not expecting them I wanted to get a warning up before they become a major theme.

Or you could use the old definitions of comedy and tragedy.

It's a comedy if it has a happy ending, and a tragedy if it's a sad one.

I mean, the terms are more nuanced now, but not by that much.

I think Mystery and Comedy appropriately convey both the seriousness and lightheartedness.

And I mean, you already have the Death tag there, so people seeing both that and the Comedy tag will know something is up.

On a completely different note, I'm totally jealous of you for getting to this idea first. :rainbowwild:

This is powerfull stuff man oh and thanks for the update!:pinkiehappy:


Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Impressive ideation! I am happy to read this!

Additional feedback will come later when headache is gone.

So, nobody yet has told off Twilight for her obvious gaff? She's pretty much admitted to altering the evidence and compromising her academic credibility because part of the puzzle she's facing doesn't conform to what she considers acceptable. The fact that the wallet and its contents are something Twilight conjured brings their validity into question.

Seems interesting and well-written, and I like that it leaps into action, so to speak, right off the bat without having to spend tens of thousands of words establishing how Jack feels about the ponies and the town and all that. Ima follow it in hopes you keep it going.

I really like this. You trust the audience to come to the correct conclusion about emotions, etc, instead of spelling it out.

This sounds odd, considering that he was focusing on thinking of feelings just now, but I mean the part with the strange situation and the ponies.

Realistically, whether I knew of ponies or not, if I was thrust into an entirely foreign situation like this, a freakout would not be the first thing on my mind. Freakouts happen when the status quo is changed, but enough of normalcy remains that my brain feels something is wrong.

Actual changes in the way everything works, ever? That is something brains can deal with, oddly.

While not the "best fic ever," the story Project Sunflower had a good example of this where Erin (the main human character) was pretty fine with living as a pony in a world completely alien to her. Until she met the cows - creatures looking exactly like cows on Earth, but intelligent.

Also, it avoids a lot of clichés, so that's good. :twilightblush:


Thank you for the comment and compliment. Sometimes I worry I’m too vague and sometimes I worry I spell it out too much so I’m glad to hear I struck a decent balance.

Thank you for writing


She's pretty much admitted to altering the evidence and compromising her academic credibility because part of the puzzle she's facing doesn't conform to what she considers acceptable.

I'm not sure where you're getting this from. What evidence did she alter and what was unacceptable?

The fact that the wallet and its contents are something Twilight conjured brings their validity into question.

The wallet and contents may have been conjured but it was stated that they were copies and Twilight still had the originals.

Well, Nice of him to drop by Ponyville.

Have you read the book The Giver? The last part of the book involves the main character using memories of warmth to power through a snowy landscape.

This has me interested so far! Poor Rainbow though! :applecry:

Ground! I wonder if it will be friends with me!


I haven’t but it sounds interesting. I’ll add it to my reading list.

Looks like Twilifht isn't so happy about the new arrival now. Perhaps a little guilty?

Just found this story, liked and faved :)

Everyone here knows Candlejack isn't real. I mean the legend is quite stup-

Damn. Twilight just fails at everything.

Dammit, Twilight! With all those books you've read, shouldn't you know about trauma?!

I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

8791212 I’m guessing Twilight read all the magic theory books and ignored everything else.

All I hope is that update comes faster aaaaa

Remember when loading your kit for this expedition to make sure you bring a parachute.

Yeah, if you’re being teleported to Equestria and you end up in the air? Bring a parachute anyway.

Two more and they'll eventually have to install a catching net over that spot.

Jack is not a sperm whale that was formerly a missile. Nor was he accompanied by a flower in a pot, that was also formerly a missile, and which had had the bad fortune to be killed by the same man every time it reincarnated.

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