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Hi I'm here for porn.

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What why was it published 8 hours ago but has all those dates for the chapters

Problems with submission queue. I wanted to post 5 at the same time. But something went wrong, and I needed to mail the moderator.

You need an editor. You've got a good concept going, but it's very clear English is not your first language. It's going to make a lot of people not want to read it.

Congratz, ya got featured! A few days in a row too! (Midnight as I write this, so two days in my book! 😁) 3/20/2022


I’m currently looking for one. But I doubt that I will get one soon. And you are right, English is not my first language, but that won’t stop me. Thank you for reading and suggestion.


I don’t even know how that happened. I wanted to create something original myself. It is nice to see that many people who actually enjoy it.


I’m still working on it. Hopefully I can improve fast. Thanks for reading!

“Anonymous is quite different... Why do you think he is like others? Also, can we stop? This is too embarrassing to talk about...” Twilight asked, mixed and embarrassed.

Why is Twilight acting like a 12 year old?

“You will tend to find a pleasure in same sex. Believe me.” Celestia said, while she giggled a little and awaited Twilight response.

Ok, that's tooo personal.

‘I need to clear it before she gets the wrong idea...’ she stated in her mind. Before looking a little scared at Twilight who would still try to cover herself in the throne.


How would you react when your mentor was talking to you about times she had sex? Espacially when she's close to your mother?

Most of the issues with this was the grammar. Other than that it’s really funny so far! May I suggest grammerly? It usually catches anything small the writer might miss.

logistician? Is that a word? I don’t think that’s a word…

Then how should I call someone who works in Logistic department?


I’m asking because I can’t find it. And Translator says it should be logistician...



I’m already using a similar tool called: Language tool.

Googled it and it turns out I’m a jerk. Sorry about that.

No need to apologize. Thanks for the feedback.

Someone working in that capacity, at least at a construction company, would be called a Foreman, I think.

Ok, ive caught up and Im going to follow this. Well done.



Yes, but Anon does not control other ponies work. He only ‘supervises’ that everything is going as planned and everyone is doing their jobs. Like a field agent. Spring Stone (Anons boss) controls how the work is handled. So she is both owner and foreman, at least I think so.

Thanks for the tip. I will expand it more when I have the chance.

I changed it a little. Thanks again.


Human tag is mostly used in referring to Equestria girls and converting the world into humans that are either anthropomorphic or regular humans.

This story consists only one human. Anonymous, and thou it would be weird to tag it additionally when I have already acquired the #Anon Tag.

I'd say most Human in Equestria stories only have one human, and #anon also applies to Anonymous in pony forms, such as anonfilly, where #human would not be implied

Vauria is right about adding Human tag to this story, IMO.

Grammarly will help you make this nice story look more polished, mainly by helping you with proper word order. In any case, if you need help with it, I could assist you from time to time. PM me if you're interested.


Alright. I will add it then.


I’m using a similar tool called language tool. But I will check it out as well. Thanks.

Wasn't there supposed to be a date the day after the gala? Did we just skip it?

No no. This is like before the gala. Couple of months before.

Cadence' ,baka baka baka baka baka

“This is going to take a while, but I need to know if you would know a solution to the nobility problem in Canterlot.” Twilight stated while going inside.

I purpose the French solution to nobility.

"Death solves all problems. No Man, No Problem." - Joseph Stalin

The grammar is very confusing in this fic. It reads like something out of google translate

I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m using multiple tools to help. But I rarely use Google Translate. I hope in future chapters it will be better.

I mean, if English isn't your first language, you'll only get better by practicing

I'm not certain if this is intentional, but Celestia's confesion feels completely out of left field. Because the story has so far been told from Anon's perspective, it feels like a lot of context is missing. Like I wasn't even certain if Anon knew or was friends with the Main 6 at the start of this fic. Like it was clear that he knew about them and this chapter confirmed that they found him. But when he went to get his suit it sounded so... profesional? Business? I don't know, the interactions feel off.

I know what you mean. The next chapters focus on what has been going on before the gala. Hope this helps.

I hope me edits have proven useful!

They sure did!

It’s much more clear now to read!

“No problem, Twi. If I can, I will help. Though, I must ask you to not mansion me to anyone. I want to remain...Anonymous. If you know what I mean.” Anonymous said laughing while Twilight was annoyed by a bad pun Anon made.

mention, if you don't want to use grammarly or other apps, I recommend you simply prewrite you chapters in a google dokument. It will automatically point out any errors you've done. You could also ask someone to preread your chapters before you publish them, or you could spend sometime and read through your chapters and specifically look for errors.

Well... She could technically make a scandal with him in the middle... And that would cut him off from sex with other mares. Then that would create this void in his life that would make it possible for her to get closer to him. Then she could convince this lonely creature to actually consider her proposal.

But that’s just ridiculous. No way, she is that desperate to get to him.


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