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As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood'.


Anon and Luna find themselves engaged after a night of drinking. Neither are too happy about the situation.

Cover art by NixWorld.

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must've been one hell of a night, also right off the bat want to assume trollestia had something to do with this.

Alright that was pretty good, have a thumbs up! and a favorite.
I don't care what anyone tells you, your funny.

None of them have a reaction, and so just sit there until Pinkie comes and throws a party. The cake is shaped like a moon, if anyone's wondering.

Wow, and I was just about to ask! How thoughtful of you!

Celly's reaction was going to sell me on this premise, and you nailed it. Great starting point; it's just the right amount of comedy to match the set-up.

Now I can see how this has 32 likes and no dislikes. Never mind, 33 likes I forgot to put mine in.

PVCmech #6 · Mar 11th, 2020 · · · I ·

That was a really strong start. You've set a pretty high bar for the next chapters. Good luck.

That was so good that I can't even find a story in this.

Shows promise, poor Luna though.

Its good, hope to read what happens next soonish

The only dislike if for spike abuse

So there's going to be more?

Yes. Just busy with Uni - we're switching to online classes because of this whole coronavirus thing, pain in the ass to get everything in order. I expect a week or so, but no promises.

Not adding a second chapter to this wonderfully developing fustercluck would be an affront to literature itself.

Another chapter, I say! Another!

One the other side of the world, the overwhelming romantic stereotyping has already caused Cadance to explode. Twice.

"So whoever takes a Princess's virginity has to marry her?"

Generally speaking, Anon, you'd normally already BE married to her at that point if we're going by traditional method...or else you are the leader of a conquering nation and you just kind of ravished her as a Spoils of War kind of way...or you were some bold knight that seduced the king/queen's daughter at a party, in which case you'd be executed instead to 'defend her honor'. Consider yourself lucky.
I guess Celestia is eager to be an actual aunt. So who gets to be the pin that bursts her bubble?

Not rushing you, just seeing whether you meant that 'incomplete'.

Well I'm game! Here's a follow and a like. Now to sit back and see where this takes me lol.

This entire exchange has been comedy gold.

You know what? Sure, I'll track this. Sounds like a hoot.

Hay! I'm in.

"You have the best widdle little hoovsies! You're a good boy! Good boy!"
:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

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okay i really wanna know about the ponie world wars

Jessi #25 · Mar 13th, 2020 · · 1 · II ·

>Master of Coin
>Is Jewish

Your profile picture fits far better though.

"Why do all the guards look like bats?"

"Ah. It's an enchantment on their armor, supposed to bring fear to the enemy."

Oh. So Bat Ponies aren't a thing here.

Minister of Finance Coin Goldstein

Heh. I see what you did there. Frankenstein reference. Probably has an unnaturally animated bit golem in his basement. Very clever.

Drazhan #30 · Mar 13th, 2020 · · · II ·

Minister of Culture Casting Couch coughs, casting uneasy glances at her fellows.

Ah, so there is one of those even in Equestria. No escape from that couch.

Deliberate use of 'golem,' I presume

Write the holy name of the Sun or Moon on a slip of paper and insert it into the golem's mouth, whisper the safe word into its ear and kiss its cheek.

Or bend over, I suppose. Depends on what you whispered to it.

This is actually hilarious XD, goof jon man, following and liked :D.

A fun way to spend a Friday night

If only I had that kind of self-control.

Celestia's got into the alicornnip I see...

this is only getting better with age.

“Fuck” indeed.

Solid chapter

If Celestia is the nation’s mother, then her sister is its bitter aunt who hangs around renn faires and World War II reenactments.

That paints a vivid and, frankly, disturbing (and sometimes, disturbingly accurate...) picture... :D

Okay, I don't know what to think of this just yet, but it's certainly a start. Curious as to how it'll develop. Gods know we've enough "Anon gets crowned somehow" stories that end nowhere... I'd love to see where this goes.

The narration of this is amazing.

So fucking wrong, but still amazing. I love stories that go outside the box like this.

i knew flurry heart was pure evil, im mean inventing reverse vore is proof of that

Raugos #44 · Mar 22nd, 2020 · · · III ·

Flurry announced this development by warping into the Yak ambassador's stomach and clambering out through his mouth, a display that sufficiently terrified him into signing a new trade agreement.

:rainbowderp: ...

The last Grand Galloping Gala ended early when Flurry decided to turn herself inside-out.

Yes, Flurry's turning out to be quite the little eldritch abomination, isn't she? :twilightoops:

Wow. Blueblood isn't a total ass. I mean, he still is, just less.

He's an ass, but for once he's just a normal ass, not a redeemed asshole or secret good guy or an actual full on villain, just a regular run of the mill asshole.

I know want to know more about that train.

This was an interesting Blueblood.
The "Uncle" address was as jarring to me as I imagine it was to Anonymous.
Well done.

Im more scared of flurry than i am of the villains in the show.

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