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This story is a sequel to An Old Friend's Return

This is Night Shadow. He's a pegasus. His family are full-blooded bat ponies. He's also second-in-command of Princess Luna's personal guard, the Zodiacs.

Back in his home colony, there are others learning of Night's presence in Canterlot, and they're eager to be just like him.

Night's ride is about to get a whole lot bumpier.

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Love it so far!

Just of note, it would be "Mark" armor not "Mock" armor :applejackunsure:

Love it so far :3 can't wait for more.

Loving the story! Faved and tracked!

Comment posted by Cakebomb deleted Jun 2nd, 2016

*flays hooves around* want to see corpspony! :ajsmug:

Comment posted by Thunderblast deleted Jun 3rd, 2016

7272500 This is the Royal/Lunar Guard silly. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the sequel. This is going to be good.

7274776 No problem. I do hope you enjoy. :twilightsheepish:

7304495 I know. When I read that in the bio of Halfmoon, I literally died of laughter. Going back to read it over I'd just stop to finish laughing. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice chapter. I like how some recruits were weeded out.

Awesome! Can't wait for next update.

I like what you are doing with Skye. great chapter!

Luna is best pony.


Great chapter. I loved it

WOO Lunar Corpspony Dragonzord power! *does all the moves to transform into green ranger* :pinkiehappy:

Okay. Night is going to have to fight a fake Mage. This will be fun.

7409730 autocorrect. I was trying to spell Dark.

7409866 :rainbowlaugh:

Damn autocorrect!! I would have literally died though if it said dank though.

Well, that was surprising. I wonder if Topaz was telling the truth.

Good chapter. I was wondering what doubts may have entered Nights mind because of the mental manipulation spell.

This is the second time I've read this chapter, and I still can't figure out if Scarlet is the same pony I sent to you...

7489291 It is. Did I mess her up at all?

7489848 No sir! You portrayed her perfectly!
Although, I thought she would be a regular Lunar Guard. I didn't expect her to be a member of the Zodiacs.

7489989 Oh, good! I'd hate to have messed her up.

And yeah, I was looking for ponies to be part of the Zodiacs. :P

Great chapter. It was a lot of fun to read. I wonder why design will be placed on the bows.

With that, Night took the door knob in his hoof and twisted it downward, stepping in to the spacey office. He stood to attention, raising his hoof in a salute. "Lieutenant, sir."

Standing up from his chair, the larger, stockier snow-white pegasus returned the salute proudly, motioning afterward for Night to sit at his desk. "Please, have a seat, Captain."

I just wanted to address this mainly due to the fact that I have experience with the Army and the ranking system.

Now, I know that this is Equestria and things are different here, but in all seriousness, I just want to explain this. In the Army Chain of Command, A Lieutenant (Depending if it's a Second or First) is actually a rank below a Captain. Above a Captain is a Major, then Lieutenant Colonel, then Colonel. After that it's the General's. I don't know if you have the ranks in a different order in this story. If you do, then okay, I won't say anything. But I just wanted to say something, that's all. The Army inside just told me too. :twilightblush: Anyways, carry on!

7501441 Well, yes, I am aware of the difference. :twilightsmile: Although since Shining Armor is Captain of the Royal Guard, he basically outranks everybody and that is the top rank within the Guard, so it's about the same where Night is and thus he outranks everybody as well (except for Shining Armor and the Captain of the Lunar Guard).

I would say the Royal Guard doesn't nearly have as many ranks as the Army, and yes, they would be quite rearranged and replacing where Captain would be in real life.

I very much appreciate the feedback though! :pinkiehappy:

Great job. I loved the touch of the main six during it.

Love how you've portrayed Scarlet's personality almost perfectly. Amazing job, pal!

Hooray! I finally caught up!

So far we've got another insightful, fun look at what life in the Lunar Guard looks like. I am having trouble keeping all the characters distinct, though... mostly because I'm not used to reading stories where everypony's job is 'guard'. It gets easier I guess.

Onward to archery! Looking forward to more!

Wonder what kind of training he has in mind.

7553759 That wasn't disclosed, so he will not know archery in the story.

Wonder who Stormfire is...

...Should I already know from previous story?

Good chapter. I liked who storm fire is going to be an instructor.

It was every mare's worst nightmare, finding clothing they admire and want, but cannot wear it.

Is this the nightmare that's returning?

Well, looks like Luna's wish for dragon sets came true.

Yay, Phillip! Squee squee squee-

Oh, uh, dark stuff happens.

I... think?

Actually I'm not that scared right now. I don't understand what's so bad about a bunch of ash. Here I was worried you were going to make the volcano's lava hit a town or something... instead it's just ash?

Hope you don't kill any of Night's family to prove something. They've lived through so much up to this point, it'll just feel... arbitrary if you decide that they die in this catastrophe. But you were just talking about how old Night's dad is getting, so... I guess you were setting his death up?

Wow. I wasn't expecting that ending. Great chapter.

I want to give the governor a hug...

...didn't think I'd be saying that, ever.

Well done.

Man that was heavy. At least night did his job.

Motherly, loving Luna is best Luna. I really liked the little scene between her and Night.

Looking forward to further fallout from the batponies getting relocated again...

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