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Prince Blueblood did nothing wrong.


Nopony is born a hero. It is only through their actions that they become as such. And not all heroes start out as outstanding citizens. Some of them started out as victims of fate who turned to unlawful practices as a means of living.

Cloud Clipper was a pony who never had the luxury of a family that could care for him. He did what he had to do in order to survive. Even if it meant living a life of crime serving as a deckhand in a smuggler vessel. Still, he made a decent wage and had adventurous life.

Eventually his luck ran out and the law caught up to him and his crew. His happy day's are done. Or so he thought. Because instead of a sentence, they offered him a choice. Face trial and lose or try his luck and enter basic training in order join the Penal Guard, an elite class of reformed criminals within Princess Twilight's Harmony Guard.

The choice was obvious, but unbeknownst to him, his life and that of those around him would never be the same.

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You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. I'm interested to see where this goes.

Interested in seeing where this goes

The interrogator paused, processing my answers while I sat back down. “Wonderful! You’ll fit right in,” the interrogator smile while giving an approving nod before throwing the form in his backpack. “Corporal Slasher, please escort the recruit out the back, our job is done here.”

“Wait, you’re not going to recruit the rest?” I asked, confused as to why they would just turn my other fellow smugglers. “There are a lot of good creatures out there by the hallway, sir. You sure you wouldn’t want to give them a shot?”

“The only ones left out there are donkeys, griffons and zebras,” the interrogator said. “We’re looking for ponies, Mr. Clipper.”

I pretty sure it's racial segreation

It's not just racial segregation, its fantastic racial segregation ("Fantastic" as in "fantasy" or "fictional", not as in "awesome"; racism never is). But don't worry, there's a certain princess who's working on trying to reform the guard's archaic recruitment policies.

Let me guess: The romance is between Twilight and Cloud Clipper.

Nah. I'm not really a fan of cannon x oc pairings.

Ha! You know exactly where to end it. On a almost literal "cliffhanger." I do hope that they are fast enough to save her. I look forward to the conclusion of this arc, and I hope your break will not be that long, but productive to the imagination.

Thank you! And don't worry, the break won't be long. Just one month and I'll get back to my regular upload schedule.

You know...I normaly dont make acounts in fanfiction sites because:
1-I never write.
2-I never comment.
3-In general i only read fanfic when I am too bored to play games or watch tv.
But since i read this line:
“I want you two to clean the latrines. I want those latrines to be so shiny and white that the Holy Faust herself will come down from her eternal throne in heaven and take a piss on it,”
Since this one amazing line(That almost killed me by the way)...This one freaking line...
I tougth "No...This is special...I need to suport this...I-its amanzing..."
But being real dude. XD
This story here is really good and has an lot of potential! I love stories that revolve around the bonds of a team or an squad and i think the characters you made have an lot of potential for that...Well if that is the direction you are taking this anyway.
I also very interested in the alternate universe you are creating,and i am specialy curious about the Mane 6 of this universe.
Also sorry for any bad english for it is not my first language,being an brazilian. and all that ^^;

Thank you for the inspiring words, they mean a lot. It's the comments like these that encourage me to continue writing.

Wow. This chapter was full of some intense emotional scenes. Onions and all that. Well done. It might have been 9000 words, but it flew by and that means it was superb. Enjoy your hiatus, I know I won't. 😉

Why does this fic remind me of Guardians of The Galaxy..

“By the time you leave this camp you will be a machine! You will ascend to a greater state of being, you will be a dispenser of justice, and ponies will look up to you. You will be the best fighting force in the arsenal of her highness. But until then you are trash, you are the lowest form of life, you are not even fucking equines! You are all nothing but unorganized and undisciplined pieces of plebian shit!”

I've never been in the millitary, and I guess I can understand the reason for it, but if you ever talked to anyone outside of that context of Drill Sergent to trainee, you'd be either Beaten up, or arrested for verbal abuse

“I am not an easy mare, I am hard. You will hate me because of this, but the more you all hate me the stronger you will all become! I am hard, but I am unbiased. I do not look down on mudponies, featherbrains and nocturnal abominations! Here you are all equally worthless! My job is to weed out the weak and those who aren’t fit to serve the guard. Do you scumbags understand that!?”

oh, so do you look down on Stickheads, (unicorns), and author, Isn't this part inspired by Full Metal Jacket

This was an amazing story I hope you come back soon, onto my tracking folder it goes

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO. Just when it was getting good! Aw man... I guess to the sad folder of 'Tracking'

“Ma’am, Dusty Dusks , ma’am!” she said again, a little bit louder this time.

Try saying that name five times in a row. Rather tongue-twisty, that one.

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