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Adventure is a strong motivator, almost as strong as money, truer words were never spoken for privateer procurer of ancient magical artefacts, Blazing Comet. Living for money and adventure and nothing else. That is until he finds something that he can’t bring himself to sell, and meets a pony that might just show him that there is more to life than buried treasure.

What would you choose; Money, Adventure, or Love?

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Lovely. A little fast paced, but lovely nonetheless. :twilightsmile::heart:

After giving the doctor the discharge papers, the six of them left the hospital together. Twilight looked around, disappointed and a little hurt that Blaze’s cart was nowhere to be seen “Did he really leave [with] saying goodbye?” she thought to herself as they headed back into town. Being pulled out of her thought; she found herself surrounded by a crowd of ponies asking if she is okay. Twilight was trapped in the middle of the town square, her friends unable to clear a path through the worried townsfolk.

I think you meant “without”

Every mare likes Blaze it seems. Wonder what his next mission will be from the crazy mare? :twilightblush:

Thanks for pointing that out, borderline dyslexic so easy for me to miss that stuff:twilightblush:

:rainbowderp: I got notification… where’s new chapter?

I accidentally hit publish while in the middle of writing it:facehoof: I’m writing this on my phone and wasn’t paying attention:rainbowlaugh:

That’s funny. Phones can be silly :rainbowlaugh:

I like the premise and the story but the grammar is atrocious three times you called Spike slime and use k as I believe you need a good editor

:trixieshiftright: That mare from Canterlot wants a Blaze for herself…

“No that can’t be it, we [jus meat] and I’m just excited to have a new friend!” She felt a twinge of pain in her chest her her own words, sitting down on the bathroom floor.

Do you mean “just met” since meat is food?

Blaze, seeing this have a amused chuckle “I might’ve done, why? You wanna hear [almost] it?”


Blaze, seeing this had amused chuckle “I might have, why? You wanna hear all about it?

Not sorry for posting corrections :twilightblush:

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it:pinkiehappy:
And I guess you’ll to wait to find that out:duck:

Somehow the site didn’t show me this chapter till you replied. I guess the reporter is in love with Blaze? Anyways, you called the mare “mate” like a few times… and “hat” as well???

Twilight isn’t a pirate and this story isn’t a pirate theme so it’s definitely incorrect for yea to call this “crazy mare” mate or hat :rainbowlaugh:

I think that’s the mistakes corrected, autocorrect keeps changing mare to mate:facehoof:

Got to force that Pinkie Pie to stop messing with your work :twilightangry2:

I would assume Twilight in the hospital would had been on the news already?

The way I envisioned it, the mane six stopped the news spreading outside Ponyville and Twilight and spike have only told Celestia and their family. Other than that, no one else knows

Haha thank you, glad you’re enjoying it:yay: I’ve gone back and tried to fix some of the mistakes but if I’ve missed any feel free to let me know.

Finally sat down to read this story, and I'm loving it so far!
Excited to see where this is going.

“ S-sorry man . But w-what’s done is done and he’s here now so sit down and take a load off!” JJ says a little more enthusiastically, hoping to calm his friend down.

There have been several instances of the word man in the story so far despite having none introduced. Just ponies or other Equus’ creatures. Is there a narrative purpose for this?

A part of me is wondering if the mare is Celestia testing Twilight’s security and trolling Blaze for one or several reasons. I’m also assuming he’s being charged to B&E and steal something of Twilight’s. Could be wrong on all accounts.

“Oh no no no, more like a sister.” Twilight said, stepping into the conversation. “It was apart of the entrance exam for Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns.”

:moustache: I prefer the term brother, Twilight.
:twilightangry2: I said, ‘sister.’
:moustache: *sigh* Fine. Whatever. I’m your sister. Dingus.
lol :rainbowlaugh:

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