• Published 17th Apr 2023
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A New Adventure - Late2TheGame

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Chapter 9 - Wake up and smell the friendship

Coco, the tortoiseshell cat recently adopted by Blazing Comet, was not in a good mood. It was almost noon and her owner was still asleep. Ergo, she hadn’t been fed yet. She wouldn’t tolerate this abuse, so she leap onto the desk, then the shelf that overlooked the bed. She stares down her pray, crouched low to calculate her trajectory. She readies her aim and leaps into the air, a determined look on her face as she came crashing down onto her owners stomach.

Blaze had been having one of the most restful nights sleeps he had had in a very long time. That was until 7lbs of feline fury collided with his diaphragm. Waking up coughing and wheezing at the sudden lack of oxygen in his lungs, he turned to his furry little demon who just looked up at him with a look of disdain. As she meowed and pawed at her food bowl.

After catching his breath he rubs the back of his neck as he shoots Coco a glare “Good morning to you too, my dear” He grumbled at her, eventually dragging himself out of bed to get her breakfast. Emptying a can of cat food into her bowl his his magic, he made himself a cup of coffee to finish the job that Coco started, waking up.

Once his coffee was finished, he turned to the sink and looked into the mirror and began his daily routine, while brushing his mane he noticed that it had gotten quite long “Maybe I should try cutting it” He thought before a flash of light came from the send king crystal on his desk, taking it in his hoof he saw a familiar seal. The same one used but that creepy mare he met the other night. With a groan, he opened the letter and began reading.

Dear Blazey,

First of all, congrats on the first job! You really impressed us there, especially with the princess rescue. Who’d have thought you were the chivalrous type? (I like that ;3)

So, for your next job we will need you to come back to Canterlot a week from today. Please find next meeting place attached.

See you soooon~

“Oh Celestia it’s worse than the last one” Blaze cringed as he finished reading. A big part of him really wanted to burn the letter and forgot about his whole thing. But looking back, this job had been the more enjoyable than any other he had in months. Maybe he’s just crazy but in the end he decided to at least hear her out again. After all, he got to keep the skyglass, so who knows what else he stood to gain. That, and he still had his dept to worry about.

But he had until next week to think about that, what was he going to do with himself all week? It’s not like he had the money to go on another bender with the guys. Maybe he could ask Twilight what’s there to do for fun around here. Feeling more energised at the thought, he grabbed his saddlebags and some bits and walked left his cart, heading for town.

Twilight had reached the market with Spike riding on her back. She was looking for a specific cart, belonging to somepony that she wanted to thank. Though the longer they searched, the more Twilight worried that he really had left. So she quickened her pace through the stalls and ponies.

“Uhh Twilight, can you slow down please? You’re gonna run into something.” He said holding on tighter to stop himself from falling off.

Twilight took her eyes of the way ahead to look back at Spike “I’m just just trying to get through this crowd Spike. I’ll slow down when We-“

And just like that Twilight collided with something and fell back onto her flank, Spike also getting knocked off and faking to the ground. Feeling dazed at the sudden collision, Twilight shook her head to regain her composure. She was about to stand up until she heard a familiar voice.

“Woah, princess down.” A baritone voice joked as she sat there on the ground.

Looking towards its source, she saw that she and ran into Blaze, who was now looking down at her with an amused expression. He offered his hoof to help her up, which she took with a small blush at the embarrassment of the situation.

“T-Thank you”

“It’s no problem, so what’s got you in such a hurry?” He said with a chuckle, helping her to her hooves.

“You actually, I was looking for you and I didn’t know if you’d left.” Twilight admitted

“Well that’s a coincidence, I was looking for you too.” As he spoke he noticed Spike on the ground and went to help him, lifting him by his shoulders and putting him back down on his feet.

“Wait, really?” She hadn’t been expecting that “What did you want to see me for?”

“Well, I just heard that I got a job coming up but it’s not until next week, so I wanted to ask you what there is to do around here for fun?”

Twilight felt a wave of excitement wash over her as she thought about showing him around town. “I’d love to!” But then, she fully registered what he had said “Wait, another job? What do you mean?”

Blaze thought for a moment, it was always a gamble telling others was he did. Most frown on selling magical items off. But on the other hoof he didn’t want to lie, so he settled with a halve truth. “Well, I wasn’t in that vault for no reason Twilight. I was hired to excavate it.”

Twilight’s ears picked up at that, she always loved reading on the history of ancient cultures. So the idea of exploring the remnants for a living sounded like a dream come true. Then she realised what that meant. “So you’ll have to leave then” She asked, feeling more sad than she thought she would.

Blaze was about to answer but found himself unable to, he didn’t know what was wrong with him but he really didn’t want to think about leaving. So instead he decided to focus on the positive side. “Well you’ll get a full week of me, so you’ll probably be begging for me to leave by then.” He joked, shooting her a grin.

Twilight chuckled at this joke. He was right, better to focus of the positive for now. At that moment she felt a glare on her. Looking down to her right she saw Spike with his arms crossed, clearly not impressed that he was thrown off her back.

“Sorry, I should’ve paid more attention to where I was going” Twilight said sheepishly.

“I told you so.” He said before turning to Blaze. “I wanted to come and thank you for helping Twilight.”

Blaze smiled at the small dragon and gave him a pat on the head. “It’s no problem, just so long her doesn’t make a habit of needing saved.” He joked with the dragon who laughed in response. “I’ve got to say though, I’ve never seen a pony and a dragon be friends before. How’d you two meet?”

“Twilight hatched me as an egg.” Spike answered with a smile.

“Hatched you? So is she like your mother or something?” Blaze asked, curious at this new piece of information.

“Oh no no no, more like a sister.” Twilight said, stepping into the conversation. “It was apart of the entrance exam for Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns.”

“How that’s seriously cool” Blaze said, serious impressed and intrigued that she would have to do something like the just to get into a school. “But anyway, what is there to do around here. If you wouldn’t mind showing me?”

Twilight smiles as she agreed and began leading him on a tour of Ponyville. She felt excitement welling up as she showed him the various buildings and shops of town. “I remember my first day here, I’m glad to be apart of his first day here.” She thought to herself as the came to the last place of their tour. “And this is Sugercube Corner, it’s a bakery. They do the best cakes, my friend Pinkie Pie works here too.” She said, gesturing to the building that looked like a giant gingerbread house. Blaze thought it looked like you could take a bite out of it, and at that moment there was a loud growl from his stomach.

Twilight turned to him with an amused expression on her face. “Hungry?”

Blaze tried to laugh it off, gelling embarrassed at his stomach exposing him. “Not really, it’s fine.” Then another growl is heard from him. Twilight just gives a small laugh as Blaze hang his head low in embarrassment and shame. “O-Okay, maybe a little.” He says with an awkward smile.

“Let’s go then.” Twilight said smiling as she took the lead into the bakery with Blaze following behind.

The inside of the bakery was nice and warm, with the smell of pastries and cakes in the air, making Blaze even more hungry.

They walked up to the counter, where their was a blue coated earth pony mare with a pink mane that looked like icing on a cupcake. She mare turned to Twilight and gave her a smile “Why hello there princess Twilight, what can I get for you?”

Twilight got a large chocolate cupcake, spike chocolate got one with what looked like sapphires mixed into it. And once it came to him he ordered a simple blueberry muffin.

They took their pastries and sat at a table. As the three of them sat down, Twilight’s mind wandered back to Blaze leaving at the end of the week. “So, what’s this job you’ve got to do?” She asks, genuinely curious but also concerned that it would also be dangerous.

Blaze paused for a moment “How am I supposed to answer?” He thought to himself before answering. “We’ll I don’t have all the details yet, I’ve to meet somepony in Canterlot and they’ll give me the breakdown.”

“Canterlot?” Spike said with a mouthful of cake. “Who hired you? Was it the other princesses?”

“Oh no, it’s not anything like that. The pony who hired me is an… eccentric” Blaze answered uncomfortably.

Just when Twilight was about to ask what he meant by that, the bell to the front door sounds as 5 mares walk in.

“It looks like ponies in town are really starting to calm down.” The blue pegasus with a rainbow mane said as she hovered a few feet off the ground.

“Indeed, it’ll be good for Twilight to not have to worry about it.” The white unicorn said with a relieved voice.

“I just hope Twilight is okay.” The yellow pegasus said timidly following behind.

“She’s fiiiine, she’s over there. HEY TWILIGHT!!” Called out the pink earth pony as she waved in their direction.

The orange earth pony turned her head toward Twilight and frowned at her. “Dagnabbit Twilight, ah thought you were gonna rest t’day.”

Twilight froze and gave a sheepish smile. “Well I was, and then I realised that Blaze was still in town and that he didn’t have anypony to show him around.” She said and a nervous laugh, gesturing her hoof to Blaze.

Blaze watched as the group of mares turned their attention to him, just now noticing him. They each give him a different look, he fights the urge to crumble and instead gives them a small smile and a wave. “Hi there, I take it you’re Twilight’s friends? She’s told me all about you guys. It’s nice to finally meet you all.”

“Nice to meet you too Blaze, do you like parties?” The pink one, Pinkie Pie asked as she somehow materialised in front of him.

“Uh aye, I’ve been known to party now and again.” Blaze answered, taken aback by the sudden question.

The rest of the girls made their way to the table and joined them. The orange one, Applejack was still scolding Twilight for not resting. The white and yellow ones, Rairity and Fluttershy sat quietly with them. And the blue one, Rainbow Dash was asking him about the vault yesterday. “So Twilight told us about that laser-thing yesterday, did you really beat it?” She asked an excited smile, Spike overhearing and scooting his seat over to here better.

Blaze, seeing this gave an amused chuckle “I might’ve done, why? You wanna hear all about it?”

“Yeah!” Spike and Rainbow said at same time, leaning in to here better.

“We’ll alright then, imagine a floating stone eye that shoots lasers at you.” As Blaze blaze began his story, Twilight watched how he captured the attention of Spike, Rainbow Dash and now Pinkie pie as well.

He, of course, hyped up his own bravery and made the situation sound even more dangerous than it already was. But he also made Twilight sound just as brave as he made himself sound, earning her a look of admiration from little brother. She couldn’t help but feel free face flush with embarrassment at the dramatised retelling of the events, but also couldn’t help but smile. Something that her friend Rarity couldn’t help but notice.

Once his story was wrapped up, Spike practically exploded with excitement, wanting to hear more stories and Rainbow Dash talking about how it was like a Daring Do book in real life.

As the day continued, Blaze told more stories until it started to get dark. “Jeez look at the time, listen I’m gonna have to go now but I’ll be down to hang again tomorrow.” Blaze says as he got up from his seat.

Spike, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie gave a loud ‘aww’ at not getting to hear anymore stories but happily said their goodbyes in the hope of hearing more tomorrow. Blaze said his goodbye the the group before leaving the bakery for home.

The group waved him off and as he left, Twilight watched him leave with a goofy smile of her face, until a sly voice picked up beside her. “What are you looking at darling?” Rarity asked with a grin.

Realising that she had been caught, Twilight jumped and sat up straight. “N-Nothing! What are you talking about?” She said trying to keep cool.

Rarity just laughed at her friend’s attempt at a poker face. “You know what I mean, starting off at that colt as he leaves?”

At her words, Twilight stand and grabs Spike in her magic, trying to flee the conversation before it happens. “WellitwasniceseeingyouallbutmeandSpikehavetoleavenowgoodnight!” She called, leaving the barkers in the blink of an eye.

Rarity chuckles to herself, Fluttershy smiled and the others look at each other with confused looks.

Twilight was rushing home, Spike barely hanging on. “Twilight! Please slow down!”

His pleas went unanswered and Twilight picked up the pace, felling her face flush even greater. “I-I have no idea what Rarity was trying to insinuate, but Blaze is just a new friend and I’m just concerned that he’s okay after the encounter in the vault.” She thought to herself as he reached her front door, Spike jumping off glad to be back on solid ground.

They enter and she runs up the stairs without a work to Spike and into the bathroom. She runs cold water and splashed her face. “Why is my face so hot?” She asks and she looks at her flushed face in the mirror. Ideas loping into her head before she shakes with off. “No that can’t be it, we just met and I’m just excited to have a new friend!” She felt a twinge of pain in her chest her her own words, sitting down on the bathroom floor.