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Rove Hummel was in a rut. Every day was the same; wake up, go to school, go home, and go to sleep. What he wouldn't give for something to break up the monotony.

But when he spontaneously turns into a Changeling during Biology Class, he begins to regret ever thinking that.

Rated T for usage of the F-bomb, as well as heavy innuendo, mature themes, and a single instance of off-screen sex. There is also mention of what essentially amounts to a drug in Chapter 21, but none is actually seen or used.

The sequel is here!

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And, up until today, my life has been pretty much stuck on repeat. Every day is the same routine: Wake up, get ready, go to school, sit in class, get back home, and do whatever until I go back to sleep. What I wouldn't give for just ONE interesting week!

Yeah... one week... *cough cough*
'Be careful what you wish for' doesn't even do it justice.

"Great! I already did the 'sibling wakes up sibling' cliché, and I'm getting a headstart at lampshading!"

I have absolutely no idea what lampshading means but it must be terrible to be a cliché. *nods sagely to herself*

This wasn't strictly true; there was, after all, a writer's club. However, when I first tried to join, I discovered it to be filled with self-important ass-hats who treat everything they write as "high art", even though they're not actually all that good. That was enough to drive me away from joining, and their continued attendance has kept me away ever since.

I mean... there are authors that think they created the work of God, but usually... writing is a form of art and artists are very self-critical about the things they do. I certainly am and I know the guys from my literature class were as well. And they sucked even more than I at writing. Well, in German, I guess. People say I'm pretty good with my English. *shrug*

"She's been holed up in her house since Saturday. She still answers her phone, but she refuses to come in for school."

I don't even need to guess to know what's going on with her. :P

I shook my head. Whatever it was, it could wait until lunch.

Avoiding the obvious is also a cliché right? I would have high-tailed it back home with a recurring headache. xD

My skin hardened and turned black; my hair thinned out and greyed, standing straight on end in a mohawk; a bent conical protrusion formed out from my forehead; my canines grew longer as my tongue forked at the end and my mouth extended out into a muzzle; my ears elongated and gained new joints; my arms and legs quickly lost their digits in favor of becoming hard nubs covered in holes, reshaping themselves into a horse's limbs; a wiry tail grew out from the base of my spine; two razor-sharp insectoid wings burst out of my back, tearing through my shirt; my entire body shrunk and reshaped itself; and, although nobody could see it, my eyes turned a solid blue, with a slightly lighter iris.

Just a bit of advice... don't make such an integral part of your story so short to put it into one paragraph. It seems... rushed, I suppose.

So far, a promising start, dear. I might keep an eye on this, depends on the question if you can keep me interested enough and won't disappoint me. :)


Just a bit of advice... don't make such an integral part of your story so short to put it into one paragraph. It seems... rushed, I suppose.

I was trying to capture how quickly it happened, as well as how sudden and jarring it was for him. But yeah, I suppose I rushed it a bit.


I don't even need to guess to know what's going on with her. :P

You may be surprised ;P


I have absolutely no idea what lampshading means but it must be terrible to be a cliché. *nods sagely to herself*

Lampshading essentially means "pointing out how clichéd something is within the story itself, so as to downplay its clichéd-ness".

See the TVTropes Article for further explanation.

Interesting fun little story so far, I wonder how it grow out, and why he was changed into a changeling instead of a reformed changeling, I am getting it's something from the author's preference obviously. Also if you want to better spell check your writing you might want to try using a text to speech programs like Balabolka, which is free, it has helped me a lot in my own writing which was pretty bad. I wonder if Chrysalis managed to escape and is trying to build a new army of changeling to take over again through I wonder how she will feed them without being noticed. I wonder if it will spread to the rest of the school? While the slight misspelling on occasions isn't so bad, it seems to me that your writing seems pretty solid so far.

Also, if you are ever interested in commissioning for a cover art for your story you can PM me about it. If you want look at some of my work you can look up at my Youtube Channel and my DeviantArt gallery I wish you good luck on your story.

Cool, a update as I read the story. I have a feeling that Lilly became one of the MLP races too, the only question is which one.

By that point, Mr. Adler had rounded his desk and was approaching me, scissors gripped tightly in one hand. I caught sight of the blades and immediately panicked, rushing towards the back of the classroom like an idiot.

It's kinda odd that the first thing he does is grab his 'weapon' (even if that is only a pair of scissors). I certainly wouldn't do that with an obviously frightened, well... not really animal since he is a person, but the teacher doesn't know that until he speaks. I'm glad it worked out in the end, though. His teacher is surprisingly empathic of the situation, which definitely earns you some points in my book. :3

Interesting outcome, I wonder if that neighbor is in on it some how?

She nodded. "That's so sweet. What breed?"

The kinky kind. :P

Ms. Finch stood up from her position at the edge of her garden. "Well, maybe I'd know."

Sometimes I have the feeling dog-owners are the best friends of other dog-owners, even if they are complete strangers. While I personally am more of a cat person, it is always nice to know how much people can connect over pets. :3

I'm glad that the mother is so understanding and supportive, certainly reminds me of my own. I always get sad when I read about people where that isn't the case. :S

Story is going places. I’ve always had a soft spot for buggos and am curious as to where the plot will flow in this one. Pretty good so far though!

Glad you didn't automatically assume she also became a Changeling ;P

I just changed the title because I was writing the next few chapters, and I came up with a better one.

She groaned, but didn't argue. "So, do you think you can make it to the ceiling?"

Oh hey! It's the friendly neighborhood spider-man... uh... friendly neighborhood spider-changeling! Dunno... I had to make that comment. The scene really reminded me of spider-man.

In response, he pulled out his phone and opened a social media site. After a moment of searching, he held the phone to face me, displaying a picture of me.

He really shouldn't be surprised that it is already on the web. Heck, he should have expected that. xD

I wonder if it is him or someone else and if that person is using this new for to get some new social media fame to make money out of it. I wonder how they are selected to become changelings? Still holding out that Chrysalis is behind this. On another note I think the love freely given was what allowed Thorax and the rest of the changelings to reform, I think it was because of the unique property of the Crystal Heart, along with Thorax not actually stealing it is what allowed it to happen for them; so I don't think they will get that chance on Earth or at least not in the exact same way. I wonder if they can make a business out of what ever magic Changeling they have it would save on a lot of money in the FX department to have actual physical alien or monsters movies or TV series could have, along with what ever mind magic that could be useful for therapy and stuff or that ever they use to make cocoons, or the fact that they can walk on wall could help in construction or rescue, there is a lot of potential to that.

Aw, so Lily is a pegasus. I wonder if they wouldn't be the only ones charged.

Who said she was a pegasus? She hasn't even properly appeared in the story yet, and I already planned what she's turned into.

Oh, then who were they talking to that also changed? I forgot.

Nobody? The only person that they know has changed is Rove.

since his change is online will the person we havent met yet try find him as she proberbly now relises she is not alone?

Tune in right now, on this episode of Dragonba— oh wait, that's not right...

Oh, a dragon huh? I wonder if anyone else will change.

okay looks like my theory flew out the window. wonder where this is going now.

I shrugged. "I guess so. On one hoof , there's all the benefits of being a shape-shifting bug; on the other hand , there's still that lingering sense of loss of my humanity."

I lowered my head. "I want to be okay with this, I really do... My mind keeps trying to convince me that my life could be better if I embrace this change. Am I better this way, or is that just my reeling mind trying to cope?"

I would so abuse being able to shapeshift. Not to mention, changelings can do magic and fly. Among other things, I suppose. Dunno how I would go about the whole 'eating love' thing, though.

Lily was half-heartedly sorting through her secret leaf collection.

A leaf collection? Sounds better than collecting butterflies or other dead insects, I don't understand why she would get bullied over that. I suppose kids can be little monsters about everything... >.>

I, meanwhile, was kinda worried. What just happened to me? I just wanted to see if I could do magic at all, so why'd I get so obsessed with seeing how far I could go? Was it something to do with this new body? Maybe Mr. Adler could explain?

I have no idea how he came to that conclusion. I can understand getting obsessed with magic to the point of zoning out, but why would that have anything to do with his new body? It's not dark magic, right? That would have different symptoms than losing one's awareness of the surrounding area. With dark magic, he would have gone on a power-hungry rampage (if changelings aren't immune to the corruptive effects of dark magic, that is). I'm probably overthinking this.

I like Os's response to losing his manhood. He's a mare now!

Saw that chapter a bit late, sorry. I have the awful habit of forgetting to put things I want to track on my tracking list. xD

But what caught our attention was the sudden increase in non-humans.

You'd think that most people would still be holed up in their homes, trying to get over the fact that they just transformed into cute cuddly ponies, griffons, and whatnot.

"Fuck, I think I'm a girl now."

That reaction is kinda mild, I guess. But I suppose since Osmond was already aware that people were turning into all sorts of mythological creatures, and thus has the initial shock of 'what the *fluffy bunny* is going on here' over with, the reaction could be chalked up to 'it was only a matter of time until this happened, right?'. I would say Os at least has the whole 'cute thestral' thing going for him. Whether he accepts that he has become a her remains to be seen, though. Such a thing isn't exactly something easy to accept for someone when they didn't want to go through such a change in the first place.


It's okay; I tend to not notice when the stories I follow post new chapters, so I get around to them late, too.

You'd think that most people would still be holed up in their homes, trying to get over the fact that they just transformed into cute cuddly ponies, griffons, and whatnot.

As the unicorn they talked to stated, they were holed up inside until Rove's exposure over social media gave them some assurance that they weren't the only ones going through this. And I can assure you that there are still people holed up inside as we speak.

I mean... yeah, kinda right, but still... I wouldn't have thought that many would have gone outside. Like... jogging of all things would have been the last thing I would have thought of doing. xD

A bright blush played across her face as she nodded. "I didn't want to come out with it yet, but yeah."

I very much approve. Coming out like that isn't easy, especially to friends and family. It's downright terrifying even. Judging by her reaction, I don't want to know what her parents are going to think of her transformation. I always hear horror stories of how some coming outs turned out really nasty, I wouldn't want that to happen to her. ._.

I smiled, "I don't care if you're a boy, a girl, or even a cheese sandwich; I'm here for you no matter what."

And now I'm proud of you, dear. It warms my heart, honestly. :3
Although, that sandwich thing is kinda weird... who would want to be a sandwich only to be devoured? D:

Wait a second, what's with the trace amounts of pink?

I ship it. I most certainly ship it~. One of them being a thestral is already great, the other being a changeling? Heck yes. Kinky shenanigans galore! Hah... Now if only our dear mc would realize that being a changeling opens so many doors... Changelings are like the ultimate genderfluid being that could exist. :3

They should kiss whenever they have a moment to theirselves.

what will she be i wounder?

That's a very good question. We will have to wait until next chapter.

we speculated about the purpose of the holes in my legs (our working theory involves aerodynamics and dimorphism)

There is actually an explanation for that in the MLP Fiendship is Magic Comics. :3

I blinked, looking back at the pocket of my backpack that held my phone. With a bit of careful fiddling, I was able to use my magic to retrieve it, and used the soft part of my hoof (the frog, I think it's called?) to answer it. "Hello?"

I dunno how useful the frog would be for using a touchscreen... But I don't have hooves, so I wouldn't know. *shrug*

I think I like chirping now.

Yeah... changelings chirping is in the top ten of 'The Cutest Things Ever'. :3

With that, we both hung up, that lingering warmth still in my chest.

The SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP... *laughs madly to herself*

a family of changlings? hope the dad turns into something else or this could be bad

She blushed. "It's a gift."

Reminds me of Pinkie when she says, "Just a hunch."

Oh my. I have a question, what determines which MLP race someone becomes and will it be explored later in the story?

It's either determined by name, personality, relation, irony, or because I said so.

For example, Rove became a Changeling because Rove is the name of a family of beetles, and because he wanted variety in his life (nothing's more varied than a shape-shifter). The rest of his family is changelings because they're related.

Lily became a dragon because her gentle nature is most unbefitting of a dragon, thus irony chose her to be a dragon.

Osmond became a Thestral because I said so. :raritywink:

ok. Just thinking about what I would be changed into if I was in this version of Earth.

'But then the moon... it said something about finding bearers and fixing the problem? Then Rove mentioned the Elements of Harmony — are those from that pony show?'

Wrong pony there. :P

"I'm not ready to be Queen..."

All. Will. Serve. The. Hive. :3

She thought for a moment, then chuckled. "What did I do to deserve such wonderful kids?"

Well... you're a queen changeling now...

... I doubt Rove and Bea are going to be the only two kids in the family preeeetty soon. If a changeling queen is anything similar to a honey bee queen, I'd start worrying, wait... panicking would be more accurate, I guess. That's gonna be a biiiig family. xD

And not just any Changeling; he was a Royal, just like Mom. His moppy black hair was now barely tinted blue; his green eyes were cat-like; two fangs stuck out of his mouth; and he had a horn that complimented Mazarine's almost exactly (where hers went backward, his went forward). He still had his cleft chin and his glasses, but he was a Changeling in every other way.

I'm tempted to laugh, but that would be cruel. So... he a changeling consort, then? :3

I nodded. "I'll admit, that's too much to be just a coincidence. But really , Os? A cartoon character bridged the gap between dimensions just to tell two random nobodies how to fix this mess?"

Everybody is somebody to someone. Might be hard to believe, sometimes. I wouldn't know what to do without my family, but anyway...
I guess Luna talking to Rove and Os doesn't necessarily mean she talked only with them, dream walking takes like, what, a minute or two? You could reach a lot of people with that kind of time. *shrug*

I went to retaliate, but paused. IS it really that hard to believe?

"...yes, yes it is."

Actually? Not really. You're a friggin' emotional vampire, dear. A dream walker from another dimension resembling a character from a cartoon you have suddenly found yourself as a member of isn't too hard to believe. Especially if that dream walker has a reasonable explanation of how she knows what is happening on Earth. Dunno, if only there is some sort of explanation for that... *cough* *cough* Dimensional mirror magic *cough* *cough*

I sighed. "I just think the stress may be getting to your head."

As she reached the door, she turned back to give me one last look. My heart sunk as I looked into the most hurt eyes I'd ever seen. "Well, at least we know one person that can't be a bearer..."

You dun' goofed up...

Dunno what his problem is all of a sudden, but I really hope he gets over his case of 'stuhpid'...

What a piece of fucking shit I am.

Oh, look! A pity party. You kinda deserve it, Rove, but... don't you think that's going a bit too far for a little mistake as doubting whether a theory of your best friend was believable or not? There are worse things than a momentary lapse in judgment to feel sorry for, a heartfelt apology should suffice.

She looked me over out of the corner of her eye, and I could swear I saw a mischevious sparkle in there. "Anything?"

With a set up like that? Damn... *whistles not so innocently to herself*

Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix it right away.

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