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whoa.......that was.....its was ok, to be honest, that ending was fantastic i had to laugh at it XD

Well that was a nice short delight. <3

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Dude we need more rule 63 fics. Shit's so cash.

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at first I was like :rainbowlaugh: then I was like :rainbowderp: and then I was like :rainbowlaugh: thats basicly my reaction throughout the story

good story to pass the time.:rainbowwild:

twilight always messing up spells:twilightoops:

Great story! One of the best clops I've read :pinkiehappy:

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My eyes burn:raritydespair:. But the ending made up for the rest of it.:twilightblush:

You really have to clean this up.

...no, the grammar and the syntax, dummy.

I'm really, really interested, and all I did was read the description. . . Must sleep though :ajsleepy:. Tomorrow, then. Yes, tomorrow.
:pinkiehappy: <---- this is my anticipation face

Like the picture. Bracing myself for the fic.

Oh wow.
I wonder if Rainbow is worried that she just MIGHT now be baking a Rainbow Pie in her oven, as it were. I wonder how she'd explain THAT to her friends and keep a straight face.

...aaaannnnd it was good. Thanks for writing!

good job. 4/5

i seriously couldnt keep a strait face while reading the sex scene. it was, however, one of the better clop fics i have ever read. now, the ending was hilarious i couldnt stop laughing!! :pinkiesad2::rainbowwild: <sums up the sex scene for anyone wondering

Very well done! Encore!:yay: Encore!:yay:

haha ah i remember this one, as good now as it was back then

I.. ummmm...


Ahahahahahaha! That was pretty great I gotta say. Pinkie's whole attitude the morning after was hilarious.
(Just another mark on my list! Not weird or at all awkward!)> :pinkiehappy:

AJ's such a cock-blocker (or whatever the pony equivalent is), though, gotta say. :ajbemused:

:yay:<(Yay) very nice, alot more strange then "I like to be a tree", but both those stories were oddly terrific! Btw, i hav the wirdest boner right now.....
:moustache: picture that, but :pinkiehappy:

And nine months later, the twins Surprise and Firefly were born.:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

What do think is going to happen when a mare in heat gets lade.

95522 There's a Rainbow Pie in the oven...

#23 · Jan 5th, 2012 · · ·

I don't like the ideas of ponies having a mating season... I would think they would be more less animalistic and more human-like, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Still good smexing tho :rainbowwild:

77274 this comment leaves SO much room for this fic to be expanded, lol.

Surprise! I'm pregnant! it actually takes 340 for a foal to gestate, me thinks it would be funny having a pregnant dash doing things for the mane six...

111980 oh oh, I know, she came in buckets

i think that pinks semen turnt in to pinkie juse after 7 hours shame would love to see ''suprise ''coming in to MLP (beta from pinkie white pegasus and blond mane purple baloons and purple eyes)

well you didnt say that earlyer.


Haha, I like the cut of your jib

The list of Stuff Boys Do is hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:


so you do like my appearance? hmm :applejackunsure:


other then that i dont know what you mean by "I like the cut of your jib."

nautically its something with the direction your brain goes...me thinks

besides I meant to say soemthing nice


Oh wow! Usually shipping among the mane 6 sends me running screaming into the hills but I was OK with this!:pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: It was hilarious!!

if anybody were to write a follow-up to this where dashie actually does have a Rainbow Pie in the oven I'd love to see that. I'm a pinkiedash shipper, but in my mind the parent roles are the other way around and dash is more of a father figure. the idea of dash being a mom is actually really interesting to me. and now dash is giving me this face :rainbowhuh:

I agree with this wholeheartedly, but onto my personal opinion.

I'll be honest, I normally avoid sex fics now. Of course at one point I was always seeking them out, yeah I know but I need to be honest, however that period was long before FiM was even a thing and in the last couple years I've mostly avoided reading such works because they tended to be shallow and not all that interesting; when I found a good story where sex was part of the plot and important to the plot but more importantly there was an interesting plot to follow I tended to just skim the sex scenes. These days I tend to prefer stories that lead up to the sex then cut away with a brief abstract decription of the activities and then jump straight to the aftermath. I say this now to give my next words context so you know that I didn't just read this when I saw the "sex" tag.

I actually liked this story quite a bit, rather than creating a stupid reason for two of the mane six to have sex instead we have Pinkie getting int he way of a spell, becoming a colt, then just being his/her usual pinkie self but deciding to do "boy" things, which I found hillarious since it's such a Pinkie thing to do. Thankfully I was pleased with how the whole sex thing came up, Dash is in heat and never learned how to cope because she skipped school plus sheknows so few colts in town that she was depserate, and knowing Dash she wouldn't sit still to meditate like Twilight does. The whole scenario certainly plays out quite well and I was thankful that Pinkie was neither ashamed nor out of character, well considering the circumstances anyway.

Now as my response above said, I feel this could lead up to an interesting sequel, what if Dash finds out she pregnant because of this? That would be an interesting story as even when they show the girl/girl kids it's usually Pinkie that's the "mom" in this pairing, well except for a couple stories written by an author who's name escapes me at the moment. I'm a PInkieDash shipper too so you can't blame me for speculating.

Bottom line, this is probably the best PinkieDash clop/sex story I'll ever read, partly because it was very well done but mostly because I almost never read sex stories anymore, especially not with ponies, but I will say I enjoyed it and not just for the obvious reasons: it was well thought out and in character even considering the extraineous circusmtances.

Oh yeah and Pinkie hating the Cigar that was funny, and something I was happy she hated. I just don't like smoking.

Oh and On that note, I might be interested in writing this kind of follow up story, if you were alright with that I mean.

Never had an offer like that before. Hit me up if you're serious.

Comment posted by Alphaetus_Prime deleted Jul 21st, 2015

Other than my absolute distaste for the concept of estrus in sentient beings I liked this story.
My only real issue with it is that all the characters other than Pinkie and Dash seem... bitchy.
While the clop was OK (some anatomy issues), this is one of those stories that you could keep entirely intact plot wise but edit out all the explicit bits and it would be just as good a story.

...has he 'hit you up'? ....I'm interested in moving in on this one if not.......

We've chatted but as of yet he hasn't produced anything for me to see...

#47 · Mar 6th, 2012 · · ·

293788 hm I suppose I'll just have to wait 'n see as 'twere. If you here any definite news message me please ...uh if you don't mind that is... :fluttershysad:

A few short months later Rainbow Dash was giving birth to there new daughter. lololol XD Loved this one-shot, this is actually a fav pairing and I love gender swap. This was perfect! :raritywink:

Well... it being tagged as romance it sure was missing something... I dunno... maybe some ROMANCE?! it didn't even have a kiss... tsk tsk
And also... didn't pinkie just make dash pregnant...?

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