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    Scootaloo, now is a very small mare adult & married to Rumble, a HUGE stallion. They decide to start a family & to their surprise, Scootaloo winds up pregnant with quadruplet colts! A magic spell lets grows Scootaloo large enough to carry the foals..
    Cosmonaut · 8.9k words  ·  179  25 · 3.4k views
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That was good, I liked it, I found two mistakes, one was a missing quotation mark and the other was.... bleh I don't know. Bravo though! :ajsmug:

Excellent story, but I think it needs to be bumped up to 'Mature' post-haste.

Man, SPACING. Format your stuff properly.
Also, the sexual content here is the kind of stuff the Mature tag requires-- Fix that shit before it gets pulled or you get banned.

It was sweet and sexual at the same time. Very romantic without being that overly gushy style. It felt like a real-world situation.

I clicked on this, scrolled down...."This doesn't have paragraphs..." :ajsleepy:

Thanks to this, I think I can guess where the Rough and Tumble story is going :rainbowwild:
Seriously though this is a another good story. Thank you, Cosmonaut, I enjoyed it :twilightsmile:
I'm embarassed to admit it, but I could really relate to Rumble because of those unwanted erections at the wrong moments. Thank God us humans have pants :twilightsheepish:

Love it, Love it already.

It was romantic and cute at the same time. Congratulations!

I like it.

For the Romance of course.

You should fee proud of yourself


Wicked awesome man. I loved it.

i really liked the story very well written congradulations

Excellent. Glad I read it after the spacing issues were fixed. More in this rule would make me a very pleased pony.

Nice little story here, a good effort above most mindless clop, I enjoyed it.

In the words of that one guy from that one movie with the hammer,
"I like it! Another!"

here are some mustaches for brilliant story!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This was a good clopfic. I liked how it had a lot of realism to it, with birth control actually being a thing and all. What happened after they finished was just hilarious, too.

That was nice, and you should feel nice.

How do you find these and not tell me? How?! :raritydespair:

Lulz scotalos parent are gonna flip:scootangel: :twilightblush:

Scootaloo's parent's most like have already given up on flipping.

Plus, she seems like she can accept responsibility much better than most teenagers...


Well... double spacing for a new paragraph. It makes it look neater. There was a problem with different amounts of indentation.

Aside from that it's Rumbaloo so I approve.

What was the last part about? I seriously don't get it.... DON'T JUDGE!!!


Blood Stains on the carpet! Blood Stains on the wall. Blood Stains on the bed!
:rainbowlaugh: I don't know what that's about, but entertaining story, my friend. :pinkiehappy:

He made new paragraphs. Spacing is not necessary.

- DJ GarV

I am a fan of clopfics and I must say....
Loved the way it was written along with the sense of childishness that lead to curiosity coming from two young ponies who havent had sex yet.

Very enjoyable, please write more :scootangel:

Guess Scootaloo and Rumble aren't virgins anymore....:twilightblush:

Comment posted by XenoJohn deleted Feb 11th, 2013

wow this was surprisingly good for a one off, the way it was writen allows it to be writen into a story, the characters and their actions/dialogue are believable and well writen
everthing works with this and its a shame it isnt developed into a bigger fic
one last thing...
clap bitches!

NIcely done with this story. The little ending was pretty funny. I liked the little bit of romantic banter before they got to their sexy time. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Keep up the great writing!

“AGH! NFF!” Rumble felt Scootaloo suddenly jolt beneath her. She writhed, thrust her hips wildly and flailed her limbs and wings as if possessed.

I just got the funnyest seane from that. :rainbowlaugh:

HAHA. PINK CLOUD get it Chocolate Rain clouds. I wonder what Pinkie is thinking about that cloud.

This clop, I like it. Another! *shatters mug*

Oh, and Mature tag.

Sequel! Or prequel! Something! Anything! The United Federation of Me demands it! :twilightsmile:

I've never done this before," said Rumble

LIES! You rutted Cherilie like a bitch!

Would have been funnier if he hadent pulled out in time.

She wasn't in heat.

lol the ending. i really liked this fic the romance was very present and it was very cute.

5392681 Omnifox. You clearly never been with a women before, let alone even been in sex Ed have you???


Neither sex ed nor being with a woman will educate you on the estrous cycles of horses and other animals, which happen to be very different from human sexuality.

And a course in veterinary medicine won't tell you anything about the reproductive biology of magical, sapient horse-things from another universe. They could reproduce through asexual budding for all we know.

That's no fun!


Scootaloo always thought it was funny in a way -occasionally touching with it or giving his heavy sack a little fondle or too.

I think you meant "two".

The smaller orange Pegasus glowered up at him for a moment longer. “Fine. Now do you wanna see the rest of my place or just make fun of it some more?”

“You’re right…as usual,” Scootaloo finally said. ——)”I’ve got plenty of time. I’ve got my friends. I’ve got my job. I’ve got my wicked new house…” she turned her gaze to him. “I’ve got you.”

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