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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Diet

It's been six weeks since Twilight started her diet. She's been getting results, but she absolutely HATES being hungry all the time. Her thoughts keep drifting back to the episode with the Metabolism Potion, and she desperately wishes she could re-experience what happened, or even better, pick up where she left off.

If only there was an immortal being that was in charge of such things; one that happened to be indebted to her, or something. Perhaps she might then be able to enlist their help in making that desire a reality.

Too bad there's nopony like that.


Picture by Cosmonaut.

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Klamnei #1 · Jul 18th, 2015 · · 1 ·

I still regret nothing.

I know I like big ponies but this is ridiculous! Unashamedly unf.

Georg #3 · Jul 18th, 2015 · · 2 ·

Spike: "Hey, Twilight. Where did your blanket go? And why are there toothmarks on the headboard?"

6219371 Followed by: Live Free or Diet Hard :rainbowlaugh:

Needless to say, this story's growing on me!

I don't really know what the hell I just read. BUT I LIKED IT!:pinkiehappy:

I don't think I need to repeat how much I loved this, but I will anyway.

Y'know, all through that, I was sure Twilight was going to go into gravitic compression and become a black hole... And then explode--with a Big Bang..! (And that's how our universe was formed!) :twilightoops:


I usually like gals with a little bit of plump, but damn.

So now that Twilight is so huge, do you think she might count as a universe herself? Maybe intelligent life might evolve somewhere in her!

6221705 "Daddy, is there life at the end of the tunnel?"
"No, son, it is just fiction"

....welp I just discovered my fetish:p

....welp I just discovered my fetish:p

Was not expecting sequel, but still rather nice.

Twilight Sparkle, destroyer of all.

Wonder what Luna might have thought if she checked her dream.

Luna: Let's see what Twilight is....WTF??!

Awesome story. :rainbowlaugh:


More like "I am Twilight, Devourer of worlds"

6222409 more like "worlds, stars, solar systems, nebulas, galaxies, galaxy clusters, universes..."

6222377 Perhaps Luna can get in on the dieting action? :trollestia:

Comment posted by Chicago Ted deleted Jul 19th, 2015

6222438 Maybe. I would love to see that. Defending her beloved cheese moons against the Twily - Destroyer of Reality.
I also kind of thought Twilight would devour the forth wall and attempt to eat the reader before waking up. :rainbowlaugh:

Luna : let's see twilight dream is all about . Apears in twilight's dream and see mega mega titan twilight. Luna: wtf . :o
LOL :rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::derpytongue2::yay::trollestia::twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy::eeyup::raritystarry::scootangel::twistnerd:
Too funny tooooo ffffuuuunnnnnyyyyy

I wonder if Twilight encountered the Higgs boson during all of that. If she did, she almost certainly ate it.

Now I'm wondering what the Higgs boson tastes like.

Oatmeal? for a horse, oatmeal is probably one of the most filling fattening things they could eat. Cooked oatmeal is really yummy too. If dieting and dont want to use sugar or honey, use a little tabasco sauce for flavouring. Fantastic stuff.

Twilight should eat gluons instead, since they taste like skittles.

Comment posted by salmoncolor deleted Oct 29th, 2020
Comment posted by salmoncolor deleted Oct 29th, 2020

Good gosh, some of the logic around the black hole started to sound like Kyubey, and now I hate it... Read it in his voice, now I'm just pissed off...

I have to be honest- when Twi broke the boundaries of her own universe, I thought she'd entered the literal Dreamscape and was devouring other dream-universes. Thank goodness that's not what happened! ... Right?

Possible sequel to this sequel? Pfft.

It's been six weeks since Twilight started her diet. She's been getting results, but she absolutely HATES being hungry all the time. Her thoughts keep drifting back to the episode with the Metabolism Potion, and she desperately wishes she could re-experience what happened, or even better, pick up where she left off.

Maybe if she tried DNP? It works by severely revving up your body temperature and metabolism, so you could eat burgers and fries all day and STILL lose a lot of weight!

However, one should be REALLY careful about the dose one takes, because, you know, it cooks you on the inside?

Most of the time, when fiction authors use big numbers, they don't really understand what they mean; and so the numbers become meaningless (especially as most humans have a hard time wrapping their heads around how big the universe is and tend to vastly underestimate how big things really are).

Sometimes, though, you come across one who does and that understanding translates far better to the reader.

And here, it is utterly terrifying.

Anything else aside, correct understanding of scale (this was almost a stealth lecture on the size of the universe!) alone earned you a favourite.

The diet series is going to be amazing

I couldn't wait :D

Someone did their research on this!
Jeez the amount of space knowledge in this!
Great fic. Somehow felt like cookie clicker.

6222409 Galactwi must feed

The Scale man

This has been a cosmic-level of amazing! This story has been absolutely brilliant! But now, much like Twilight, I hunger for more! Can there be one last story where she finally satiates her hunger by eating literally everything? :raritystarry:

She needs to get all of the power she ate in the dream. ASCENSION MUST HAPPEN!


Then, she moves onto the entire Omniverse... Assuming she ever reaches a boundry in the multiverse, it is assumed to be infinite.


Another reason it's terrifying? Multiverse theory dictates anything that can happen, will happen, by that logic, Twilight the World Eater is out there somewhere, by that same logic, she'll eventually reach us.


6229781 Oh, here's how you get the scale bigger: Recursion. Twilight looks up and realizes she's on her own head. ...What now?

7735115 But if you follow that uncompromising logic:

There are, a- infinite universes she will never reach, and b- infinite universes where multiverse theory does not apply.

6229781 I think that, considering her sheer size, that it's impossible for her to actually digest galaxies by the end of this story. They're too small- they should be fine.

I know it probably won't happen, but I want to see a spinoff from some other ponies' points of view (maybe the princesses or the other elements). It'd be especially funny if a small group of ponies (maybe ponyville, because plot) manage to survive somehow and start living on twilight's skin as if she were a planet or something.

3.0841322584e40 metres? impressive!

Y'know... She can't eat the gasses that were on the countless planets and nebulae in the universes she devoured. That would actually make sense. Then throw in other alien species who survived, and make sure Discord survives, and boom. Plot. (Other than the whole "Surviving on Twilight" thing)

Yes, HOWEVER, Infinity does not mean that something never ends, no matter what. (I mean, why do you think we have aleph one, aleph two, aleph 100, etc. which are "Magnitudes" of infinity) Infinity is just a number so large, we don't have a name for it. Larger than Googolplex. (10100) And that's a ridiculously large number. There MAY be an unlimited number of universes out there, but we don't know. We don't know if multiverse theory is correct or not, we don't know how many universes are in the multiverse if it exists.

Another thing we are not considering is the proximity World-eater Twilight is to our universe. For all we know, she could be Googolplex universes apart from us, or she could be on our front door, or just so happened to miss us. She could have already gotten gigantic enough to swallow universes without breaking them (Or digesting them too much) and we could be sitting in her stomach right now, waiting for our inevitable death. Either she'll eventually find us, never find us, or she's already found us. We don't know.

As for the universes where the multiverse theory don't apply... They're not in the multiverse, but that doesn't mean they won't get swallowed. She just has to exit the multiverse (Somehow) as they don't exist within the multiverse. This is all speculation, however.

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