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This story is a sequel to Fecundity

Mount Everhoof. Tallest peak in the world, jutting up to stab the sky like a tall, cruel fang. The mountain’s western slope has held a secret since before the three tribes were founded, but few who seek it ever return. Those that do always speak of a foul magic that attacks the mind—horrors brought to life, paranoia unending, and a blind, murderous rage that sets even family against each other.

In olden times, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna heeded their elders and forbade access to the western slope. That forbiddance continued after the rise of Nightmare Moon, for Celestia realized even alicorns can go mad. The last ones allowed passage were a team of ponies sent by Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor two years ago, and of the seven that set out… only one came back.

But the mystery may be on the verge of being solved. The defeat of Tirek has awakened a new power in the Elements of Harmony, one that can resist Mount Everhoof’s empathic magics. With the aid of Maud Pie’s expertise in geomancy, Twilight Sparkle and her friends now venture up Mount Everhoof in search of an artifact belonging to the late King Sombra. They’ve yet to learn what connections the Mad King had with the mountain, but they know they must locate the cursed artifact and destroy it…

...before it can cause any more harm.

Picture by Silfoe.

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Don your Robe and Wizard Hat and LET'S DO THIS :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie scratched her head. “Anypony else feel like singing?”

...can it be...?

Have you returned to the old ways?

Not that the current is bad, mind you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is kind of incredible. Like reading an RPG that's taking place at level 25.

Great chapter! It's been worth the wait!

That said, I rounded up a few typos for you before they could get away. :derpytongue2:

it was likely wasn't done by ponies. - it was likely wasn't done by ponies.
pits filled serrated edges - pits filled with serrated edges
a strength none of them had never seen - a strength none of them had ever seen
Neighsay's other question Neighsay. - Neighsay's other question Neighsay.
She actually accomplished quicker - She actually accomplished it quicker
a sizzling portal that opened - a sizzling portal that opened
Sombra’s artifact you’re is - Sombra’s artifact you’re is

Can I just say congratulations on turning an already dislikable character into one I now love to hate. Previously he was mildly racist and very strict. Now he's a few steps away from becoming Hitler as he wants to wipe out everypony that isn't one of the 3 original tribes.


Thanks for pointing these out for me! I've gone through and fixed them.

Amazing adventure, showing the kind of thing that only greater power can fight. And, ironically, paving the way for the return of war. After all, if they solve the origin of the windogos there'll be nothing actually barring ponies from major conflicts through their own hooves anymore.

Still totally awesome :rainbowdetermined2:

And at the same time trying to save the world from things from the deep dark. Not only black and white.


For the purposes of this five-part story, I suppose I have. This isn't TPOH, but I'll admit I took a lot of themes and modified them to fit in this adventure. Time will tell if the end result is any good, I suppose.

Comment posted by Nawwa deleted Sep 21st, 2021

Oh, man, they meet at last. I have no clue what's gonna happen next, and can't wait to find out.

Based on the hints in this chapter, I think I'm beginning to understand who the Master might be. Putting everything together, she's an alicorn with psionic powers, or a changeling queen with a divine domain. Options include Celestia and Luna's mother, Chrysalis' ancestor, or, most outlandishly, Flurry Heart from the future. This whole mess kicked off with a time-travelling Cadance, after all. And alicorns seem to come in pairs. Sun and Moon, Love and Friendship, Life... and Death. Cue foreboding music.

Now I'm curious as heck to who the hell is the master. Previously I thought get Chrysalis, but I think it's pretty obvious now it's someone in a higher pay grade.

Another amazing thing in this story is how epic it feels without making it disconnected from the world's reality. It just feels like an amazing show off power, yes, in a situation where any lesser would be destroyed, but it's done in a way that it becomes believable that you don't need to be a plot protected hero to do it, only have the power and be prepared.
It helps that all the bearers are truly relevant and not only an accessory to Twiggles.

Proxy’s chorus of voices swirled around Neighsay like a winter gale. “The lair is divided into five sectors. Each one is unique to the other, but they’re all brilliantly designed and filled to the brim with deadly traps. You’ve just exited Sector One, which is both the largest and most varied in its offerings. You’re currently in Sector Two, which as you can see, is an artificially-created swamp. Sector Three is a twilit wasteland dominated by temporal magic, entropy, and fierce winds. Sector Four is a collection of interconnected chasms that each contain their own dangers. There are ways of navigating each place safely, and with luck, you’ll reach the end of Sector Four to enter the Inner Sanctum, where the item you seek resides.”

Neighsay gasped for air. The spell deadened his senses of smell and taste, but the memory of the smell still lingered. “And… Sector… Five?”

Proxy chuckled. “A great black pit. Three of the planet’s ley lines reside at the bottom, beneath an immense sheet of thick ice. The empathic magics are strongest there.”

Why am I reminded of Metroid?


This comment made my day. When I was planning this story out, I knew it'd be really easy to have Twilight solve everything. But I wanted to avoid that. I wanted everyone to be a Big Damn Hero, you know? Even if they don't necessarily have the muscle, each character brings something unique that winds up being useful time and time again. Rarity knows caves and is really perceptive, on top of being a potent mage. Fluttershy can track and has decent pegasus magic. Pinkie has her Pinkie Sense. Applejack is a powerhouse as well as the straight mare. Rainbow has speed and incredible weather abilities. Maud is a geomancy expert. Twilight is incredibly capable, yeah, but she can't do everything alone. Her friends have strengths that compliment her.

I'm glad you were able to see what I was trying to convey. That makes me really happy!


I can't say I took any inspiration from Metroid (or any video game for that matter) but the tomb's setup and themes are definitely based off of something. Think you can figure it out? Or would you rather I just tell you?

Is the inspiration a "themed sections of the underworld" thing like in Greek mythology or Dante's Inferno (or for that matter the D&D Outer Planes)?
Because the setting reminds me of that or "research facility with different artificially produced biomes" (you didn't really exclude that concept since I am pretty certain that it isn't unique to Metroid).
EDIT: Wait, is it a Doctor Who episode? Because it reminds me of The Five Doctors.


See below.

You got it! It's a combination of the poem Dante's Inferno, the 3.5 Fiendish Codex II (Tyrants of the Nine Hells), and my own creative spin. I tried to alter things enough to give this its own unique identity, but not so much to be unrecognizable. I wanted to keep the same sense of ineffable evil and unfathomable cruelty those two works convey.

You see, I always wanted to do a campaign where a group of epic paladins storm Baator alongside their patron deity, but I never got to do it. Twilight is essentially being a good-aligned immortal, and the girls are her paladins wielding a divine power alongside her. It's pretty much the next best thing :D

I just want to say that this badass. Truly, you've still got the magic in you :raritystarry:

Love this and the main story excitedly been awaiting the next chapters

Loving this story so far, can't wait to see more

OoOoOoOo, the plot thickens :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

This has taken a hold of me and refuses to let go :raritystarry: I can't wait to see what happens next!

Well, damn. I wonder how much of him was actually him even before this all began, and how much there will be when it ends :pinkiesad2:

Nicely done on the origin story for the changelings very original keep up the good work

9943948 9873319

Thank you! that really means a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so much :D

Comment posted by bloodwolf1235 deleted Sep 21st, 2021

Working on Chapter 4 right now. Once it's done, I'll be writing the final chapter right after. Then, I'll be writing Chapter 26 of Fecundity.

Dangit! Just as the excitement really got going! XD

Oh he's going to regret trying to chomp Harmony. You are what you eat, as they say, and with that much corruption Harmony would mix in... Explosive results.

“Wh-What…” The smothering dark clawed at Twilight. Her raspy inhales were deafening, an invisible hand closing around her chest. Every movement and sound she made felt like sacrilege, but the abyss was peeling away the layers of her mind like an onion. Thoughts and memories laid were bare, emotions and desires exposed to the black, featureless vacuum. Twilight whimpered and flailed, but she was a flea trying to stop an elephant.

We’re laid bare.

I. Am. So. HOOKED!

What happens next? What happens next? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

They flew out of the gnarled stone formations as fast as they dared. Once through, the eerie, sourceless light continued through the wide, bizarre descent down a spiralling chasm, the crumbling cliffs littered with filled with tributes to depravity. Dispelling the barriers wasn’t as efficient as the group’s previous methods, but it did let them progress.

Either “littered with” or “filled with” here.

Uh-oh. Neighsay's got the whole Tirek "I wanna devour ALL the magic" thing going on now.

Evil overlord list #22:

No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.

Methinks the idiot's got eyes bigger than his stomach. There is absolutely no way this will end badly for him.

Comment posted by bloodwolf1235 deleted Sep 21st, 2021
Comment posted by Klamnei deleted Sep 21st, 2021
Comment posted by bloodwolf1235 deleted Sep 21st, 2021

I sense a betrayal in the coming chapters, I just know it in my bones!! That THING that Neighsay has transformed to is going to try and kill them once he takes them to Sector 5 I just know it!!

Oh, okay. You're going old school. I can dig it.

First off, I'm all kinds of super glad that you're alright :)

When I read the name 'Hydia', I nearly jumped out of my seat: dear God, it's been forever since I heard that name and I wanted to bean myself on the head for not making the connection earlier. I mean, crud, she invented the Smooze long before Discord adopted it. Hell, the girls fought it back in...what....chapter 1? This was pure genius right here, the revelation, that it was Hydia all along.

You're really quite awesome at this :raritystarry:


Heh, there are lots of clues throughout the story it was her. I won't spoil them unless you want me to, but if you check Hydia's wiki page, you'll find a lot of hints. I've done my best in this story to incorporate her as part of G4's lore, and while I know some people don't like that sort of thing, I had a lot of fun making the connections.

Having fun is an important part of writing, so no worries :raritywink: I think you did an awesome job :)

While it does indeed take forever i wouldn't change a thing i look forward to what you write everyday to the point of an unhealthy obsession but, to have that level of quality takes time and there is no substitute for that. Continue doing what you do best giving people like me and everyone else hope and something to look forward to.

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