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i am but a silly college student who loves cute little ponies! :0


There is nopony who would call Evening Star a true friend. That's just the way it is, and the way it always has been—and she won't let herself fret over it. She's fine. She has her books, and really, what more does she need, anyway?

Except that Evening Star isn't sure it has always been this way. Of course, that's how she remembers it—but another part of her, a part buried down nearly too deep to reach, remembers being somepony else. She remembers being Twilight Sparkle.

That would be one thing on its own, but now she's not certain that Twilight Sparkle was just somepony. She feels drawn to the castle on the edge of the town, but it's not vacant—the princess lives there, of all ponies, only she's not so sure that she isn't supposed to be the princess.

But if that's the case, she wonders: what exactly is the thing living in the castle?

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so what with twilight and Trixie art cover? is this a twixie fic?

it isn't, but trixie is a major character in the fic

Interesting how the story only hints at Evening Star's tribe.

I always enjoy the "Replaced someone" plot we have here.

this is intresting i wonder what happened

I am intrigued. If Evening Star really IS Twilight Sparkle, then whatever replaced her had to have used a REALLY powerful mind/memory altering spell, on the entire town of Ponyville. But that wouldn't line up with Evening Star being a somewhat successful writer, and having been roommates with Trixie for what is implied a while. Unless said mind/memory altering spell was powerful enough to affect all of Equestria, at which point things would not be looking good.

Also, not being able to have dreams? I smell something not wanting a certain Princess of the Night to find Evening Star.

Can't wait to read yet another amazing story from you! Perfect day to be sick at home from school.


Go on, by all means.

i'm not sure if that's a good wow or a bad wow, hahaha

Amazed. So she's trapped in some kind of simulated world.

i will neither confirm nor deny, but your speculation is nice to see regardless! i hope you enjoy seeing how the story unfolds

The broken pocket watch bit reminds me of Doctor who. It makes me wonder if Twilight put the mind whammy on herself for some reason. I look forward to more. :raritywink:

Hello yes im intrigued???? Ahhhh what is going on, my bet is either twi screwed smth up, discord, orrrr uhh hm maybe some sort of magical evil. poor "evening" tho, its cool to see how she suddenly accepts her second name to be sparkle instead of star hahaha. Love it, cant wait to read more!!! :twilightsmile:

high,y intriguing looking forward to more

i wonder why i just noticed that evening is a pegasus

The plot thickens. I doubt that Evening and Trixie are going to prevent Starlight from sharing with the princess.

lackluster? I don't think so. This story gets more and more interesting. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I have found myself a gem in the making here. :pinkiehappy:

It reminds me of Perchance to Dream, an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

Reaaally getting those Batman vibes now.

that face is the face twilight will make when she discovers shes the true princess of friendship

nice chapter looking forward to more

Yeah, I'm sure she has a hell of a surprise waiting for her. I'm worried for whatever was able to alter her memories or her destiny and that of the other ponies around her though.

i know it wont be all rainbows and sunshine but at least it wil be entertaing to say the least

Don't you mean memento?

nope! "Mimetos" comes from, of all things, the Greek language. (specifically, it's a form of conjugation found in ancient Greek!) it's the root word for the English word "mimesis." basically it means "imitator" or "follower."

She let herself become totally absorbed in the book for a while, and in figuring out just who might have been responsible for the griffin ambassador Giovanni’s death.

Is it weird that with everything going on in this chapter, the first thing I focused on was picturing the leader of Team Rocket as a griffin?
(He totally faked his death, by the way)

This story is definitely an intense mystery so far. I get the feeling that whatever took Twilight's place, it's feeding on the admiration of the town and setting up the monster attack and subsequent ceremonies to get more of that. I guess Maud is filling in for her sister because Pinkie has to run off for those all the time. She seems to have a light immunity to the spell, maybe from being a Pie?


I bet Maud is unaffected by the spell, knows there’s a pretender on the throne, and just doesn’t care, as it’s not directly dangerous to Pinkie, and there are others who can handle it.

Changelings? I bet Twi is being held in a cocoon.

Curious... at least things are getting moving.

I know you supppsedly can't read in a dream, but I wonder why that would manifest differently for Trixie, if that's the real her, or happen at all if she's just a figment.

Well, I need more. I love uncanny horror AUs like this.

I feel for Evening Star already - you do emotions really well!

Darn, I feel for this pony!
Maybe a new name will lead her to a new life?

Love the way you've got Trixie nailed down.
Can't wait to find out what's going in in Ponyville / Equestria / Evening Sparkle's mind!
Great writing!

I bet there is a jealous pegasus who took Twilight place and somehow swapped species with Twilight and altered Ponyville’s memories

Now this is an interesting story hope you come back to it someday

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