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  • EThe Whole Is Greater
    Seasons ago, the princesses used magic beyond their understanding and accidentally created a new, unique being in the process. Now, with the spell’s original creators back from Limbo, they are determined to make things right.
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With an age-old threat poised to devastate Equestria, the Princesses gather to use a spell left behind by the great Star Swirl the Bearded in order to ensure their victory.

Now all four have become an entirely new being, with her own thoughts and feelings. And in order for the Princesses to return, she will have to die.

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This story has a lot of promise. I will probably read it more thoroughly when I get the chance. :twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed this story. It was beautifully written and it's so great to see such a good story appear from a first-time FimFiction user.

I only wish that there could have been a bit more time spent with Nova to help give more feeling to her decision.

Thank you for writing this, and I look forward to seeing more form you in the future. :twilightsmile:

I, for one, would have very much enjoyed a longer story of Nova refusing to end herself. This story felt a little short, and the emotional ending, while satisfying, felt a bit rushed. Seriously though, MOR PLZ!

thank you for the critique! you both have a very good point, i think. i wanted the time spent with Nova to feel fleeting, but in retrospect there's probably a difference between that and feeling rushed. thank you for your comments!

thank you very much for your feedback!

:fluttercry:Why do I click on sad stories?:raritycry: Nice work, though.

Of course, Star Swirl is now back after a thousand years.

And given the results, the question would be "could you just donate a fraction of each participant to form a weaker version of the fusion, thereby giving Nova a body again?"

This one needs to be expanded a bit more! It really got promise to be a good story!

To tell you the truth, I like to see more of this in the future, but take your time. I can't help but to wonder if Nova will return one day.

To be honest, this story needs a bit more to it. This kind of moral debate, you can't really sum it up in this short of a story I think, or at least put the conflict in and resolve it as quickly as you did here. As several other people have pointed out, this felt... rushed. (Also, by perchance, was this inspired by a certain Star Trek: Voyager episode?)

is there any way you could make a sequel :fluttershysad:pwease?

You made me tear up you bastard.

Well done.

With an age-old monster set to return and intent on spreading destruction, the Princesses gather to use a spell left behind by the great Star Swirl the Bearded in order to ensure their victory - but they do not fully grasp the effects of the spell until it is too late.

They never do. They never EVER do grasp the situation. Also, that's the fourth time Starswirl has screwed somepony over. Twice in the show, and once in the comic.

Now all four have become an entirely new being, with her own thoughts and feelings, and she must face the reality of her situation: in order for the Princesses to return, she will have to die.

If she does a better job than four princesses could, I say keep her around. I mean three out of four princesses did a pretty poor job of keeping their ponies safe if we're being totally honest here. Hell, three certain princesses have stood still and let themselves be taken and/or turned into stone before. So I welcome this new princess. Perhaps she is the hero that Equestria deserves.

I don't think this is a story you can get a sequel out of. I think the story is good as it is. I mean, how do you think a sequel would work, without forcing the character's return?

Yep. Star Swirl is back.

And Equestria is doomed because of it.

“They wouldn’t want me to dissolve myself,” she explained finally. She was still examining her hooves as if she had suddenly grown a fifth. “Not for their sake.”

Maybe not for their own sakes, but, Twilight would want her to end the spell for Celestia, Luna, and Cadance's sake but not her own. Celestia would certainly want the spell to end for Luna and Twilight's sake. Cadance wouldn't ask for herself but would ask for Twilight at the very least.

8502080 It turns out that Nova's mind still exists but is spread between the four princesses. Luna is the first to see her due to her dream magic allowing her to access the part of nova within her. Luna finds the link that connects the four pieces together and creates a body for Nova in the dreamscape. The four Mothers of nova then meet in Luna's dreams to see if they can bring her into the waking world. when they succeed nova comes out as a young filly that only spike recognizes as he spent the most time with her. That would also set up a couple more stories where Nova learns about her new life.

Can you make an epilogue where Nova gets her own stained glass window?

So the Princesses show they have the power to create life, which everypony else then discovers and start a rebellion as they demand to know why their loved ones have to die and why they have to live without their fathers, their mothers, their sons and daughters. Why must their families and friends die when the princesses have the power to create living entities from dreams? The princesses, reluctant to use their powers to play God again, are overpowered by the ponies they swore to protect, and Nova is shunned from Equestria, and from amid the ranks of the common folk a new leader is chosen, one who cannot play God, but will try to lead Equestria as best she or he can. The surviving princesses are imprisoned and kept alive to bring forth Night and Day. Meanwhile, Nova plots to destroy Equestria for their actions against her and her 'family', and in the ultimate end, all ponies and princesses die.

All because the Princess played God and created an entity from a dream, without thinking of the consequences. They created a Frankenstein's Monster, and never thought of the aftermaths that could follow from their actions.

Congrats. You destroyed Equestria.

8502122 it wouldn't happen because it would be the same thing as at Tantibus incident Luna created life during that time and Ponyville never freaked out about it nothing happened.

Because she realized what a terrible bad idea it had been to begin with and thus DISPOSED OF IT. I mean if you're suggesting they kill off Nova after they give her life I'm right behind you.


Also, by perchance, was this inspired by a certain Star Trek: Voyager episode?

You know, that occurred to me as well when I read the description. Still, doesn’t mean it can’t be good in its own right, so I’ll give this a look a bit later.

im sad now

8502154You aren't getting what I'm saying. Luna has show that she can create life but it takes a significant amount of energy. More than a normal Pony can muster to bring that life into the real world that's why the Tantibus went up against everyone in Ponyville to do so. Also Luna did not dispose of the Tantibus she absorbed it back into her being proving that was a part of her from the beginning I proposed that Nova is similar only it's a part of each of the princesses that made up initially that reforms her. All I want is a light and fluffy story with a bit of length that's it.

If someone could bring back your dead pet to the world of the living, you'd want them to do it just so you could spend time with Fido or Mr Whiskers again. That's all I'm saying.

8502234 Look I get it but please let the author decide.

I ain't gonna bark too much about this...

...but can we just sit here and appreciate the sheer quailty of this story, especially for a first-time-outing?

Asks the person who wanted a sequel. Ha ha ha. Have a thumbs up. (PS - This sounds like sarcasm or whatever, but it really isn't.)

Well I feel the naming of Nova to be unoriginal, not that fitting either, but it's a name, it does its job.
Now, I don't really know how many people are whinning about the end, the dissolution. I tough that making an alternate ending, where you have an all powerfull alicorn, with four set of memories, would be interesting, the ending was to easy to guess, the fact that, being a mix of all their personalities, no way she was going to stay, so it lacks the punch I feel was needed.

haha, okay, whoa, i did NOT expect this level of response to this fic! i definitely would have put a lot more effort into it had i known it would get noticed at all. i tend to write for myself / for fun and not for others' eyes particularly, but in the future i'll be sure to remember that when i'm intending to post the end result somewhere, there's at least a chance that some people will have some strong feelings about what i've written :P thanks for all the feedback!! i really do appreciate it - even (and especially!) the critique and not just the praise! that's what helps me to become better in the future, after all

i have considered the idea of writing a sequel of sorts to this little idea, though perhaps not exactly in the way that might be expected - a follow-up story set in the same 'verse at least, though. i intentionally ended it abruptly to try and make it feel jarring, but i kind of feel like maybe there's more to the idea i haven't explored. i am not yet sure if a sequel would work, though. (maybe an epilogue!) thank you for your feedback either way!!

i've actually never watched voyager, so this wasn't inspired by it - but now i'm really tempted to track down said episode and watch it, haha

Wishful thinking though it may be, I must admit that I would be greatly interested in seeing more of this Nova, were some believable method for restoring her be found.


While I do like the idea of a sequel (or maybe a prequel?) to this, I was actually talking about the alicorn tetrarchy giving Nova her own stained glass window for defeating Hydia in an epilogue.

oh, whoops, sorry for misunderstanding! that is an excellent idea though - if i do wind up writing any form of continuation, be it epilogue or sequel (and again, i'm still unsure i will - but it's a possibility, though a prequel may also be one), would you be terribly offended if i took some inspiration from that idea? i'll be completely honest and say that it hadn't occurred to me before (i would, of course, credit you for its origination!)

I liked it! I mean, I've seen this kind of story before, but this was the first time I've ever seen people actually care about what the fusion wants for themselves. Usually they just force the fusion to defuse, then feel guilty about killing another sapient being for a little while. In this case 'Nova' knew what went into making her, knew about all their friends and family, knew about all of Equestria, and knew that the cost of her continued existence was too high. It wasn't that she wanted to die, it's that she felt that in staying around she was essentially killing four ponies, four very important, much beloved ponies, and she just wasn't the kind of pony who could live with that on her conscience.

Also, and not to be unfair, Nova didn't have much of a life to look forward to. The chances of her becoming the new sovereign of Equestria would be very low, and by that point pretty much everypony would know about her, and likely have very strong feelings about her one way or the other. Furthermore, she's a veritable giant and would have to adjust living in a world far too small for her. So she'd have no friends, no loved ones, no home, and no place where she fits in. Her only companion would likely be Spike, and even he would likely have mixed feelings about her. Oh, and a significant portion of the rest of the world would likely hate her for one reason or another, and she'd have to live with the guilt of her decision for the rest of her immortal life.

So... yeah, sad as it is to say, there wasn't a whole lot of choice there.

Of course I wouldn't be offended, that's the whole reason I wrote that! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh yes, and where did you get the cover art? :raritystarry:

This would definitely be a good way to continue the story. It definitely has the potential to become a series

And now I just realize how horrible DBZ, in fact, was.
Just think about it, they fusionned that way at least once per episode ! :pinkiecrazy:

i drew it specifically for the story! so what you're seeing there is genuinely what i pictured Nova to look like :P

what would be Flurry heart's role in this story?

Prob nothing.

Celestia continued for her, her expression unreadable. “As we understand it, Hydia consumed her daughters in order to gain their magic for herself.”

Twilight should not have been surprised by the information - not after what she already knew of Hydia - and yet, defying all logic, she felt her heart twist in shock and disgust at the words, an involuntary gasp escaping her. From beside her, she heard Cadance murmur, “No,” the horror audible in her tone. Bile rose in the back of Twilight’s throat.

Does she mean consume as in "absorb their forms and beings into herself," or the more... literal meaning for consume? Cause if it's the latter.... damn, that's downright sickening.

“So,” Spike said, craning his neck to try and look up at her. She was currently studying the stained glass window of Nightmare Moon’s redemption like it was the most interesting thing in the world - though he knew better than to think that was really why she was so intent on looking at it. If he knew that he was supposed to just up and die anytime soon, he would take any excuse to draw the time out, too. “You were just born, pretty much. So you don’t have a name or anything, do you?”

“I suppose I don’t, no.” She did not move her gaze from the window this time.

“Sounds like it falls on me to give you one, then!” he told her, forcing cheerfulness into his voice as he did so. Smiling up at her, he saw that this, at least, had gotten her attention; she was staring at him now with confusion clear on her face.

“If you insist…”

“How about Nova?” he suggested off the top of his head, figuring it felt like it fit with the other princesses’ names well enough.

She blinked. “That name is fine.”

Not a bad choice. Fits the cosmic/astronomy feel to their names. Also, insert Planet of the Apes joke here.

Great job on your first story! :pinkiehappy:

I'm kind of surprised this wasn't inspired by the Star Trek: Voyager episode, but I'm glad it wasn't because that episode portrayed a some of the characters in a really terrible light. :rainbowlaugh:

I suspect that, in part, is how she reached the decision she did. :fluttercry:

Well she'd certainly be losing her mother, and Shining his wife.

Along with such, Twilight's family would be losing her.

Holy shit, that ending hit me in the feels HARD.

Nova must have some conflicting feelings about Shining.

That is a really interesting concept. Good fanfic here.
Now it makes me want to find a fanfic in which the princesses switch their bodies, Celestia’s with Luna’s, and Twilight’s with Cadance’s...

Hm so she has no cutie mark?

indeed she doesn't! i do regret that it didn't end up coming up in the fic itself (i may add a few lines mentioning it if i do an editing pass later), but it made the most sense to me that a pony whose consciousness had only just been created (even if her form is that of an adult) would not have a cutie mark, even if she IS a fusion. her talent can't exactly be 'sun/moon/magic/love' all at once, haha

Pretty sweeeeeeet :pinkiesmile:
Do you have a DA account or anything like that?

Sounds suspiciously like a horcrux.

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