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i am but a silly college student who loves cute little ponies! :0

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This story is a sequel to Sum of Their Parts

Many seasons ago, the four princesses of Equestria used magic beyond their understanding to defeat a great evil and accidentally created a new, unique being in the process. Now, with the spell’s original creators returned from Limbo, the princesses are determined to set things right.

A long asked for short sequel to my first fic on this site, Sum of Their Parts. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it enough to push me to write this epilogue of sorts to the original tale.

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There is nopony who would call Evening Star a true friend. That's just the way it is, and the way it always has been—and she won't let herself fret over it. She's fine. She has her books, and really, what more does she need, anyway?

Except that Evening Star isn't sure it has always been this way. Of course, that's how she remembers it—but another part of her, a part buried down nearly too deep to reach, remembers being somepony else. She remembers being Twilight Sparkle.

That would be one thing on its own, but now she's not certain that Twilight Sparkle was just somepony. She feels drawn to the castle on the edge of the town, but it's not vacant—the princess lives there, of all ponies, only she's not so sure that she isn't supposed to be the princess.

But if that's the case, she wonders: what exactly is the thing living in the castle?

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With an age-old threat poised to devastate Equestria, the Princesses gather to use a spell left behind by the great Star Swirl the Bearded in order to ensure their victory.

Now all four have become an entirely new being, with her own thoughts and feelings. And in order for the Princesses to return, she will have to die.

Chapters (1)