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i am but a silly lesbian who loves cute little ponies and f/f romance! :0


This story is a sequel to Sum of Their Parts

Many seasons ago, the four princesses of Equestria used magic beyond their understanding to defeat a great evil and accidentally created a new, unique being in the process. Now, with the spell’s original creators returned from Limbo, the princesses are determined to set things right.

A long asked for short sequel to my first fic on this site, Sum of Their Parts. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it enough to push me to write this epilogue of sorts to the original tale.

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That was really nice. :twilightsmile:
Seeing a sequel to this story was an unexpected but welcome surprise, and I think it serves as a very lovely conclusion!

The only thing that is to be written left is the day nova gets her own body and her "mothers" realising that they have a daughter that not even combined they can discipline (not that they should need to)

"And then she took over the world in a day. The end."

Really though, AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH why is it so hard to see Nova's pain without crying?! She's so much happier here but she's only here for a day! AAAGGGHHH I WANT MORE NOVA

Well her power comes from the fact that she posses all the power of her "Mother's" if she were to get her own body she would probably have her own power and likely be much less powerful than she is here.

Thank you it may be short but it is a start at least i hope

Oh, can we meet the entity that the Pillars make?:pinkiehappy:

Magic (that is, Friendship) will find a way. :pinkiehappy:

No one chooses their own name. You can choose a title. You can choose a moniker. A name can only be given.

I know we got this sequel and I know this may sound greedy, but can we please have another one? :fluttershysad:

This was lovely. A bit bite-sized, yes, but very sweet.

Luna surmised this was likely because she had to be awake to cast the spell, and that if all four of us had truly been sharing said dream, you would have become truly conscious.

Now, that has interesting implications. If -- very big if -- someone else were to be found who was capable of creating a shared dream while all four princesses were sleeping, it might be possible for Nova and the four alicorns to actually interact with each other even before a theoretical creation of her own independent body.

... actually, assuming he's still around, Luna could arrange for the Pillars to meet and talk with their own fusion, come to that.

Weak but such are sequels to oneshots

That's the ultimate ship: one couple, ten ponies.

Upvotes say otherwise.:pinkiehappy:


600 upvotes for the prequel, 100 upvotes for the sequel.

Wake me when the sequel has half the upvotes as the prequel.

not that i necessarily have a dog in this fight (i appreciate criticism, so i'm not trying to dismiss that at all), but it is worth noting that the original fic has been up for about a year? :P in the three days since this was posted, it's earned 121 upvotes; in the first three days for the original, it received 371. the difference isn't quite as stark as you're making it.

that said, i would probably agree that this is a weak one-shot, though i'm not sure i'd qualify it as weaker than the original, per se. i'm not super pleased with either of them, writing wise, though i'm glad that many people seem to have enjoyed them more or less anyway!

It's not perfect I agree. Neither was the original. But you know what? Perfection is boring. That so many like them regardless should say it all.

Story Approver

This is a little short compared to your first story, but it looks like it was a success nontheless. Good job.

Spike was and is a good kid.

Author Interviewer

No, it's not bad, but it probably would have been better served as simply an update for Sum of Their Parts instead of a standalone story. :B

that's a fair point, but i don't really consider this part of the same story, if that makes sense? this was written largely because of the demand for a happy ending for Nova, and not because of any real original intention on my part to include such an ending in the initial tale. (i did still have fun writing it, of course--it just wasn't where i personally saw this going?) with that in mind, this is separate so that people who want to consider the original as its own thing separate from this happy ending still can. i hope that makes sense, but i do definitely understand where you're coming from!

Author Interviewer

That does make sense. It's just very clearly only meant as the happy ending, I guess is what I'm getting at? :B So, uh, success!

I wouldn't call it a bad sequel. Just a starter for more that is to come.

*Breaths in deeply* *Exhails*
just uh.
just try and do more on this series please?

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