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Twilight wants to lose a few pounds, but everything she's tried hasn't worked. She decides to create a potion that will increase her metabolism and help her burn off the unwanted weight. Little does she know that her potion is going to have some unexpected side-effects.

Picture by Shieltar.

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I regret nothing.

OH LOOK! A DIET STORY! :derpytongue2:

:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Well you got me curious, lets read!

Wouldn't surprise me if this got featured. Pretty good :rainbowwild:

Aww, I was expecting giant Twilight to fight Godzilla at some point. Oh well.

Hey, does this mean that Twilight's a Unicron instead of a Unicorn now?

That was... interesting :moustache:

You made me hungry...

now, where is the sun :trollestia:

Then Twilight became Galactus!

Reminds me of that Garfield Comic when he got so big he ate Jon and got bigger than Earth and ate Saturn for Dessert

That was... very weird. I liked it, I think.
Actually, I think I had a dream like that once...


Hence the comedy tag :rainbowlaugh:

You should include how the other Mane 6 taste..

I'm hungry now. :pinkiecrazy:
Also, did you really have to write a story with a giant pony? I am still trying to get rid of my strange facination (you might also call it an addiction) with them, and then you come and write this story that I can't get out of my head. I really don't want to have a relapse, again, and go back to trying to find giants on youtube that don't involve vore (which is rather hard). Other than that I loved the story.

1493544 Silly. Applejack doesn't taste like apples. :pinkiecrazy:

lololol loved it
5/5 moustaches

1493795 That doesn't matter.
And...hmm. Twilight Plumple. That pleases me. :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie would have made a nice herald to Twilight, devourer of worlds!

Were you by any chance inspired by that poem by Shel Silverstein, about the boy who ate the universe?

Because I experienced a nostalgic flashback to second grade while reading this.

Anyway, good story. I'm glad it was only a dream, because then it would have needed a dark tag 'cause Twilight committed planetary genocide.

I have become Twilightacus, Devourer of Worlds....


I am still trying to get rid of my strange facination (you might also call it an addiction) with them

Don't fight it, man, let it take yer.:raritywink: It's impossible to realise in real life and, even if it was, the subject matter would be able to easily defy you. Size fetishes are technically harmless.

But it's even worse considering I am a girl

Enough getting high off of strange potions, Twi, get out and do stuff.:twilightblush:

Twilight Galactus is hilarious.
Slightly pudgy Twilight is cute twilight. :heart:
A story of Twilight eating a star and becoming the devouerer of worlds seemd to be a little... Lovecraftian. Twilight Azatoth?

1493438 'twas a good one, that. :twilightsmile:

Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions in your body. Digestion is only one of them.

Inner geek has been pacified.

This reminded me of that game "Tasty Planet"

Okay, Galactus!Twi is creepy.

The premise sounded entertaining. However, when Twilight ate a book, my suspension of disbelief cracked faster than the chair she was sitting on earlier in the story. Twilight Sparkle would resort to can-apple-ism before she'd stoop to destroying literature, and she didn't even try snacking on any of the other non-food objects in the room.

Hahaha, As soon as it came to twilight eating the tree's i was thinking of The game Tasty Planet

Truly epic, I loved it! My friend this SHOULD be a feature story!

I always did think of Twilight as being a little plump, given that she's a bookworm. I think it suits her cutely. This story was weird, but hilarious. XD

welp... I'm not sleeping tonight. O.O


I name Twilight Sparkle, forever, she is The Destroyer Of Worlds!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Bread Shot deleted Sep 25th, 2013

"Around Six minutes later, Twilight had broken a thousand feet. She was a titan."


*equips 3D maneuver gear*
Our names won't be remembered... If we die like trampled flowers... I refuse to be forgotten! Written off as less then worthless! Scream and cry, but none will hear you. Plead and beg, but none will help you. You no longer live as cattle! Will you rise and join the battle?!

There are beings that live off our fears! And their words are like knives as they play with our lives! They'll try try to control you as if they own you! Will you let them steal your freedom?!

Channel the anger swelling inside you! Fighting the boundary 'til you break through! Deep in your soul, there's no hesitation! So make yourself the one they ALL FEAR!!!

There is a wild fire inside you! Burning desire you can't extinguish! Your crimson arrow rips through the Twilight! This is the moment for WAR!

So Twilight completed the Huge Quest?

3755923 Okay.

Just one question.

Are you female?

Because I'm not gay, and I shan't be having o' that.

Comment posted by salmoncolor deleted Oct 29th, 2020
Comment posted by salmoncolor deleted Oct 29th, 2020

that it'd just lost almost all it's backup energy

and her stomach was still voicing it's protests.

er stomach convert all it's contents into energy

creaking rustle as it's trunk was consumed,

In it's place was now Twilight

Its, not it's. It's is short for it is, whereas its shows possession

Twilight Sparkle, devourer of worlds!

Comment posted by Commander Jenna Cipher deleted Feb 23rd, 2015

Yay! I found the best story ever!

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