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The Real Sonata Dusk

Hi! I'm Sonata and since I can't sing anymore I've developed a love for writing. Just wait and see! I like romance, sad, and comedy stories to read and write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Mane 6 character: Rainbow Dash

Best Crusader: Sweetie Belle

Best Princess: Princess Cadance

Best Background Pony: Lemon Hearts

Best Side Character: Daring Do

Best Human: Me

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There's you... and then there's the other one... Why are there two of you?! WHY ARE THERE TWO OF ME?!


1515889 I actually had no mane as a Siren so it sorta just grew into that style when I turned into a person. Don't ask why. Alternate dimensions are so mysterious...

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Comment posted by The Real Sonata Dusk deleted Oct 29th, 2014
Comment posted by Abandoned Account deleted Oct 29th, 2014

Will the real Sonata Dusk please stand up, please stand up! :raritywink:

1369872 And thanks for the fav!
That makes you x2 as awesome! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the follow!
You are SO AWESOME :rainbowkiss:

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Cuteness is an Issue... · 12:06am Sep 20th, 2014

...especially when you're trying to figure out who's the cutest! Can you help me? Who is cutest to you? Personally, besides me, I think the cutest one is RD.

Twilight Sparkle: 0
Applejack: 0
Pinkie Pie: 0
Fluttershy: 0
Rarity: 0
Rainbow Dash: 2
Princess Celestia: 0
Princess Luna: 0
Princess Cadance: 0
Sweetie Belle: 0
Apple Bloom: 0
Diamond Tiara: 0
Silver Spoon: 0
Coco Pommel: 0
Adagio Dazzle: 0
Aria Blaze: 0
Sonata Dusk: 1
Sunset Shimmer: 0

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