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The Real Sonata Dusk

Hi! I'm Sonata and since I can't sing anymore I've developed a love for writing. Just wait and see! I like romance, sad, and comedy stories to read and write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess Who I'm Gonna Be! · 9:33pm Oct 13th, 2014

Nightmare Night is apon us! And guess what I'm gonna be! Hahahah, you'll never guess!

Alright get ready!!

Equestria Girls Scootaloo.

And the best part is I don't have to sew anything! Just buy regular clothes that look just like it. Should be easy, right!

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Cuteness is an Issue... · 12:06am Sep 20th, 2014

...especially when you're trying to figure out who's the cutest! Can you help me? Who is cutest to you? Personally, besides me, I think the cutest one is RD.

Twilight Sparkle: 0
Applejack: 0
Pinkie Pie: 0
Fluttershy: 0
Rarity: 0
Rainbow Dash: 2
Princess Celestia: 0
Princess Luna: 0
Princess Cadance: 0
Sweetie Belle: 0
Apple Bloom: 0
Diamond Tiara: 0
Silver Spoon: 0
Coco Pommel: 0
Adagio Dazzle: 0
Aria Blaze: 0
Sonata Dusk: 1
Sunset Shimmer: 0

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