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Pump-action...? No, automatic.” A tense nod to the calendar. “Double-barreled.”

I just got a little weak in the knees there.

A good laugh. Well done.

Spike asking what we're all thinking.

This story's title is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever.

I, uh... I'm not exactly sure what I just read, but.... eh, got a laugh outta me. Take my upvote.

Not sure what I just read, but I loved it. Have a like!

What the actual f**k was that? Still a funny story though.

So you have that fetish too, huh?

Wow. A Unicornia Horn-to-Nose Corona-Virus Curse.

Starlight, that is so ancient and evil not only did Rita Repulsa Rise, but there's a pyramid out there with some mummy shouting about spirits and ever-living while cursing cats. What he's got against Abyssinians, I'll never understand.

Ah well. Could have been worse. She could have used Toola-Roola's Rooty-Tooty Fanny Flute-y and it'd have been far more flatuently embarassing than giga-boops that could be mistaken for Discord on a boot rear beer binge.

Duck #8 · Mar 14th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Oh my god this is great. Fantastically, horribly great. There's so many good lines.

“No, but if you hum a few bars I'll fake it.”

That's one i can use regularly, thanks much

That's some Grade A Chaos right there.

*laughs in Discord*

Wydril #10 · Mar 14th, 2020 · · 17 ·

Feels very formulaic, right down to the cliched "wtf did I just read omg I love it!" comments.

Not Grade A. Grade S

Ah yes... A pomf Pomf Loli reference. :ajsmug:

Outside, a giant bipedal creature with a bifurcated horned hat and a matching brassiere stood one hundred meters above the rooftops of Ponyville. She malevolently twirled a magic staff crowned with a jeweled crescent moon while cackling: “Ahhh! After ten thousand years, I'm free! Time to Conquer E—”

Totes worth the read for the Power Rangers reference

Not touching your own face really is a lost cause.

Ah, Rita Repulsa.
Didn't recognize her at first.
The re-read is much funnier with her (and her voice) in mind.

Thanks for the chuckles skirts. Always a pleasure to read what your imagination comes up with.

While reading this I kept getting coronavirus vibes.
And my nose is actually very itchy irl.


It took me, sadly, awhile as a kid to realize that wasn't a horn-hat, but meant to be her hair, and the black parts around the side of her head were meant to be the strap that held it on and flaps-of-decor, not her hair.

MANY more years to realize she's supposed to be a classic wuxia demonic sorceress.

Flying toasters is a reference I did not expect to see…well, ever.

Oh... It's shortskirtsandexplosions. I should have known. When will I learn to check who the author is?

...Not that I'm complaining, of course. Excellent as always.

That sure was a fine dose of Infinite Improbabilities! :rainbowlaugh:
Now to read it again in Douglas Adams' voice.

...Y'know what?....That was a pretty good chuckle.

Ah, the traditional "curse that turns the accursed into a frightful public menace", as seen in "The Mummy", "Pirates of the Caribbean", and others. Good going, Starlight.

I was gonna say...I was wondering why Starlight apparently was considering switching to boxers. :rainbowlaugh:

Clearly you have not read shortskirtsandexplosions before

*inhales sharply*

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
This was well written and had me snickering by the second paragraph... and outright laughing in the floor by the ending. Well done!

I'm actually not sure what you're trying to imply with this. Are you calling all of his stories formulaic?

It's the "you must be new here" meme. And no. The author here is always wacky in a way and I honestly can't think I've read a fic of his that wasn't immediately identified as his.

10130866 Does it matter? Not everything can be novel all the time. Try to appreciate things for what they are, not what they could be.

Love it!

Exhaling, Starlight leaned back from the window, gazing skyward. “ There's your fetish tag.”

Soo the fetish tag is for an underwear draw invasion by a slightly perverter pony LOL

Just perfect. This story got me cowonaviwus now.

Ah, a meme-spewer. That explains it.
"Don't think, just consume product! And then get excited for next products!" Try to get off your high horse and appreciate things that actually stand out, and spare us the lecture.

That's an extremely reductive set of opinions you have there friend. All I said is that his writing is easily identifiable and that you haven't seen it a lot.

As for novel/formulaic ideas there is no need to reinvent the wheel in every fic. Not to mention that I don't see what formula you're talking about.

No need to get so angry, try to relax friend. Stressing over nothing isn't healthy for you, and a little investigating will easily show you when you're wrong so you don't stick your foot in your mouth. :raritywink:

You're hilarious.

Your criticism of this fic is wrong. It's this simple.

This author is responsible for a multitude of the best and most read stories in the fandom. Background Pony? That's Skirts. I probably don't need to say more than mention that. He's also known for writing stories like this as random asides that are mostly silly nonsense and for fun.

That's a nice opinion, just try to remember your opinion isn't fact any more than anyone else's is. :raritywink:
Okay, so? None of this is unknown or new.

Except I substantiated mine with facts while yours isn't. Game. Set. Match.

That's a nice opinion, just try to remember your opinion isn't fact any more than anyone else's is. :raritywink: Also you're getting yourself way too worked up over this. "Game. Set. Match." Seriously? That made me laugh harder than the story! Try not to be so narrow-minded friend.

From his response to me elsewhere:
He admitted to having misread my initial post, and after I pointed it out had this to say:
"Even if with that you're STILL wrong. You argue feelings. I argue facts and the facts say your feelings are wrong."
Better make sure we all run our opinions by soionion here to make sure they're correct, or he'll get angry! He'll let you know what's approved or not.

Oops, sorry, I thought you didn't know who Skirts was because you were acting like you didn't, but you just now said that you do know. My mistake.

Where did I act like I didn't?

Because it's over. You're wrong. It's not narrow minded. You provided no facts, I did, and yes you acted like you didn't know skirts. It's pretty simple that you think it's more complicated than that.

I think somewhere around when you came here looking for a few lulz by leaving a comment that was bound to attract negative attention? My mistake, like I said. :scootangel:

Wasn't trying to do anything of the sort, but if it was just a misunderstanding then it's all good.
Oh, wait, did you think we were arguing? Is that why you're so angry and insecure? I was simply stating how the story felt to me, I wasn't trying to tell anyone else how to feel about it. Is that why you keep shouting stuff like "Your opinion is wrong, it's WRONG, I have FACTS and you're WRONG because you CAN'T FEEL THAT WAY because facts say I'm RIGHT!" Is this all really because you didn't understand what was going on? That's hilarious! Like I said, try not to get so angry friend, your opinion still isn't fact any more than anyone else's.

I never said "you can't feel that way". I didn't patronize your emotions. Jfc you're not operating in reality. I'm putting a moratorium on this one.

Tell us more about the panties.

Why are you lying now? I said, "My feelings about a story based on my own experiences are wrong?" And then you said, "They are wrong because they are not factual they are not based in reality they are unfounded. If me saying this is being angry then you are also wrong." You most certainly did, and after throwing a hissy fit full of insults you slammed the block button like you won something. What a rabid little zealot, heh.

No misunderstanding that my mistake was engaging you in the first place! But, as I said, my mistake! :duck:

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