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Well, you have my attention so far. Interested to see where this goes! :yay:

Oh look, its Habitual. Mah fetishes must be nearby...

Well that cover art certainly takes me back.

why wasn't the idea of knock out my future self normally idea put forth?

“‘Do it inside, Eros!’” Cadance said, quoting him in a deep, erotic moan. “Yes! I want it all! Give it to me! Let me have your foals!

That's likely more "want to have kids" than "want to be pregnant".

And... uh... one of the big points of the argument were that any embarrassment and the consequences of their actions would be fine because they'd just outlive the generations. So why not just wait? Alicorn of Love or not, if Cadance tries to continually surround herself with children she's gonna flood the world with immortals. Adopt--consider it practice, if you want.

Comment posted by Animak deleted Sep 3rd, 2015

I noticed some of my fetish in there. Hopefully you can sneak in some more cum inflation later. :rainbowkiss:

Another pregnancy story by Habitual?

This is gonna be good. Can't wait for "Aegis" to start loving her pregnancy.

If you're adding this to a group list does that ,ean you're updating it?

6387738 While she'd undoubtedly love and care for any foal she adopted, Cadence wants a foal of her own blood.

And what's wrong with having plenty of immortals? Go see RealityCheck's The Great Alicorn Hunt if you wanna see my views on immortality.

Wait, so Shining Armour is immortal now? How does that work?

R63, Threesome, Role-Reversal, Pregnancy.

Yes. YES! I'm so gonna have to read this when I get back from class.

Shining didn’t react to her touch, but neither did he shy away. “I didn’t think that swapping genders a few times to spice up the sex would lead to something like this.”

I want to read this so much more than what I am reading right now. Not that this is bad, but...

6388375 artistic license I think

I would have argued a LOT more, but I suppose there's only so much bitching the audience in general wants to read about.

Commenting to register my continuing disappointment that this wasn't titled "Impregnable Armor"

Oh, my goodness. This was both hilarious and sexy in the same time. The perfect 'romantic' (read as 'porn') comedy with an actual and pretty deep story! Well done, well done, I salute you Sir!
Oh, I found a tiny mistake: in the last chapter you used 'Cadence' instead of 'Eros' at one point, fix it quickly. (Use Ctrl+F to find it.)
Insta fav and upvote!


Wait. so Cadance is a dide in the future? did i miss something?

“See, we’re using this spell just to be safe, but it works by making you much, much more fertile than you would be otherwise. There’s a good chance that this will result in twins... triplets… or more.”

I have a feeling that this is going to result in a lot more of Aegis to love in the coming eleven months.

No I think they missed a step about turning Future!Cadance into a stallion. ...That or she and Shining were planning on going gay in a century or so for a while...

6388612 I'm pretty sure Future-Cadance turned herself into a male before coming back to the past because they only had a limited amount of time. At least, that's what I understood.

sorry, but no, lost me at the bringing future verisions of ponies in on this. two Its past my susspense of belief that twilight (princiess of MAGIC, who has welded dark magic. cannot break the spell. it just doesn't jive with me.

6389119 It's stated that the curse is kind of ingrained into her very cells. And messing with anatomy on that level without really knowing what you're doing is way too risky.

Wait, if they've already switched genders before, why do they need to pull Eros in from the future? Unless, of course, the sterility sticks with Cadence through gender transformations...


It sticks with her through gender transformations, yeah.

Ok that was interesting :pinkiesmile: You have my attention now :ajsmug: Is me or this will be spiraling out of control sometime soon :facehoof: Also when they change Shining back how will the kid react. :twilightsmile: I WANT MOAR SOON! :flutterrage: If that is alright with you. :fluttershyouch:

“Pain-to-Pleasure spell,” Cadance said. “We cast it once your water breaks, and your contractions will feel like orgasms. Simple as pie.”

If this was a real thing, women would be lining up to get pregnant.

Aegis kissed his cheek. “Even when you’re listening to petitions in court?”

Aegis laughed. “Oh, now that’s going to be an interesting backdrop. Petitioners coming in with petty problems, only to be snarked at by a hormonal, pregnant mare. I can only imagine the reactions.”

Swapped gender pronouns at this part for a bit, otherwise, hawt

Rather interesting to see Shinning is actually immortal. Like he should be!!!:flutterrage:

The sterility was to wear off in 100 years anyways. That's why they'd summon him from the future.

6389889 I was merely confused as to why a gender switch wouldn't fix it, is all.

Oh for one simple reason.... it's pointless. After all, since the author made the mistake of saying that Shining is ALREADY immortal. It means that he's still there in 100 years to give Future Cadance new kids.

I think that "Present Shining" SHOULDN'T have been made immortal as then, this whole threesome actually would have had a reason to exist. AKA, Cadence wants to have a foal with Shining before his demise which is no longer possible in 100 years. And to avoid tragedy, just have "Future Shining" become immortal at some point in the future, heck maybe as a side-effect of the Crystal Heart pumping tons of magic in him.... That way, you still make Shining immortal and pregnant, you give a good reason for the shameless fetish.

And.... I feel like I know where this story is gonna end.... With all the magics going on, I'm gonna go and say that Shining will stay Aegis... at least for the century till Cadence becomes fertile again and they'll have LOTS AND LOTS more foals. Or time magic fucks with logic and stuff actually happens making the possible story interesting... but I doubt that....


Personally, Gleaming Shield is my go-to for Shining Armor r63, because Aegis reminds me too much of someone who I'd rather not think about while fapping... ech.

But damn, that shit was hot. Can't wait for the marvelous adventure to continue!

Aegis and Eros... Did you really enjoy Kinds of Love?

I do hope you intend to update this soon. (Not that I'm one to talk)


I disagree. The point is she doesn't want to wait a century to have a real family, and no adopting isn't what she's looking for. She wants a foal of her own flesh and blood, and this is the only option for that.

I can perfectly understand not wanting to wait 100 years to be a parent with your loved one.

Conception will be impossible until it dissipates.

So, why not just wait till it dissipates then? :rainbowhuh: This line aside, everything else makes it seem as if the condition is permanent, but it clearly isn't(and is neve stated to be such), but her reactions are as if it is.

Well, now I'm even more confused. Like I've missed something.
Shining's immortal? What? And if that's the case then this-

And how long will it take for true conception to be possible at that rate?”

She winced. “A century.”

shouldn't be a problem, since he'll still be alive by the time it wears off. It's not like the need to race to have kids. I could understand if he wasn't immortal. But he apparently is.

summon my future self as a stallion from when the curse has worn off

Why would her future self be a stallion?

Probably because it might take thousands of years or so to dissipate? That's my guess anyways, and by then Shining Armour probably wouldn't still be around! Cadance might not be either - those Alicorn lifespans are so confusing and inconsistent. It leaves it down to your (or the author's) headcannon.

You have my interest though, author :trixieshiftright:

Plus it's Sombra we're dealing with...

6391389 If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. They want to have foals, and a century is a long time to wait. A really long time, immortal or not. Clearly Cadance is not the patient sort. As for her sterility, it carries over through the gender swap, evidenced by her very essence being cursed. The future Cadance that she plans to get will use the gender swap spell on herself and Shining, thus making her a stallion and him a mare. This way all Future Cadance has to do is get Shining pregnant and return to her own time, while Shining in the current timeline carries the pregnancy to term with Current-Sterile-Cadance.

Really, you all make time travel seem so confusing when it's plainly simple.

This is gonna be very enjoying indeed

Waaaait a minute.

If they can just bring back a version of Cadance that isn't corrupted by the curse, why not bring back the female version, and do the surrogate idea with a willing volunteer?

It doesn't seem like there should be any problem with that...

Also, Cadance and Shining Armor are selfish bastards.

Plenty of orphans they could adopt, and have a healthy, loving family with, and they decide the only solution is an overly convoluted time lapse scenerio.

Insert 'Scootaloo is an orphan' joke here.

6392432 Remember that time travel spells like what we've seen so far are temporary. It's even stated in the story that they had to use the crystal heart to get rid of any temporal screwups that would be on the sperm.

...Huh, I have a notboner.

Why future cadence has to be a guy to knock up shining? Im confused

6393814 Because atm Cadance is essentially sterile and they want a foal now. Did you not catch the R63 Shining and all the explanation why in the chapter itself?

why did you choose fecundity for the title?
good story so far.

don't know if i can post pregnant images of her.
aegis shield look like to me


[fee-kuhnd, -kuh nd, fek-uhnd, -uh nd]

1. producing or capable of producing offspring, fruit, vegetation, etc., in abundance; prolific; fruitful:
fecund parents; fecund farmland.
2. very productive or creative intellectually:
the fecund years of the Italian Renaissance.

To have it as their genetic child? I really dont know. Im just hear for the ride

6393814 Think about that question and get back to me.

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